Pradosham Dates — 2014


Pradosham falls on the 13th day (Trayodashi) of every lunar fortnight in traditional Hindu calendar. The next Pradosham date is this coming Thursday Feb 27th, 2014. Which also happens to be the Holy Maha Shivarathri Day!

Please see list of Pradsoham dates (IST) for 2014 here:

In the picture, Nandi is worshipped at Arunachalewarar temple on a Pradosham. (picture source:

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  1. This is an urgent and critical news. Around 350 native breed cows are being sold off in a village called Olakudi, near thoothukkudi. I am forwarding a mail from one of my friend who is following up the issue there.

    If you have any other source there, please enquire at your end. The villagers has agreed to halt the sale for 10 days. Within that time, if we could mobilise funds and alternate survival medium, we can save those cows..

    Pls read the mail from my friend. I have asked for more details from there, and will update as and when i get it.

    – Senthil


    Olakudi is an interior village in Tuticorin district. This village is situated around 8kms from Valanadu. They are only 4 kms away from River Thamarabarani. There are 3 villages situated between Olakudi and Thamarabarani. There are only around 100-150 houses here.

    The villagers here revere their Cows as Gods. Around 6 yrs back they had around 2000 native cattle. They take pride in rearing only native cattle and have not allowed hybrid or foreign breeds to enter their village. They reared them not for profit but as a status-symbol. But for the past 6 yrs due to extreme poverty, lack of water(inspite of being situated close to Thamarabarani) and their inability to do agriculture they are unable to rear their cattle. The numbers have dwindled to around 600. Last year’s drought killed 150 of their cows in the months of February and March. This year, in fear of facing the same situation, they want to sell approximately 350 of their cattle. The muslims from Melapayam (situated 30kms from Olakudi) are ready to buy their cattle for slaughter. The villagers of Olakudi feel they will get income from the sale of their cows and at the same time their cows will die an immediate death instead of starving to death.

    Mr. G.Bala(Mobile: 8870400537) from Palayamkottai received information that these villagers are bargaining with the muslims from Melapayam for the cattle sale. Acting on this information, Mr. G.Bala is currently in Olakudi and has requested the villagers to hold their sale for 10 days starting from 24th Feb 2014. Mr. G.Bala and his team are talking to the villagers, the panchayat head, accessing the situation there are trying to brain-storm as to how these 350 cows can be saved from slaughter. He is working along with Mr. G Karthik of Erode (Mobile – 8148135081). They have currently found buyers for 15 of the 350 cows.

  2. Very helpful. Om Nama Shivaaya! Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  3. Had the bhagyam of visiting the Sri Arunachaleshwara swamy temple last year and took some photos. Please find below in the site that I have dedicated to my visit to Sri Arunachaleswara swamy temple.

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