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  1. Thanks for this wonderful post and to this devotee for sharing their heartfelt experiences with
    MahaPeriyavaa !

  2. Great! Thanks a lot for removing the mail.
    Hara Hara Samkara Jaya Jaya Samkara

  3. Sri Kanchi Periyava will be remembered in history as the great sanyasin who fought single handedly against all adharmic forces during one of the most difficult times and upheld Vedhic and Sanatanic Dharma – in a manner that He ultimately surrendered all His success as a tribute to His own Guru’s (Sri Maha Periyava’s) Lotus Feet. Sri Jagadguru Periyava has been doing this regardless of the huge personal cost to His own self – the strength of His Tapas and His Guru Bhakti enable Him to withstand a combination of several huge adharmic forces, and as has always happened, His Dharmic side will eventually prevail.

    From past real history, we all know that the adharmic forces in this world have always heaped all kinds of unsubstantiated rumors, calumny and hatred and have tried to inflict huge hardship to all Maharishis (e.g., Viswamitrar), devotees (e.g., Prahalad, Pattinaathaar) and even Gods (e.g., Sri Sita Praatiyaar). But only once in a millennium we get a great mahan like our Sri Kanchi Periyava to stand up against all such adharmic forces and spread love and affection to all and advance everyone’s (including those who hate Him) welfare. Just as Sri Adi Shankara, without any king’s backing, overcame 72 mathams those days and re-energized Sanatanic community, our Sri Kanchi Periyava has to overcome stiff opposition from current day’s ruling class and still work hard to help the society. This is exactly what He has been doing.
    हर हर शंकर! जय जय शंकर!

  4. Dear Maheshji some cheap 3rd rated dk goon is posting nonsense anonymously against our acharya please trace his mail I’d and report to cyber crime immediately. From the looks of it he seems to be funding cheap evangelism by forced conversion.

  5. It is really sad to see these kind of messages posted in this blog. This is not about freedom of speech, In the place of worship, spitting and throwing slippers must not be allowed. We heard and had enough for the past 9 years please dont open new bag of garbage.

    As Bhagavan ( MahaPeriyava ) says in Gita sloka 18.67

    This confidential knowledge may not be explained to those who are not austere, or devoted, or engaged in devotional service, nor to one who is envious of Me.

    We need not preach about GOD who doesnt believe and who doubts him. There are so many forums waiting to display these messages so let them do the dirty work. Least we can do is to block these messages

    हर हर शंकर जय जय शंकर

  6. Mahesh Sir,
    Please delete the mail as it is not about the great interview of ” kanakadara Lakshminarayanan
    Please vet such mails.We have to learn a lot from other religions.( the moment we say something about them,chaps from all political parties of that religion gang up against us and shout.Here we are, criticising our leaders and holy men without restraint.will that gentleman write about our honest netas and their shady deals to which he would have been privy,deals of thousands of crore during his tenure as he writes now.
    A small incident( may not be out of place) An Air Hostess in a Fgn airline was wearing a cross and some passengers objected to this display of religious symbol in an Airliner.the management asked her to remove the cross or Put in her papers.
    Vatican stepped in and threatened to withdraw their multi million shareholding, if the Airline refuse to allow her to continue to wear the cross.Airline allowed her to continue wearing the cross.complainants,mind you, were all Christians.This is how they act to protect their religion.

  7. Delete this comment immediately.

  8. This is a clear proof of evangelical desert religions and pseudo secular do parties hijacking this portal for mahaswami. Maheshji please delete this post ASAP and prevent these kinds of post in future.

  9. Kindly request Shri Mohan Guruswamy to go through the book”Age of Adhi Sankara” by Shri Ramachandra Iyer,Member,Law commision published by The Society For Investigation of Ancient Civilisations In India,it’s President being Dr. Na Mahalingam a renownd philanthrophist and Industrialist of Pollachi/Coimbatore before venturing to pass comments about the Kanchi Mutt and it’s antiquity.
    Tamilians who were taken to Cylone to work in Tea Gardens are called Cylonese by us on their return and not Indians,( though they know their native places like Tanjore Madurai Trichy etc and still have house pattas,lands etc in these places.
    For reasons of safety and security the Mutt was moved to kumbakonam and has since returned to it’s original seat.
    Does this gentleman know another angle to this case?
    It is rumoured that the shops around Shri Varadaraja Perumal Temple was auctioned against the wishes of the existing tenants who wanted to pay the same rent and continue.They had big political backing too.Being an honest and upright officer Shri Sankararaman refused to budge and auctioned the shops for a much higher rental thus augmenting the income of the Temple,and hence the tragedy say the locals.
    Why Lineage of all the mutts are around 69 to71 except that of Sringeri?Let us not throw mud at one another instead of unitedly facing the onslaught of other proselytising religeons.
    Hara Hara Sankara jaya Jaya Sankara

  10. It is interesting version

  11. Shri Chandra Sekarendra Swamigal Astothram – Tamil available in http://www.manthiras.com/

  12. Great interview. Intitial part was very hard to digest, latter the story takes a good turn.

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