“Vibhuti was in the shape of Vel inside the book!”

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Today Jan 17th is Thaipusham. All the people throng in Lord Murugan temple to have His anughraham. We the Thiruppugazh anbargal a group of Guruji Raghavan, used to do bhajans for all Murugan festivalas along with Guruji. We used to select a temple and perform there. Guruji’s sishya Kalyani mami on every Krithikai used to have our bhajan
along with us in Kapaleeshvarar temple Mylapore.. When she started singing bhajan a peacock used to come and sit on the beam of the Bhajan hall, I had noticed, not moving out till the bhajan’s harathi song . Could you believe this happening when 100s of people throng in a place singing loudly?! I felt Murugan’s presence there!

Myself had a divine experience of Lord Muruga 25 yrs back. when I was in Thirupparankundram Murugan temple reciting Vel viruttam, Mayil viruttam holding a book of Thiruppugazh in the month of Margazhi and watching Abhishekam of Vel. Lord Ayyappa’s devotees started coming in groups , so as to give way to them for their proper darshan I moved aside towards Devi’s sannidhi and continued Vel viruttam. When I was chanting viruttam  closing my eyes, spreading both my arms as to have bhiksha, suddenly I felt some thing fall on my hands! Opened my eyes and saw a tejasvi Brahmin standing there and and hands full of vibhuti and I didn’t know to react!

He told me, “sing of Devi too”! Then I sang Devi manasa puja by Sri Andavan pichai ammal ( She was named thus by Periyava) and then saw that Brahmin had disappeared! Couldn’t find Him ANY WHERE!.Enquired people there about Him but in vain. The vibhuthi I had as prasadam was so full in my hands that I put it inside the sacred book I had.

After coming back home I noticed to my shock that the Vibhuti was in the shape of Vel inside the book! Along with it I was blessed with 2 Rs note that I am having in my Thiruppugazh book always and distributed the vibhuti to all. But the Vel mark is still there!

When I put tiles on the wall of puja gruham, the Vel & Mayil appeared the center tiles!

That is my bhaghyam in life due to PARAMACHARYAL’S ANUGHRAHAM.




Narrated so beautifully by the blessed Smt Saraswathi Thyagarajan Mami in Sage of Kanchi group in Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/Periyavaa/ on this holy Thaipoosam day! What a blessed soul she is.

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  1. periyavaa-appolleam enakku idhellam onnume theriyaliye?smt saraswathi thiagarajan amma number kidaikuma?

  2. Our lord murugan always will shower his blessings to all his devotees , thanks for sharing your wonderful experiences. Thanking my murugan for showing me this site.Om murugaa !!!

  3. Those are really blessed ones. My humble namaskarams to them.
    Muruga Saranam

    • I think in the year 1989. We were returning from Sabari Malai under the guidence of Shri T Prakash. He placed the holy vibhudi prasadam in a plate and gave through the attendants to Shri Mahaperiyava in the Matam mentioning this is from ‘Sabarimanali’. The Mahan just touched it and returned. We were wondering why He did not apply the prasadam in His forehead, which He normally used to do. Upon seeing the vibhuti, we were stunned. Mahaperiyava’s tumb impression was clearly there. Realized souls know that Shri Dakshinaamurti , Shri Saradambal, Shri Adi Sankara & Shri Aiyappa are in the same posture of joining thumb and index fingers (chin mudra) indicating Atma & Paramatma merger. Thumb is for Paramatma and index finger for jeevatma. Shri Mahaperiyava confirmed the same.

  4. muruganukku hara haro hara

  5. My heartfelt thanks to Panchanathan Suresh & Smt. Saraswathi Thiagarajan Mami for exposing these divine facts to ordinary people like myself, an 81 year old retired man in Toronto, Canada. I strongly believe that there are only two conditions for divine grace :
    1. No conditions attached. 2. Surrender completely before things happen. I will very soon write about my experiences. Right now, I am almost in tears. What blessed persons are these to see the peacock & get Vibhuti prasadam in their hands. My humble Namaskaarams to you both.
    V. K. Srinivasan, Toronto.


  6. Ninaithal Odi Varuvaan, Kurai irundhal Theerthu Vaipaan. Avan Pada Malarai panivork Ennaalum,Thunpanilai Maari,Enpam Cherdhiduvar …Muruganai pani maname …Diname Muruganai pani maname. Swami Nathanaaka Kanchi Vandhu Cherdhavar , Kama Koti Peedamathil Chandra Sekharendraranavar.. ( Ninaithal odi varuvaan) Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  7. Divine Dharshan of Swaminatha Sathguru and divine read on Thaippoosam Day! Om SaravaNa Bhavaaya Namaha! Muruga CharaNam! Jaya Jaya Shankiara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  8. What a great blessing to learn about the Lord’s grace, on Thai Poosam day!
    Velum mayilum ninaitttavar tam tuyar teera aurl taru Kanda!

  9. The presence of peacock in the temple while chanting ThIruppugazh and vibhuti in the shape of vel inside
    The book reveal the true devotion and faith in Lord Muruga your message in the morning of Thaipusam
    Has given us the source of moral strength and good spirit.

  10. சுவாமிநாத சரணம் சரணம்

    Opt picture and opt sequence — Swaminatha Bhagavan then Lord Murugan

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