“We have to put into practice our Acharya’s teachings!”

A very inspiring Speech on Mahaswamigal, Veda, Veda Samrakshana, culture by Sri Suresh Raj Purohit Ji (IG Police ) Speech at Kalpathy Bhajanotsavam.

Thanks a ton to Shri  Ram who had posted this treasure in Sage of Kanchi group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/Periyavaa/)  in Facebook.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this video. Only information is whoever hears this let us all just not appreciate it but practice it.

  2. Dear shri mahesh, I am really thankful for sending this nice post : an excellent English speech by Shri Sursh Raj Prohit (IG Police), which is thought provoking, emphasizing the urgent need to propagate Vedic culture in our society . Please continue your service

  3. Excellent and motivational speech… there are audio disruptions… it will be better that the full speech is put on circulation again thro electronic media …needs sustained action plans for putting into practice concrete steps for promoting vaideega dharma…we need to keep reminding ourselves about the duties lying before us….S.RamamoorthyIyer., patron Adambakkam sankara matam.

  4. What a wonderful speech!never heard such a cogent presentation with quotations flowing effortlessly.His devotion to Periava is amazing.Only if we teach our children at least Namak and chamak(as they call in the North) and basic pooja vidhis as well as Vishnu Sahasramam chanting with the regular sandyavandanam can we claim to be followers of MahaPeriaval!.Hara Hara Sankara jaya jaya sankara!!

  5. I was moved by the conviction and sincerity in the very tone of Sri Purohit Ji. It is the best exposition I have heard .Highly motivating. Yes, we will be up and doing. Thanks for this upload.

  6. Perfect message for all of us. Action required after reading.

  7. Its an excellent speech, however the audio is not clear in some places. An informed speech exhorting all Brahmins to follow the traditions which Paramacharya has insisted us to practice through his 100 years.

  8. Thanks for posting this wonderful video. But it got struck at some important places. I want to know whether we can enjoy it without interruption.

    Meena Sridhar

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