“When a Seer speaks, meanings will run after His words!”

31 Mahaperiyava Kshemama Irugo 22122013
Once, when I was the Magistrate of Ramanathapuram District, I had travelled to Chennai by car. On my way back, I went to have a darshan of the Jagadguru, the Paramacharya of Kanchi, Who was then camping at a place 15 kms from Kanchipuram. I was anxious to return to Chennai the same night after meeting Him.

At that time, Dr. T. N. Ramachandran, Assistant Director, Department of Archaeology, was projecting some slides using a Magic Lantern. These were slides showing images of two birds perched on a tree: one relishing the fruit—now, savouring the sweetness and now, grimacing at the sourness—and the other observing this with detachment.

Perhaps, my face gave away my anxiety to reach Chennai by 10 o’clock, perceiving which the Acharya told me,

“I know you have to reach Chennai tonight. But aren’t you reminded of an Upanishadic mantra on seeing these slides?”

Saying thus, He recited the mantra:

Dvaa suparnau sayujau sakhaayau samaanam vruksham parishasva jaate|

Tayoranyah pippalam svaaddhati anashnan anyo-abhachaakashithi||

(Two birds are perched on a tree. While one tastes the fruits, the other watches on. The Supreme Lord, Parameshvara, dwelling within all physical forms, experiences the fruits of karma as joy and sorrow. At the same time, as Ishvara, He remains untouched by cause and effect.)

I said I was familiar with it.

“Watching these slides will add clarity to your religious discourses. That’s why I made you stay back. Do you see now? Here, take this prasadam,” saying so, He sent for a coconut, smeared turmeric over it and bestowed upon me the poornaphala prasadam. Prostrating before Him, I received it.

Then, I told Him, “I should have been promoted as a District Judge by now. Since a retired judge was given a three-month extension by the Disciplinary Tribunal, my promotion has been withheld.”

Even before I could finish saying this, the Acharya said,

“When you now return to Devakottai, your promotion orders will be waiting!”

Having reassured me with His Abhayahastaa, He bid me farewell.

On my return to Devakkottai, I received promotion orders for the post of District and Sessions Judge!

<Shankara, gripped!, despite reading hundreds of such incidents!>

I have heard many devotees recount to me instances of the Paramacharya’s boundless Grace showering unexpected blessings on them.

Rishinaam punaraadhyaanaam vaachamarthoranudhaavathi|

This brings to mind Bhavabhuti’s verse which says that when a SEER speaks meanings run after His words! <How beautiful!>


How touching! Shankara.

Narrated in Tamil: by devotee Shri R. Lakshmana Iyer (Retired District Judge)

Translated from Tamil by: Shri Ganesh, Shrimati Deepa & Shrimati Latha, Shrimatham devotees from Chennai.

Source: http://viprayuva.org/

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  1. shankaraa……,.one incident here but how many times in my life. but HH was never kind to me with any poornapalaprasadam, except sometimes fruits or his abayahastam but smilingly telling me so many things. how much i am reminded of those old days, younger days taking theertha prasadam,akshathai,small silver coins etc. and later vibhuthi etc.prasadams but on all occassions his foretelling me by smiles,gestures and words which i never understood but later realised!!! how ignorant i was not to have learnt as much as the judge!!!! how unfortunate i feel!!! anyway thanks suresh for bringing back this nostalgic feelings. n.ramaswami

  2. I remember having read about the above interesting Vedantic shloka some 25 years back, in a booklet released by Ramakrishna Mission. Swami Vivekananda explains thus: In a tree two birds are sitting. One on the top and the other in the bottom tasting the fruits from different branches, some time little bitter (as not fully rippen), some time sweeter. In this way, it slowly proceeds to the top of tree and merges with the bird, which is sitting in ‘saakshi bhava’ unattached by the happenings. The lower bird is jeevaatma and the upper bird is the Paramatma. Jeewatma after enjoying pain and pleasure ultimately merges with the Paramatma, by shedding all wordly enjoyments.

  3. Very beautiful Slokas! Maha Periyava Sarvagnar, Sarvyaapi, Paramewara Himself. When He says something, simply obey Him with implicit Surrender. The fruits follow. Excellent episode. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara1

  4. I am not at all surprised ! When He, as Lord Parameshawaran Himself, ordains what is not possible ? Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

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