Dr Sundararaman, ‘that son of Duraiswamy’ is in ICU

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Today at Swamigal’s Aradhana pooja in San Jose we were informed that Shri Prof D Sundararaman is in ICU in Washington DC following discovery of cancerous cells in his lungs. Let us pray to Him so that he does not suffer.

Mama was one of the most blessed persons to have lived closely with Swamigal for 17 years in the 50s and 60s. Swamigal addressed him as ‘That Son of Duraiswamy’. Please read this longish write-up by him titled ‘I Lived with God’ here http://mahaperiyavaa.blog/2011/01/17/i-lived-with-god-absolutely-a-must-read/

I was blessed to have interacted with him at Kanchi Matam in July 2013 and this is a picture from then.

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  1. Can any body update that he is discharged and back home?
    Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara

    • Here is a brief update. He is undergoing treatment. I talked to his son today. He MAY be discharged this weekend and he will continue treatment from home. I plan to visit him tomorrow. I will update everyone if there is new news to convey. I do thank everyone for their ardent prayers for his well-being, which I will communicate to him when I visit him.

      • Long live Shri Sundararaman Ji, my class mate at Annamalai University in the 1960s. May Kanchi Paramacharya’s blessings be with him for ever. — B.R.Kumar, Chennai-41

  2. presume Dr Sundararaman is getting back to normal.Our prayers in this connection
    hara hara sankara jaya jaya sankara

  3. I pray God,The Almighty for speedy recovery of Shri. Sundararaman mama
    R.Ganapathy Subramanian

  4. I have also read the book and moved by the care taken by Periva to shape his life. a blessed soul indeed. We all pray for his speedy recovery. I shall meet him on his next visit to Kanchi.

  5. My sincere prayers for Mr. Sundara raman’s quick recovery

  6. It is disturbing to know about the health of Sri Sundararaman. He has been abundantly blessed by Periva who took keen personal interest in getting him educated as his personal mission. We sincerely pray for his speedy recovery. ” Sadhguru pahimam Paramadayalu path imam.” My father Sri S.Neelakanta Dhikshidhar who knows him very we’ll joins me in praying to the great mentor and compassionate Maha Peiva and by His grace Sundararaman uncle should be alright.

  7. We will be visiting Dr. Sundararaman often and will let him know that numerous Kanchi devotees are praying for his speedy and complete recovery. I will also convey to him the personal messages some of you who know him personally have posted. Please feel free to e-mail me directly if needed (sarma.sarma@verizon.net).

  8. Praying Maha Periyava for his speedy recovery.

  9. I’ve read that book and I also met him at a marriage a few years back. Mahesh please pass on my good wishes for his speedy recovery and I am sure periava will definitely take care of him. Jaya Jaya shankara Hara Hara shankara

  10. Shocked to know that sir is ill. I join his hosts of friends and relatives in praying for his speedy recovery. Jagadhambal will give good knews to all of us.

  11. I read his article “Naan Kadavuludan Vazhthen” twice and it moved me a lot. Indeed there should have been a link between Dr Sundararaman and Mahaperiyavaa in the past births.

    I think the present conjunction of planets is snatching away several of Periyavaa ardent devotees and followers and let us all pray to arrest this, for Dr Sundararaman is a uniquely blessed soul. May Maha Periyavaa bestow his graces for quick recovery of Dr Sundararaman and may he may recount the greatness of Periyavaa for another generation of his family and this will help the society to understand why we call Mahaswami as ” Appara Karuna Sindhum Gnanadham Shanta Roopinam Sri ChandraSekara Gurum Pranamani Mudhanvaham”

    N Subramanian

  12. Myself and Dr.Sundararaman were class mates at Annamalai University during 1960s and we know each other quite well. I am sorry that he is suffering now. May Paramacharya’s grace help him in overcoming the malady. I convey my kind enquiries to his beloved family members. — B.R.Kumar, former Deputy Director-General, All India Radio and Doordarsan, Prasar Bharati, South Zone, CHENNAI-41

  13. Jaya Jaya Sankara – Hara Hara Sankara.

    Today, the devotees in the Washington DC Metro area performed Paaduka Puja to MahaSwamigal with Samaaraadhanai to many local Vedic Priests from various temples. During the Puja our thoughts were with Dr. Sundararaman. After the Puja, some of us visited Dr. Sundaraman at the Washington Adventist Hospital. He is not in ICU now. He is receiving various treatments including some physio therapy. He is in great spirits and we talked for couple of hours. It turns out that they (Dr. and Mrs. Sundararaman) received yesterday the first printings of his book on his life with Maha Periava – “I lived with God”. We earnestly pray for his speedy recovery!!

  14. My himble prayers to Maha Periyava to Bless Dr. Sundararaman, a great devotee of Him with full and speedy recovery. Bhava Rogha Vaidhyanataha PerumaLee CharaNam! Maha Periyava ThiruvadigaL PooRRi!

  15. my humble namaskarams.

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