“Your words will always come true, so wish others well always!”


This took me to my Kancheepuram days .. I did my schooling and college at Nagareshu Kanchee. In my school days my father often took me to Kamatchi Amman Temple and Sankara Matt. In those days Maha Periyava used to be away from Kanchee for longer duration and when ever he was returning from Yatra , I remember people used to gather in large numbers , in very early morning. On occasions when my father also took me to mutt for his Darshan and blessings , Maha Periyava often enquiries about my dad’s ancestral connections recalling every name in Kalpattu and Villupuram .

During my college days when ever He camped at Thenampakkam, we used to visit him to have his blessings during our free periods. In those days he used to be in Mouna Viradham for longer durations and very rarely he will come out of it.

One day we were fortunate to have his Dharshan, when he was freely talking and giving his blessings. While blessing me he smiled and said ” Read well. Take care of your parents. Help others and wish them always good as your Vakku Eppothum ballikum (words from your heart will always come true) . Where ever you are , keep the practice of temple worship at least once in a week .” This happened during 1972.

After 14 years , after examining my Jadhagam , the great Sri Venkata Krishna Bhagavadar told me at Srirangam that my Jhadhagam carries a special yogam that if I wish others from I heart it will always come true . He said “So heaven sake do not curse others , always wish others well . Sonna soll balikkum yogam unakku.” I have closed my eyes for a minute and recalled what Maha Periyava told me 14 years back , with out seeing my Jhadagam and even now I feel that I am truly blessed to have His Direct blessings and it must be my poorva janma punya to did my schooling at Kanchee. Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara .
Maha Periyava Thiruvadi Sharanam.


What incredible blessings and what a huge responsibility on the shoulders of Shri Vijayaraghavan Ramamurthy who had posted this in Sage of Kanchi in Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/Periyavaa/! Have requested him to pray for everyone (including plants and animals) in our Universe so that we are granted the wisdom that all of our sufferings are just Maya. Shankara.

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  1. I wish to have the grace of periva on my family.please bless…

  2. Amazing! Sri Vijayaraghavan Ramamurthy is a very Blessed soul! Namaskaarams to him! Maha Periyava ThiruvadigaLee CharaNam! Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  3. Mahaperiava was a Nadamadum Deivam. Those who had such close contact with him are very fortunate.

  4. only GOD blessings alone would keep us to have such power. hara hara sankara, jaya jaya sankara; hara hara sankara, jaya jaya sankara; hara hara sankara jaya jaya sankara.

  5. generally also no one shd curse others .it only adds to our sins.so every one shd avoid it as far as possible.

  6. neenga romba punyam panniyirukkel.mahaswamy appave sollittar unga jhadagaththai pathi.avaroda kataksham ungakltta paripurnama irukku.avar parvai patta ungal blessing kedchale pothum .avarai nanna arinjava yaraiyum curse panna matta.very happy.

  7. Sure. It is not only for him. Everyone should speak only good words as it would be ballikum. If we curse and Ballikum will affect ourselves first. Nice experience. Thank you for sharing

  8. excellent to hear this! I also beg ur blessings sir! Thank u

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