Experiences Of Sri S.Rajah Iyer

Sri M.Rajah Iyer, father of Sri S.Rajah Iyer(Sri Suryanarayanan) was a well known teacher and a Member of the Legislative Council of Tamilnadu for 12 years.
MahaPeriyava acknowledged his contribution to causes dear to MahaPeriyava.
On the 4th of July, 1975, during his Darshan of MahaPeriyava, Sri Rajah Iyer’s Transformation began.
In the subsequent years he continued to have Periyava’s Darshan regularly and has had many ‘Miraculous Experiences’ which he attributes solely to the Grace of Periyava,his ‘Nirguna Brahmam’.
Here, he narrates a few of his experiences

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  1. I have studied XI Standard (SSLC of those times) Mathematics with Sri. Raja Iyer’s Book only. Very happy to hear about the experiences of his son with Maha Periyava! Very Blessed indeed! Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  2. Mr.Rajasekaran,
    Tks.my father’s Maths books was very famous indeed.tks.All His Grace!

  3. Missed the word “end” — so it should be End of the Video? — Black and white picture

  4. MahaPeriyava Padham Saranam.

    Namesthe Mahesh

    Is there any chance to get the photo at the of video?

    thanks a lot Mahesh for bringing MahaPeriyvava into my life everyday and make me think about Him at least once a day.


  5. The narrative is as is where is status ,and observer feels a very deep breath at the end of the narrative and sloka at the BG i.e hara hara sankara , jayajaya sankara is serene with the swamiji’s photos all the best and i am reminded of “algebra and geometry” the mathematical book written by Shri Raja iyer the senior and i was five yrs old during which time my elder brother was given instant admission at Ramanatha puam school with thanks

  6. Great interview. Blessed family.Ample proof of Periavaas grace.

  7. Shankara. What blessings!

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