Sri Chandramouli Mama (Maha Periyava’s Purvaasharama Nephew) Attained Siddhi…

Sri Chandramouli Mama, son of Smt. Lalithambal (Maha Periyava’s Sister in Purvaasharama) attained the lotus feet of Maha Periyava yesterday [Dec 12th 2013] at the ripe age of 91.

Here is a video of mama sharing his experiences with Maha Periyava. Thanks to Mr G Sivaraman for his unconditional efforts in bringing such valuable treasures to us…

Chandramouli Mama met Maha Periyava in 1929 when he was 7 years old in Kattumannarkoil during a Vyasa Poojai. Throughout his interview, we could see his immense bhakthi towards Periyava… Keeps us wondering on how would it be to have such a close maternal relationship with “Immense Guru Bhakthi” without family bondage.

Mama talks about Sambamoorthy Mama [Sastri], Saachu Mama [Sri Sivan Sar] as well…

He was blessed to do “Ilayathangudi Periyava” Aradhanai for 20 years from 1985-2005 as per Periyava’s will.

He narrates few incidents like:

– His darshan of Maha Periyava in Karvet Nagar where he had the anugraham to have Vilvam Pazham referred to as “Kayakalpam” by Periyava… He was also immensely blessed to have Periyava Himself sitting and listening to mama chanting ‘Rama Avatharam’ from Ramayanam.

– A very touching incident where Maha Periyava had saved Smt Lalithambal’s husband’s life who lived 10 long years after doctors gave up on his health

– Blessings to Smt Lalithambal to chant Lalitha Sahasranamam daily

– Some lighter moments like a habit / mannerism that runs in Periyava’s (Purvaasharama) family

– Maha Periyava’s Staunch Guru Bhakthi

and many more…

As years pass by, there wouldn’t be many who lived with “God” who could share their personal experiences with us… It would be these treasurable videos that would take us and our coming generations back in time to know about our “Living God” !!!

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  1. The audio is not working . Please kindly fix the issue and thanks for the same

  2. There seems to be a problem with the video
    There is no voice.
    Please fix it please
    Thank you.

  3. Mouli Sir (as we call Sri. Chandramouli Mama) is a great singer too and has a very gifted voice. He visited our house in Sathanur (near Aduthurai) a few times (sometimes with Sri. Sambamurthy Sasthrigal, Poorvashrama brother of Periyavaa) and as kids we used have a good time with him and he will willingly oblige with some songs. He has the ability to move people of all ages (probably this runs in the family blood !!!) without ego and has special warmth and affection for younger generation. Great Soul…

  4. Thanks Sir, we could see the video. I was so happy on seeing the video as it made me feel that i ‘m really witnessing the incidents. Thanks a lot Sir.

  5. innocent laughter and explicit expressions these are the traits of goodness and god bless the good soul forever and wherever

  6. Fixed it….Check now…

    • Sri Gurupyo Namaha,

      Was listening to Sri Chandra Mouli Mama yesterday , unable to believe to day I hear that he attained the lotus feet.

      This effort by Sri Sivaraman and yourself , Sri Mahesh, should help all generations.

  7. Hi Sir,
    I’m Hemalatha from Singapore. I again tried to see the video but couldn’t. I wanted to see it as a first thing in the morning but still disappointed as i couldn’t watch it today also. Anyway thanks for the article.
    Please do something so that all of us can watch the video.

  8. Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara,

    My sincere prayers.

    The interview gives insights into how Maha Periyava dealt with his purvasraman relatives; with the same universal compassion and how his relatives upheld guru bakthi.

    Very blessed to read, see and hear incidents on Maha Periyava through this forum. Every article / episode has invaluable life lessons.

    Thanks for your untiring service.

  9. Waiting eagerly for the video to be switched to Public Mode.
    Jaya jaya sankara hara hara sankara

  10. Still says private setting; won’t let us open.
    Kindly fix the issue.
    many thanks and pranams

  11. Mahesh ji, still doesn’t work. It continues to be set in private viewing…

  12. I made it public…Pl check now….Thatha is just amazing with energy and great memory!!! He remembers the Maha Shivarathiri day on which M.S came to some place and sang that happened several decades back!

  13. Listened to the interview on You tube. This is astonishing. The humility of Sri. Chandramouli Mama, total devotion to Maha Periyava, and total respect to Math treaditions are simply superb. The interview ends with Mama saying that more incidents are there to tell and Sri. Sivaraman requesting him to remember and tell at a later time. That Mama has passed away just now is very sad. Maha Periyava has taken him to His Feet. Total devotional experience and fervour. Much blessed. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  14. When u mentioned KARVET NAGA in this episode i.e. Maha Periyava’s Purvaasharama – Sri Chandramouli Mama etc. I am reminded of my own personal experience. This Karvet Nagar is between Puttur (bone setting) and Chittoor, via Karvet Nagar, Kollagunta and my days )I am now 80+DOB 20.12.1932) 

  15. When u said KARVET NAGAR in the above episode, I am reminded of my own personal experience with Maha Periyava when he was camping at this location with a reviulet running nearby, and of course, hebeing in a tatched shed and from there he had his bath etc. This Karvet Nagar is beetween Puttur (bone setting) and Chittoor, via Karvet Nagar, Kollagunta. This Kolagunta we have a hand operated SIMPLEX Pump delivering diesel to the agriculturists there, I being Burmah-Shell Rep. in that area – While going by my car MDA 8523 – Black Ambassador, I had to pass thro a narrow culvert at a turning point near the place where Maha Periyava was camping and to avoid speed, they have provided speed breaker both sides of the culver tand without seeing the same I went in in my normal speed and had a jump overthe culvert and Maha Periya only knows how I was taken tot he other side of the culvert and then to a few yards away was Maha Periyava’s camp.  Of course an Engineer by name Mr. S. Theagarajan who is a hard devotee of Maha Periya was coming in my car and he only told me about Maha Periyava’s camping there etc. and he said it is He who has taken we two to his place.  Of course Maha Periya saw us and only smiled and blessed us as usual. RAJAGOPAL SUBRAMANIAN

    • Thanks to the great effort of bringing videos like these. But unfortunately, i couldn’t see anything as the message says that the video is private. Can u pls do something so that everyone like me can see and have a good darshan of sri Maha Periyava and his sister’s son?

  16. Yes, pls cannot see the video, can you pls fix the issue. Thank you

  17. Reiterating what the earlier commenter has posted. This site is a treasure house for devotees. Every day morning it is one of the first things I do when I log on to my PC.
    I am also unable to view the video, it says that it is private.

  18. Appreciate the great service that you are doing by posting these articles & videos. Would never have heard the news otherwise. Also, these articles & videos will help coming generations to experience MahaPeriyava.

    BTW can’t view the video. Says its private. Could you please share it?

  19. May his soul rest in peace. Fortunate to become aware of the existence of such persons, and their bond with Maha Periyava!

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