“All of you journalists have a huge responsibility, is it not?”

Them Three again

I definitely was not qualified enough to translate His Tamil into English, not sure if anyone else can do it either. He used to even correct the English captions prepared by Newspaper Editors. An example of this is, when HH Jayendra Saraswati Swamigal went to Agastyar Koodam, the newspapers had mentioned that He was ‘Absconding’.

The reporters came to Mahaswamigal seeking clarifications.

They prostrated before Him and were ready with the questions.

Periayava asks them,

“What is the meaning of the word ‘absconding’?”

The reporters were not aware why He is asking this question.

One of them replied, “to disappear”.

“Is that so?”, said the Sarveshwaran.

“Are there any other meanings?”, asks He.

They replied with couple of other meanings like “leaving without informing”, etc.

“Is that so?”, repeated the Sarveshwaran.

When they did not have any other answers, He asks a boy near Him to give the reporters a dictionary.

The reporters opened it and read aloud these meanings for the word Abscond.

“..having committed a mischeivous act..”

“..illicit and immoral act..”


Periayava asks them,

“do you think He did anything related to the meanings you had just read out?”

The reporters were stumped and could not reply.

The Compassionate One tells them kindly,

“All of you being journalists have a huge responsibility, is it not? You must have surely read about the proper ethics for a journalist. You should not have used this kind of language”.

The reporters asked Him for forgiveness and told Him they will do anything to atone their mistakes.

Periyava said, “you have already published this in your front page. So, if you want to atone for this mistake, please issue a correction on the front page mentioning you had used the wrong word. This is the correct thing to do, this is what I feel.”

The concerned Newspapers then apologized in the Front Page for having used the wrong word in the subsequent edition.

I had translated this a year and a half back from Thiruvannamalai Gourishankar Mama’s interview.

What an apt post for today! Shankara…

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  1. Shri VijayendraChandranSwamiji,Pranam…..!
    Mr M.Jayabalan is very honest & very good person you have there at…

  2. Very apt and I agree 100% on this. What a great timing to translate this article again. Where are those cheap magazines now who wrote cheaply on our swamigal. I have realized the same Bhaghawan ‘Sathya sai baba’ attained siddhi.

  3. Incorrect terminology can lead to chaos at times, even if it is used without
    knowing the implications.

  4. Dharma Svaruupam and Kaarunya Svaruupam Maha Periyava! If He so chose, He could have reprimanded the journalists. But He was kind and made them realise their mistake and atoned for that. By remembering Maha Periyava and meditating on Him, our sins will disappear. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  5. Any irresponsible comment can invite troubles.Kindly go through the words again and again and catch the correct meaning word before that going to press. This is a very simple and correct advise of our Maha Periyava to all reporters of the press.A simple mistake in the presentation can hurt very much.


  1. Decide and do it! – And the way will emerge from nothing. | Reports from the questioner side

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