Milk Khoa (Thiratti Paal) for Him on Deepavali, but will He accept it? :)))


Ghatam Vidwan Subhash Chandran (the younger brother of Vikku Vinayakaram Mama) and his wife wanted to offer something to Periyava on Deepavali day. As per traditions, Acharyas will not partake things prepared without the accepted norms of spiritual purity. Despite they not being confident enough to assure such strict purity, the still planned for Thiratti paal (Milk Khoa) for Periyava to be given as sweet. They prepared the Milk Khoa and packed it in a stainless steel container and proceeded to Kanchipuram straight to Pradosham Mama’s home.

Pradosham Mama on hearing why they had come told Subhash Chandran Mama:

“Periyava would indeed accept his Milk Khoa atleast for the sake of the sincere devotion of Subhash Chandran Mama. In the event that He will not, the sweet will definitely find its way to Him!”

Pleased with this assurance, Subhash Chandran and his wife reached the Matam. He desired in his mind that Periyava should consume the Milk Khoa in his presence. Upon reaching the Matam they saw Him engrossed in a book. They appraised a Kaikaryam gentleman of the purpose of their visit. To which, that person requested them to go away as Periyava will not entertain such offerings. And also, it being Deepavali day there was a big crowd at the Matam there were slim chances of Periyava meeting with them individually, said the Kainkaryam. Saying thus, the person moved away.

Subash Chandran Mama persisted with his idea and decided to stay put near Him. He was worried that the Kainkaryam person would come back and would get cross seeing him still present there! Half an hour passed and Periyava was still reading a book. Mama’s fears indeed came true as that Kainkaryam person indeed returned!

Magically, at the very same time, Periyava called that Kainkaryam person to Him, thus saving the embarrassment for Mama. And then He asked the Kainkaryam person to bring the Milk Khoa container from Mama. It was placed before Him.

The Compassionate One put His finger into the container, took a small piece of the Khoa and put in into His mouth! And blessed them by lifting His Hand!

Subhash Chandran Mama was in Seventh Heaven. Ecstatic, as despite the fact that the Milk Khoa was not prepared adhering to the strictest spiritual purity standards, Periyava the Merciful One had acknowledged his sincere devotion as foretold by Pradosham Mama!


Let us all too offer all that we had made today (and make everyday), at His Lotus Feet with the fullest Devotion and Love for Him!

A Joyous and safe Deepavali to everyone!

The above is a translation of a part of Subash Chandran Mama’s interview

In this picture Swamigal is seen with His Kainkaryams at Kanchipuram in 1990.

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  1. In 1989 or 1990, upon my Sabarimalai yatra under Shri Thyagarajan Prakashji’s group we had darshan of Shri Mahaperiyava on our return and Shri Prakashji in a ‘moongal koodai’ placed the Sabarimalai vibhoodi prasadam before Shri Mahaperiyava. The Mahan touched the vibhudi in which His thumb impression was verymuch embossed like a seal. We were preserving it for a long time.

  2. Please see the link given to read about using Eversilver utensils. It is mentioned in தெய்வத்தின் குரல் (மூன்றாம் பாகம்)

    ஆசார விஷயங்கள்

    விஞ்ஞானத்துக்குக் கட்டுப்பட்டதல்ல

    हर हर शंकर जय जय शंकर

  3. i have already told mahesh about periava and vella seedai incident with my wife while HH was at Pandarpur.!!!!

  4. Sri aiyer raju sreenivasan, in which volume, chapter of Deivathin Kural is this mentioned? Am curious about the reason.

  5. Thirattuppaal or milk khoa has to be prepared in metal containers only. I think that one can use microwave proof vessels in microwave oven for preparing milk khoa. Perhaps we may not be able to give it to Sanyasis in view of their ascetic norms. May be we can give it to the Math to be distributed as prasad to devotees or to Veda Paatasaalaa children. Maha Periyava really has Blessed Sri. Subhash Chandran by partaking his Thirattuppaal! Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  6. அருமையான பகிர்வு.

  7. For the kind notice of all devotees keen on serving delectable items such as Thiratti Paal to Sri Aachaaryaals. THEY SHOULD NOT USE STEEL VESSELS in any form at any stage such as preparation etc. Steel has been PROSCRIBED (forbidden) by Sri Mahaaperiyavaa. in his Deivaththin Kural. This was also mentioned in one of the recent issues of AMARABHARATI. Silver container or silver plated brass vessels would do. If not available even a new man chatti (sand vessel) will do. Ghatam Vidwan Subhash Chandran is very Blessed that Sri Mahaaperiyavaa made an exception in his case (He must have of course made such exceptions in many other cases, but we must remember, it is our duty to avoid putting our Guru Peetam in a dharma sankata situation such as this!

  8. Thanks so much for the translation.

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