Experiences Of Kumbakonam Srimathi Lakshmikantha Sarma

Dr.Lakshmikantha Sarma was privileged to have close interactions with MahaPeriyava.He was, for many years, associated with The Raja Veda Paatasalai in Kumbakonam, which is stated to be nearly 450 years old.Srimathi Lakshmikantha Sarma recalls some of their experiences with MahaPeriyava

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4 replies

  1. kAmAkshi suprabhAtham lakshmikAntha sharmA mAmA-vaa?

  2. dear sir i wish to say dr.lakshmikanthasarma is my paternal uncle.

  3. excellent interview.

  4. A thought provoking and very useful information

    Balasubramanian NR

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