“It is my offering to Paramacharya” — ‘Gnana Darisanam’ an audio CD

Musical Journey
Here is one more for the collection, a Paramacharya devotee would love to add. ‘Gnana Darisanam’ is an audio CD that narrates the life of the Sage of Kanchi, from the initiation of young Swaminathan into sanyasa to His Siddi.

The story and events may be well-known but to a devotee this is narration in a new format. Songs set in appropriate ragas, composed and rendered by Mohan Vaithya, describe the events that are highlights in Paramacharya’s life. The Seer’s concern for human welfare and spiritual propagation and His knowledge of science and music come across in a great way.

Saroja Vaidyanathan, Delhi-based Bharatanatyam exponent, recipient of Padma Bhushan, provides the narration in lucid English. The meeting between the Mahatma (preceded by strains of Raghupati Raghava’ on the violin) and Paramacharya, a staunch patriot, who organised various activities during the freedom struggle, His visit to Guruvayur, Varanasi, Tiruvaanaikka, Tiruvannamalai, etc., are traced through songs serenely rendered by Mohan Vaithya and Usha Rajan. Raghavendra has penned the lyrics that shine with the spirit of devotion.

The theme, conceived as a full-fledged dance-drama by Saroja Vaidyanathan for Ganesa Natyalaya, New Delhi, was condensed into an album of speech and 24 songs embellished with varying rhythm patterns apt for the situations. For instance, a blend of Western and Carnatic music accompany the episode describing the meeting between Paramacharya and Paul Brunton. Gambhiranattai, Subapantuvarali, Saraswati, Chakravaham and Valaji are some of the ragas effectively used.

“It is my offering to Paramacharya, about Whom more and more people should know,” says Saroja Vaidyanathan, who is distributing it free to devotees.

Mohan Vaithya, who attributes everything to Paramacharya, considers the opportunity a blessing from him. A trained musician and Bharatanatyam dancer (there is ample evidence in the composition of ‘Ananda Natanam…’ ) that describes Paramacharya’s visit to the Brihadiswara temple and Chidambaram Nataraja temple. “My association with Saroja Akka has been long, 32 years, and fruitful. I composed music for several of her productions, including Pradosham, Aarupadaiveedu, Rudram, Panchabudham, Bishmakadha and Ganga,” reveals Mohan Vaithya.

TV host and actor, recipient of many awards, Mohan Vaithya runs Anusham Academy, where music and dance are taught. Voice culture is also imparted. Smt Saroja Vaidyanathan is distributing it free to devotees. How selfless of her! For copies, please contact Mohan Vaithya at 96771 52715, 89392 93833.

Source: The Hindu

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  1. Mahesh is doing an excellent work.Mahaperiyavas blessings are there that is why.I get the mail and am really blessed to read all these thgough i have also very few experiences of him in my life.God has taken birth in his form.In my old age iam fortunate to read all these.Mahesh is really doing yeoman service by collecting and forwarding.May his tribe increase.

  2. Great Information.. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Dear Mahesh
    can you pl get a copy from them and with their permission upload in this site so that it can be easily downloaded by all
    May our periyava bless us all

  4. It is all o.k. but why adopt absurd spellings, which make no sense or wrong sense? Why write ‘vaiTHya’ instead of ‘Vaidya’? What does Vaithya mean? Why ‘panchabuDHam instead of Bhutam? or BishmakaDHa instead of kaTha? And it is BHishma and not Bishma. Darisanam may be all right in Tamil, but in English it should be rendered ‘Darsanam’.
    Original Sanskrit words should be rendered directly into English, instead of through absurd Tamil transliteration. Is there any govt. edict that only Tamilised spellings should be adopted?
    Modernity need not become absurdity. At least those of us who are astikas ( that is what we think when some one talks of Paramacharya) should stick to the astika tradition in spelling words at least in religious matters.

  5. I am in Sri Lanka. How can I get this?

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