Experiences Of Mannargudi Brahmasri Gopalakrishna Sastrigal

How did Periyava interact with senior Vedic Scholars?
Periyava’s explanation of ‘Thoyam’ as an offering to The Lord.

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  1. Namaskaram. My name is Anantharaman and I live in Brisbane. Can I get a copy of the Anjaneyar Slokam recited by Mannargudi Brahmasri Gopalakrishna Sastrigal mama? Can I also get his contact details?
    With namaskarams, Anantharaman.

  2. Is there any way i can contact Gopala Sastrigal?

  3. Great Interview. I received the slogam on Hanuman as recited by sastrigal in the Interview. Good to hear such an interview filled with food for thought.

  4. Beautiful explanation for thoyam. (Jeevathma and Paramathma). Very kind of Shri Gopalakrishna Sasthirigal and the interviewer Shri Chandraseharramiah.

  5. Amazing to hear Mama’s experience, can we get a scanned copy of the shlokams that he recited please. Not that I cannot copy it down as he says, but it may be wrong, so would like to see a scanned copy , if that is possible.

  6. i wish to do my pranams for taking the effort in doing this service of uploading the incidents of the various bhaktas

  7. thank you for posting maama’s video. He haa come to our home and my thatha’s home many times and has given several pravachanams. Enjoyed hearing maama’s experiences.

  8. This is one of the most authentic sources of a very important information:: that Mahaperiyava accepted Bhakti as the FIFTH PURUSHARTHA.. So far, we have believed that only the so called Bhakti schools of Vedanta ( ie non-advaitic schools) claimed Bhakti as a separate purushartha.. Though he composed so many hymns on our Deities, Bhagavadpada has not accorded Bhakti the status of a separate purushartha. Even in his Gita Bashya, he discusses only Karma V. Jnana as the supreme means to liberation, and not Bhakti as the teaching of the Gita – see his extensive comments following sloka 18.66. It is held that Acharyal explained ‘Sadhya’ tatva in his commentary on Prastanatraya and ‘Sadhana’ tatva in his commentary on Vishnu Sahasranama. There he has explained the importance of Nama as the means to liberation. But even there he has not held up Bhakti as a distinct purushartha.. Sri Bodhendra established Nama siddhanta (Kirtan) as the supreme means to liberation in this Kali age, but in his masterpiece Sri Bhagavan Namamruta Rasodayam, he has not accorded the status of a separate purushartha to Bhakti. So it is tremendous news that Mahaperiyava approved of Bhakti as the fifth purushartha. Of course, I am subject to correction by our learned followers of Mahaperiyava..

    Incidentally, can you please upload the 14 slokas on Hanuman that Sri Sastrigal recited? Or at least tell us where we can access or get them? Thanks.

  9. Rajagopala mama of AirIndia bombay has done such a great service for Veda Rakshan Ndhi Trust,he mst be also Interiewed.Manglyam incident is touching!

  10. One of the classic interviews from a very learned Vedic scholar. Excellent audio quality and very different perspectives.The gita shloka incident was amazing to hear.
    Thanks to Mahesh and his team..

  11. There was error so could not listen full, Just 5 minutes only available

  12. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara

    My sincere thanks for this video.

    My namaskarams to Mannargudi Brahmasri Gopalakrishna Sastrigal.

    He is my guru and I was blessed to learn a little bit from him between 1990 and 1993 in Kodambakkam, Chennai.

    Mannargudi mama (as we call him) is a scholar and teacher par excellence; has a double MA in Tamil and Sanskrit. Among many topics that he mentioned, he has the rare ability to conduct upanyasam on “Ramayanam” – comparing and contrasting “Valmiki and Kambar” side by side.

    Beyond all this, he is a great devotee of Maha Periyavaa.

    After concluding every class in the evening, he used to spend 5-10 mins in informally sharing some old incidents and most often it would be about Maha Periyava. He used to often mention about how Maha Periyava would conduct “surprise quiz” on Vedic Pundits; one has to constantly practice and have answers at finger tips to satisfy Maha Periyava’s expectation. The pundits look forward to such an opportunity to earn Maha Periyava’s blessings.

    During the initial “www” days, Mannargudi mama contributed quite a bit on “Dharma Sastras” (like to Bombay lecture series..) to a website; but, the company who gathered all the information could not bring it out successfully. I think, it would be a great blessing if we could get the content and share it for everyone’s benefit. I will explore this next time when I visit Chennai.



    • Namaskaram Siva

      I would like to get a PDF copy of the Anjaneyar slokam which was recited by Mannargudi Brahmasri Gopalakrishna Sastrigal Mama. Can you please share a copy of the same? Can I also get mama’s contact details in Chennai?


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