Experiences of Pollachi Jayam Patti Part II

We have watched the interview of Jayam Patti by Sri Sivaraman.
Part II, now being posted, is the first interview of Jayam Patti, conducted by Sri Ganesa Sarma.We have wondered how some people were “blessed’ to be able to have close interactions with Periyava.
Here Periyava reveals the basis on which he chose those fortunate ‘Bhakthas’

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6 replies

  1. As Sri Rudram says, the ultimate doctor is Parameswaran. PeriyavaaL is none other than Parameswaran.

  2. Much Blessed to hear the Divine Experiences of Jayam Patti with Maha Periyava. The two parts are really great. As Sri. Ganesa Sarma pointed out, everyone will become even better Devotees after seeing the interview. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  3. wonderful experience of Sri Jayam patti. We are all really blessed to listen to golden experience of her association with god. Seeking her blessing to all of us to continue to get the Bhavath Smaranam. Ram Ram

  4. Thanks very much for sharing this. Most inspiring.

  5. Superb Miracles!
    i think Dr.Ravichandran has already given a video&remember to hv seen that blessed daughter of his..Mahaperiyava’s ardent devotees like this mami know His Super Power!

  6. Alakilla villaiyattudaiyar anbar enbavarkey — Mam ekam saranam vijya – One among the gifted soul Pollacchi Patti. Anantha kodi namaskaram to patti. let Periyavaa bkahta leela continue… Jaya jaya sankara hara hara sankara

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