Experiences of Sri SundaraRamamurthy Part I

Sri SundaraRamamurthy describes how MahaPeriyava guided and blessed his father, Dr.SivaRamamurthy, the noted Indologist and Archaeologist,that enabled him to establish the Period of Adhi Sankaracharya.(Note: Angkor Wat is situated in Cambodia). Sri SundaraRamamurthy also narrates his own personal interactions with MahaPeriyava.

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  1. Surprised how wikipedia also has got Acharyal’s period wrong and none of us attempted to correct it.

  2. Thanks Mr Jayasankaran and Balasubramanian for the info. Iam planning to do pada pooja next time i visit Kanchi.

  3. One can do Pada Puja in Periyava’s Adhistanam. During Chathur Masyam period,
    there used to be heavy rush for this.

    Balasubramanian NR

  4. As regards query by Shobha as to the name of the person who is performing pooja at Athishtanam, he is Sri Hariharasubramanian (Hari as popularly called) and is the son in law of Sri Sundaramurthy of walajapet who was serving HH.
    Sri Hari is Rigvedhi and has been diligently doing the Ramayana Bhagavatha Parayanam. I got these information from my father Sri Neelakanata Dikhsithar (ICF)

  5. True Dr Sivaramamuthy was a greatly blessed soul which I came to know from the book written by his son, It is an amazing booklet.
    One should read that book of Sri Sundararamamurthy about his father Dr Sivaramamuthy especially on a) the numerous awards that he secured for his noble deeds, b) his knowledge level, c) his versatility, d) his anaayasa end at Delhi after concluding the auction e) MahaPerivaa’s enquiry in Kanchi about Dr Sivaramamurthy immediately after his death, etc.
    Just prior to his death when the auction got concluded and the payment was to be made to the seller, he had signed the cheque chanting ‘Sambho’ ‘Sankara’. When someone asked him why should he repeat both Sambo and Sankara since both mean the same Sarveswaran, he replied that while Sambo is ultimate boon giver, by reciting Sankara together, whatever ill effects/delays in realising the boon would be neutralised for good. Sambo Sankara!

  6. Reading and listening to all these experiences has been a great blessing from Paramacharya to me since I have not had the opportunity of having his darshan during his stay on this planet in Physical Form…

    Can anyone tell me what is the name of the Person who currently performs pooja in Periyava’s Adhistanam in the Mutt ?

  7. Sri Sundara, thanks for the illuminating talk on Pariyava. I really envy you, how blessed you and your family have been. I only pray for His blessings by listening and reading about him. Mayaperiyava Padangalil Charanam. Ram

  8. A very useful information educating a devotee to understand the depth of
    karma, bakthi, etc.

    Balasubramanian NR

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