Photos from Shri Seetharaman

We are grateful to Shri Seetharaman for sharing this treasure with us.  I have made it as a video with songs composed by Mahaperiyava devotee Smt Visalakshi paati (sung by Sathur sisters).  And the photos can be downloaded from following link.


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  1. Dear Sir

    Namaskarams. I was going through this link and checked the google drive link for Photos of Periyava. The folder is no longer available. Can you post these photos separately or give us a fresh link


  2. Very divine. Thanks for sharing. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  3. all credit/blessings go to Mr Shivaraman and Karthikeyan for posting….

  4. What a fusion of photos and songs. Only blessed souls get such ideas. You are definitely one
    among them Mr. Mahesh !.
    Jaya Jaya Sankara ! Hara Hara Sankara!

  5. everything is fine but after the end of the video there is a pop up which is not liked by me!!!

  6. What a excellant songs. “Kanchi Mahan enre sollae mandhiram”. This can be a title to this composition. Thanks to Mother Visalakshi for excellant composition.

    What a divine voice of Sathur sisters Mrs. Bhuvana Rajagopalan and Mrs. Lalitha Santhanam. Thand to them. Which year these songs are sung by Sathur sisters?

    Periyava Saranam

    • The first Cd was released in 2008 and the second one was in 2010 in the inaugural function of Manimantapam at Oririkai.

  7. What can one say? Nice to hear the sisters sing so soulfully and so beautifully. The composer must have been blessed by His Grace. Ram

  8. Thank you for this. Its a great treasure for all devotees. Song selection has also been superb.

  9. Great!!!

  10. Thank you Mr. Mahesh and Kathikeyan for posting these songs composed by our Mother Visalakshi
    Natrajan along with very appropriate photos of Mahaperiyava. . These songs have been released as 2 CDs. The entire proceeds of the CD’s sales goes towards the Manimantapam project of Mahaperiyava at Orirukkai. We request you to appeal to the devotees to purchase these CDs and help the cause of Manimantapam project. Devotees in India can contact the number below for purchase of CDs. The contact phone numbers of Sathur sisters Mrs. Bhuvana Rajagopalan is +91 9940566660 and Mrs. Lalitha Santhanam is +91 94445 43850.
    USA devotess can contact Mr. Sankar Mahadevan Phone number 732 329 0139. Details are also available in the website www.
    Thanks & Regards
    Vishvanath Natrajan

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