‘This is the house where Shankara Jayanthi poojas were conducted’


This must have happened in early 70’s. Maha Periyava had camped in Trichy and it was during Shankara Jayanthi. Everyday Pooja , upanyasams and discourses were held in Tennur Subbaiah School. Our residence was in Tennur Pazhaiya Agraharam, very near to the Perumal Temple. Every day was a festival in and around there. Even though HE had camped there for many days, my father, an ardent devotee of HIM, had not taken my mother for a darshan. My mother openly asked him to take her for a darshan but he did not take her.

One day Maha Periyava visited the Perumal Kovil, and when he was doing pradakshinam outside the temple, HE had to cross our house. That time, an Ayurvedic Doctor by name Shri Nataraja Iyer, told Maha Periyava, “indha aathuladhaan shankara jayanthi poojaiyellam aachu”.

Immediately HE entered the house. By that time, my mother who was inside, hearing some noise, came out and was surprised to see HIM on the footsteps. Boundless joy, ecstatic moments for her. No one expected that HE would enter our house. My father did not even know much how to offer Poorna Kumbham. She was very delighted as HE HIMSELF came to give her darshan.

Later my father used to tell her that Maha Periyava came to our house just to give her darshan..

KARUNAMOORTHY — what else can we call HIM.


Narrated to me by our own Lakshmi (Maha Ramesh). This is her mother’s first darshan of Him. She tells me that her Mother attained the lotus feet of HIM on 19th May, 2013.

I have read such incidents for many other close devotees, but did not expect to hear this from a good friend like you. Lakshmi, along with others has helped me immensely in the Deivathin Kural spellcheck project. Thanks a million Lakshmi!

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  1. This shows the deivam fulfills the wish of his true bhakta

  2. For adevoted housewife, very much busy with family chores, Maha Periyava,, Karunyamurthy being He, himself comes home and gives Dharshan! How blessed the mother is! Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  3. yes lmy relation used to stay near jatka stand at thennur. i am not very sure but the lady at the corner with a child seems to be my uncles daughter whose husband was having a timber shop there at trichy.

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