Some English Books on Kanchi Mahaswamigal and His Teachings


Many acquaintances have enquired about English Books on Kanchi Shankaracharya Mahaswamigal. Here are some of them. They can be purchased online at Amazon,, and other places like Giri Traders, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan etc.

1) Paramacharya of Kanchi: A spiritual and human relationship : recollections from my diary [Import] [Paperback] M. Y Ghorpade (Author)

2) Hindu Dharma: The Universal Way of Life

3) The Vedas [Paperback] Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati/Sankaracharya of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham

4) Voice of the Guru/The Guru Tradition [Hardcover]

Jagadguru Sri Chandrasekhara Sarasvati Mahaswamigal Himself (Author)

5) Sri Sankara Bhagavatpadacarya’s Saundaryalahari

Saundaryalahari (Bhavan’s book university) (Bhavan’s book university) [Hardcover] Jagaduru Chandrasekharendra Saraswati Mahaswamigal Himself(Author)

6) Introduction to Hindu Dharma

Illustrated [Paperback] Michael Oren Fitzgerald (Author)

7) GEMS from the Paramacharya – Pocket Book Languages: English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Oriya, Assamese, Kannada, Telugu and Malayalam.

This pocket sized mini book starts with Dasopadesam (Ten codes for living) by the Paramacharya. This is a collection of ‘quotable quotes’ from the Mahaswami covering various subjects. The insightful quotes were compiled by several ardent devotees. Every quote is indeed a Gem. (There are more compilations to come). These are thought provoking and will appeal to even the lay reader. The last page carries the famous benediction from the Mahaswami ‘Maitrim Bhajatha’ Excellent production quality. Ideal companion to be carried in brief cases. Perfect gift to like minded people, busy executives and college students.

8) Mahaswami 100 – Select speeches of Paramacharya (English only)- 2 Volumes

One hundred of the Mahaswami’s speeches on various aspects of life, carefully selected to answer many unasked questions in the minds of today’s Indian. His clear views, and inspring logic, will make the reader pause and reflect. His compassion for human welfare and concern for the country speak volumes about him and what he stood for. Excellent production quality. In the age of globalisation might be a good gift for international associates.

9) Moment of a Life Time (Compilation of experience of devotees) (English only)

Mahaswami is one of the most admired and venerated personalities of modern India. When one comes to know more about Him, His life and His work, it would be difficult to regard Him as a mere sectarian head of a religious institution in Tamil Nadu. He not only brought about resurgence, but was also a source of illumination and inspiration to seekers both in India and abroad. If one digs a little deeper, the many dimensions of this spiritual monarch, scholar, saint and social thinker make it evident why He was able to inspire the learned as well the common man. His knowledge about various subjects was encyclopedic. He made a deep impression on people and had a profound influence on those who met Him through his simple and spartan way of living. Moments of a Lifetime presents a rare cross section of experiences presented by ambassadors, politicians, scientists, religious leaders, artists, journalists and so on. A great treat for those who were fortunate enough to have met him, for the wonderful memories these would evoke. An excellent introduction to those who have never met him, for it brings to fore nuances of a great spiritual master of India. Excellent gift for the self and others.

10) Mahaswami Darshan (125 select and rare photographs)

His radiant presence brought a certain peace and calm to anyone who went to see him. But the pictures in Mahaswami Darshan present more than that. They capture vividly various moods, expressions and actions. A rare collection put together from various sources over the years. A must for the family library. Good gift for various family functions including Grahapravesam, Upanayanam, etc.

11) The Saint and Sangita

A Fragrant Garland to Kanchi Mahaswami (English) The Paramacharya is known for His masterly knowledge of music. He is known too for His love for listening to good music and for His solicitude for musicians. Over the years numerous Carnatic musicians have deemed it a great privilege to perform in His presence and for Him. He has honoured many musicians by recognising them as Asthana Vidwans of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam. Sri. Garland Rajagopalan, Chennai, a keen devotee of the Mahaswami and an eminent musicologist, has put together this publication. It brings out rare insights and several little known facts about the Mahaswami’s keen interest in music and his depth of knowledge. Excellent production quality. A must for students of music, music teachers, devotees who appreciate music and those devotees who revel in learning new things about the Mahaswami.

12) Upanayam and Vivaha

This publication specifically addresses three subjects of increasing interest amongst various devotees. Upanayana, Marriage and Gruhasthasrama. There are several publications that describe the rituals to be followed but none talk about the purpose and context in which we must understand the roles of Upanayana, Vivaha & Gruhasthasrama in our lives. The Acharya deals with those subjects with His characteristic simplicity and clarity.

13) Eternal Bliss (Vol. I & II – Medium Size) – English. (Vol. I & II – Coffee table Size) – English.

The book are just not coffee table books or alike. It presents the life and times of a ‘Saint extraordinary of 20th century’, through some rare pictures and some of his thought provoking views on several subjects. It is not a book to be glanced through. Every picture, every word must be savoured and cherished. For those who have been fortunate enough to have met Him and interacted with Him, this book is a rare treasure. For those who have only heard of Him, this is an excellent introduction to His Holiness and His work. For those who have never heard of Him or met Him, this is a peep into the life of an extraordinary human being who lived a hundred years to serve the cause of humanity.

14) Sri Chandrasekharendra Vijayam.

This publication in English is based on. Divya Charitram by Samabamurthy Shastrigal, Published in 1957. Mahaswamigal Varalaru, Published by Alliance in October, 2002. A Succint Biography by Srimatam Kancheepuram 1999. His speeches on a wide variety of subjects related to Hindu Dharma are now available in English and several other Indian languages. His extensive travel on foot across the country, his erudition, compassion and simplicity continue to influence any one who is exposed to his life. The Sri Chandrasekharendra Vijayam, in addition to being a travel dairy, over several decades of his parikrama across the length and breath of India, covers his major addresses as well.

15) Voice of God – Vol. I to VII

Languages: English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Oriya, Assamese, Kannada, Telugu and Malayalam. Sadguru Vachanamrut – Vol. I to VII
Author: Jagaduru Chandrasekharendra Saraswati Mahaswamigal Himself
Written by the eminent writer Ra Ganapati originally in Tamil.

16) Mahaswami Telephone Directory/Address Book

This carries the history of the 2500 year old Peetam and a brief biographical sketch of Maha Swamiji , a calendar for four years and nice photographs on the top of each page. Excellent production quality. Devotees would cherish having a such a Telephone Directory/Address book that is very different from the mundane ones every one is used to. Once again an excellent gift item for friends, relatives and like minded people.

17) A Search in Secret India

Author Paul Brunton (Rider publications). An absolute masterpiece.

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  1. Thanks for the list & detailed information. I heard Maha Periyava talked in detail about how to perform abhishekam to Shiva Linga in one of the books. Do you know the book name by any chance?

  2. Namaskaram, where can we get number 12 upanayanam and vivaha book? please advise.

  3. Thank you very much Sir for the excellent and very valuable information.

    Balasubramanian NR

  4. Great to know so many English books on Maha Periyava are available,. Thanks.

  5. Secondly the book “The Vedas” is a masterpiece. Mahaperiyava has given his soul into the book. His devotion to the book is amazing. That is published by Bharati Vidya Bhavan. It would be nice in case you add the publishers list as well.

    • Saundarya Lahari in itself is a masterpiece. Excellent superlative degrees of comparison by our Acharya. Infact the verse “50” and verse “84” are awesome and I would urge each and everyone of you to go through.

      Verse 50:

      कवीनां सन्दर्भः तबक मकरन्दैक रसिकम्
      कटाक्ष व्याक्षेप भ्रमरकलभौ कर्णयुगलम् ।
      अमुञ्चन्तो दृष्ट्वा तव नवरसास्वाद तरलौ
      असूया संसर्गात् अलिकनयनं किञ्चिदरुनं ॥

      Verse 84:
      श्रुतिनां मुर्धानो दधति तव यौ शेखरतया
      ममाप्येतौ मातः शिरसि दयया धेहि चरणौ ।
      ययोः पाद्यं पाथः पशुपति जटाजुटतटिनि
      ययोर्लाक्षा लक्ष्मिः अरुणहरि चुडामणि रुचिः ॥

  6. The above picture of HH is so blissful. Thanks for sharing this information.

    • Hmmm. Great to see “Saundarya Lahari” commentary by Mahaperiyava. I think they have been taken as excerpts from Voice of God. By the “Paul Bruntons” book is a good one, I wouldn’t consider it an absolute Masterpiece. Just because he is a foreigner people always raise him above the level.

      The only chapter which is mindblowing, is how he meets Mahaperiyava and how Periyava comes in his dream and wishes him. This along with the chapter, where he meets a person advanced in Yoga, and a great Astrologer are the only chapter which interested me. The rest is all routine search.

      • I had only That chapter in mind Chandra when I said ‘An absolute Masterpiece’! :)))

      • Ha..ha… Sorry Mama.

      • I think we shd place Paul Brunton’s book as one of the earliest Master Pieces on Mahaperiyava for the following reasons:-
        1.Paul Brunton never had a ny belief in Hindu Myhtology till he accidentally gate crashes on a Bengali with a Safron Dress2.He becomes so curious he starts collecting the great Mytics/Magicians/Yogis of India to come and investigate..Year 1930.
        3.He has allotted only One name in South India ..that is Kanch Mahan.He was 37 Yrs of age.
        4.He comes across a Swamy,a great devotee of Raman Maharishi, at the Madras Sirport who insists Paul shd see his Guru Maharishi also but Paul says”His diary is full and he has time only to see Kanchi Sankaracharya only in the SOuth!”
        From this perspctive if I read it and reread it..I personally find it to be a miracle in 1930s..that Kanchi Mahan takes a promise from Paul Brunton that he shdn’t leave India without seing that Maharishi!
        Anyway what matters most is the purest of devotion in all these Dialogues!


  8. Thank You very much for this. This is a wonderful gift for the non-Tamil readers

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