Experience with Mahaperiyava – Brahmarishi Parasurama Ganapatigal

‘Brahmarishi’ Parasurama Ganapatigal(aged 99 years) , shares his experience with Mahaperiyava. It is a great blessing to see  and listen to a punyathma like him who has dedicated his entire life for Vedas .

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  1. Fortunate to have learnt my first lesson of Shri Rudhra Prashna Parayanam from GhanapatigaL mama over in 2003. We lived close to where he lived with the patashala.

    – Viswanathan. R.

  2. Ambattur Vijayalakshmipuram Nedunchezhiyan street, No 7, Near Alahabad Bank

  3. MY uncle who is about 70 years old, is keen on meeting with Ambattur Mama, and seek his blessings, also to contribute something for the noble cause. Is it possible to get his address? thanks in advance.

  4. Simply amazing. Something we cannot easily get is made possible now. Thanks to Mr. Mahesh for posting this.

  5. blessed indeed are we to get the blessings of Bramharishi Parasuram Ganapadigal .thanks to Mahesh ji too

  6. Thanks a lot. By listening to this Mahan’s interview, we get Blessings from both Maha Periyava and this Brahmarishi. I hope his Birth Centenary will be celebrated grandly buy Maha Periyava’s Grace! Namaskarams to this Mahan. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  7. No strength in physical body but in strength in mentally. We are proud to be living his life term.

  8. I am his neighbour. even today he teaches satapata brahmanam to students. 2nd August he is completing 99 and entering 100.

  9. We are really blessed to have blessings from Brahmarishi Parasurama Ganapadigal, conferred by Maha Periyava.

  10. We must really be blessed to have such Brahmarishi amongst us. Elated to hear his relationship with Sri maha Periyaval. His blessings are the best at the moment for us. Tks for sharing. Jaya Jaya Sankaraa.

  11. Fel blessed to see such venerable couple and listen to his words. I am sure his 100th Birthday will be celebrated appropriately by his near and dear ones. Awaiting the Blessings in advance. Ramakrishnan

  12. blessed

    periava charanam

  13. In Ramayana, Sampathi, the eagle king tells the vanaras, ‘I am not strong enough to do any physical help to you. But I have to contribute in Rama’s cause. I will help you with my voice. I will tell you where you can find Seethadevi.’ Parasurama ganapatigal saying, ‘I have some jeevan in my voice. I am using that to teach vedam’ reminds me of Sampathi’s words.

  14. Shankara. 10 minutes and 54 seconds of Unparalleled Bliss.

  15. Thanks Mahesh and Sivaraman Sir.

    Parvathi and Paremeswaran — Padha Dharshanam — Feel like doing Thambadhi poojai __ Nameskaram.

    Guru ChaandraSekara Bhavan Saranam


  17. Remarkable interview. Amazing to see this revered scholar teaching ghana paatam at the age of 100. Hope a grand function is put up by the veda abhimanis in two months time when he reaches hundred.

  18. I am happy to receive tbe blessings from him. thank you Sri mhaesh for posting this.

  19. My namaskarams to this Brhamarishi .Periava charanam.

  20. Thanks a lot for this very special interview, Sage Viswamitra had to go thro’ such an ordeal to become Brahmarishi and to see this interview of such a great soul given title Brahmarishi by Parabrahmam is indeed very fortunate and no words to say….

    ஹர ஹர சங்கர ஜய ஜய சங்கர

  21. what a blessing. i faintly remember this ganapadigal visiting t.v.koil. allur which is near trichy is famous for such things and we are blessed to see this couple nearing to be centenarians. perhaps mr. J.Radhakrishnan, advocate who belongs to allur, a mirasdar of that place now living in deivasigamani street, next to auditor jambunathans hous near music academy madras will be able to throw more light on the visit of mahaperiava to t.v.koil and allur.

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