Experience with Mahaperiyava – Kulapathy Balakrishna Joshi’s grandson

Kulapathy Balakrishna Joshi’s  family is well known for their bakthi and philanthropy . His grand son Shri Rajaji shares his family’s experiences.


  • 12 times ‘Sri Ramajayam’ before sleep  (all of us can follow)
  • Speciality of Goddess Saraswathi @  Hindu Theological school, Chennai
  • 3 Joshis
  • ஊசி பட்டாசு
  • Aditya Hrudayam as a cure for eye diseases
  • Balu mama’s sanyasam
  • Mahaperiyava Padhuka mahimai

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  1. Dear Sur, I am trying to get in touch with Mr. rajaji. Can you email me his contact details. I had met him once and wanted to thank him for something but didn’t have his information. Thank you.



  4. When I watch each and every interview presented by Shri Sivaraman and Shri Maheshji tears are rolled from my eyes. What a spectacular incidents narrated by Rajaji Sir with steady flow. Kulapathi family basically from Gujarat settled in Tamilnadu tradition (achara murai) Telugu adapted Mahaperiyava as GURU. Periyava showered His Grace to all who come to Him.

    People like us only know Periyava. But Periyava know each and everyone and also solved our problems with divine grace. As Joshi said Periyava is a ‘GANAKADAL’

  5. What else can I do other than weep saying Shankara.

  6. what an outstanding interview! What a blessed family….இவாளையெல்லாம் பாத்தா ரொம்ப பொறாமையா இருக்கு!!. From this interview, it is clear that the painting from old vikatan deepawali malar, where Periyava is holding a firework is not an imaginary art…..

    Let us start to chant 12 Sri Ramajayam every night!

  7. I am much blessed to see this great video. Kulapathui Balakrishna Joshi was a greatly respected teacher when I was a small boy. His grandson Sri, Rajaji probably used to maintain a low profile, while being totally surrendering to Maha Periyava. What an illustrated lineage? How much he is devoted and how much he has deeply read in Tamil? Much blessed to know his association with great persons like Sri. Ra. Ganapati, Balu Maamaa SwamigaL, Ponds Maama and others. How many miracles he has seen Maha Periyava perform? The Dharshan of the Holy Padukas, Maha Periyava Vigraham and pictures, Vasthram, his Maha Periyava Nama and CharaNam diary and a photograph of Sringeri Jagadguru and Jeevan Mukthar Sri Chandrasekhara Bharathi Maha SwamigaL in his Pooja room all speak volumes about this pious Bhaktha of Maha Periyava. My humble Namaskaarams to him. Maha Periyava ThiruvadigaLee CharaNam! Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  8. Shri Balakrishna Joshi,was a great Sanskrit Scholar cum Headmaster whose contribution to Education in Tamil Nadu is immeasurable.My fathe was closely associated with him in Education and when they instituted the Best Teachers Presidential award in 1964,he was the First recipient and my father got it in 1965.
    I recall one incident here which pertains to Shri Balakrishna Joshi and my father.
    Unlike Shri Joshi,my father had never called on Mahaperiyava but he had such a great devotion for Him and my father’s younger brother Adhinarayanan was always camping with Mahaperiyava.
    It was 1967 whn Annadurai had taken over as CM.My father was still an MLC representing teachers constituency and did yeomen service to Teachers.
    One day in the council Kundrakudia Adigalar,who was also an MLC,talked badly about Kanchi Mahan in the council.
    With stalwarts like A.L.Mudaliar in the council ,my father used to command great respect for his spontaneous extempore speches in English and Tamil.
    My father intefered and wanted CM Annadurai to condemn Sri Adigalar’s speevh and Adigalar was nice enough to apologise for the same.
    Next day this news ietm was read out to Mahaperiyava either by Balu mama or someon when Balakrishna Joshi was also prsent.Mahaperiyava asked Shri Joshi:”Do you know Shri Rajah Iyer?”
    Joshi:”I know him very very well.He has done lots of help for my school also!”
    Periyava:”Why he has neve come to see my but even then has taken up my cause in the council.”
    Joshi:”He is a Karma ogi.He doesn’t even go to temples.His temple is his schol in Ramnad an his students!”
    Shri Joshi cam and told this to my father next time when my father cam for the council meeting.Immediately after a few months Mahaperiava was camping near Ramnad when my father went and met Him and got His blessings!
    I am so proud to know the grandson of Shri Joshi is such a great devotee of Mahaperiyava.
    People must know the contibution of KUlapathi JOshis as they are all Karma Yogis!
    Moves beyond wods to read about the 3rd Mangalyam!
    All His GRace!!

  9. thanks so much for sharing this video.  I am indeed grateful.

  10. Thanks to Rajaji for sharing his experiences. What a great souls he and his family members are. Just too moving and emotional at times, I felt. Clearly spoken with sincerity, dedication and true bhakthi. Hope His Blessings will fall on us too who never had such intimate moments with Periyaval. Wish my next janma will make me serve him better. Regards.

  11. Great interview!! what a blessed man he is. His devotion to periyava is great. Excellant flow of his narrating about periyva.

    periyava saranam

  12. Rajaji sir has brought out the Sri Rama in Periava. Great blessed experiences & a greater family samskarams enjoyed by them. This family is an example of Saranagathi to Periava during HIS shthoola sareeram. I was one who did not understand HIS greatness as HE had disguised it very cleverly. Only a discerning devotee like Rajaji sir family can do it. In that respect I envy Rajaji sir. My salutations to him for sharing his close experiences for other devotees like me.
    Sri Shivaraman sir and Maheshji is doing a yeoman service in this regard. The way Shivaraman expresses himself during the interview, without affecting the flow is indeed superb. May your service continue with Periavas blessings.

  13. Enna thavam seidhanai?

  14. I had inaugurated my teaching career under Principal Sri Kulapathy Balakrishna Joshiji at DAV when it was just started in 73 and he had given me a book written by him on Periyava. It is again a blessing to hear about him through his grandson. Jaya jaya Shankara hara hara Shankara.

  15. Excellent ,wonderful,useful pooja vidhanam.audio is very clear. Waiting for pdf copy

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