Kamakshi paati’s experience

Misfortune struck Kamakshi paati at very early stage of her life when she lost her husband at the age of 16. Due to divine grace, she surrendered herself to Mahaperiyava’s lotus feet and conducted a life of strict penance until her last breath. We are fortunate to see and listen to a venerable soul like her in this video.  Special thanks to Shri Ganesa Sarma and Shri Ramanan for recording this interaction.


  • Anandha thandavapuram – explanation
  • 45 days of penance with just 2 glass of milk per day
  • தேன் நெல்லிக்காய்
  • ‘Sajadeeyam’ &  ‘vijadeeyam’
  • ‘நாட்டை’ ராகம் – 7 variations
  • Vittalur paati’s devotion
  • Mahendra Jaalam Peethambara Iyer
  • ‘கண்ட’ யோகம்

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  1. Kamu patti was lotus feet of Mahaperiyava 2008 Feburary 22nd at Thryodishi thidhi am Patti’s grand son’s wife Mrs. Lalitha Ramanathan any information pls con 9940692842

  2. Periyava blessing. iam blessed to hear this vedio.We know one PONNAMMA mami.almost similar to kamu patti’s BHAKTHI on PERIYAVA.we had the oppertunity to know her. she use to do kaingaryam to PERIYAVA by flower mala kaingaryam. At this age Kaamu patty’s naration with bakthi it is PERIYAVA blessing to hear.It is really like we are experiencing.HARA HARA SHANKARA JAYA JAYA SHANKARA with vandanams to PERIYAVA . – moorthy

  3. Ishwara! Maha Periyava must have granted Moksha to Kamakshi Paatti!

  4. Kamakshi Patti attained His Lotus feet about three years back and was accidentally engulfed in fire caught on her saree.

  5. my humble namaskarams to kaamu paati

  6. Which place currently this great devotee of Periyava staying ?
    Amazing experiences……Such blessed people to have the initiation and satsang of the great Ishavara himself.

    • Kamakshi paati has attained the lotus feet of Mahaperiyava.
      We can draw a lot of inspiration and strength just by remembering this Paati and her bakthi everyday.

      • Karthik, can you advise when Kamakshi Paati attained His Lotus Feet? Was it very recently? Since I was spoke to a person in Kanchipuram who knew this Patti and she did not mention about Patti’s siddhi.

  7. My humble pranams to this great soul

    Balasubramanian NR

  8. wonderful experience.

  9. sankaraaaaaaaaaaa

  10. Anantha koti namaskarams to this bhakta shiromani…

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