“How long should I husk it?”

Have you all seen this picture before… :))) A Diamond it is.



MananaM, the process of mental repetitions of the upadesha, is for the purpose of the mind to stay put instead of giving any scope for digression or distraction. It is this mananaM that is called ‘AvRtti’ in Brahma-sUtra. “The Vedas have repeatedly prescribed repeated memorisation”: – ‘asakRd upadeshAt’ (IV – 1.1.) How long should one do this memorisation? The Acharya [Sankara] replies with a sense of humour: If you are told to husk paddy, you should not be asking ‘how long should I husk it?’. You have to husk until you see the rice coming out. So also until the Atman comes out of the cloud of avidyA, you have to be in that same thought, same repetition, same dhyAnaM.

Let us all earnestly strive to pray like this. Shankara.


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  1. We are the Supreme Self, having assumed an individual body. But, the Supreme Self with the entire universe as Its body, is the Personal God, or ISvarA.

    This ISvarA determines in which birth this seed has to materialise into our outer circumstances. This materialisation occurs only in a subsequent birth by the Will of ISvarA. In very special cases, laid down in the vEdAs, the same materialises in the current birth itself. This He does in such a way that will enable us to turn inward, enquire into the Self, resolve the seeds into the Light of the Self, and attain Self-Realisation.

  2. one more diamond added in rarest of his holiness –Nayana Deeksha — jaya jaya sankara hara hara sankara

  3. Very much enlightened. Jaya Jaya Shankara !!

  4. thanks suresh for making Him look at me also with his kataksha. n.ramaswami

  5. Ah! What a beautiful message this conveys. Awesome! Only Mahaperiyavaa can make such perspicacious statements.

  6. Agentle smile and total Kadaaksham with His kind eyes! Great picture! Only Maha SwamigaL can banish our Avidhya! Let us pray to Him! Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  7. Dear Mahesh

    Very nice and new Picture not seen before. To me these are the words of Sakshath Parameshwaran and everyone should follow without any doubts and questions.

    I am following your blog only for the past couple of weeks. I spend atleast 1 hour every day in this site reading, listening, viewing every bit of information about Maha Periyavaa in this blog and feel refreshed. You are doing a great job and Maha Periyavaa will always be with you in every act of your life.

    हर हर शंकर जय जय शंकर
    हर हर शंकर जय जय शंकर
    हर हर शंकर जय जय शंकर

    Gowrisankar, 99406 13537 , Chennai 88

  8. Mr.Mahesh krishnamoorthy nice to know about u & I appreciate ur good effort in creating this site exclusively for Mahapeeriaiva and sharing info with all who may not be aware or seen the real events. Keep it up May godess Kamatchi my divine mother bless u all. My s-in-law SriRam krishnamoorthy(Vallam-Tanjore) too working in CTS-(Rhodesisland-US), covert him too Mahaperriavas devotee & in spritual actvity if u come across him,He recites, Vishunu sahasranmam etc nicely,my daughter Gayatri who was a IT(M.S), student of Chandra sekendra viswa vidyalya good carnatic singer, my grand daughter Abhirami is good spritual song singer. Thank u wish u all best . RGopalakrishnan, Pammal.

  9. let HIM be there in our at all times. hara hara sankara

  10. Beautiful picture. Thank you.

  11. Thank you, Beautiful picture. Never seen this before

    हर हर शंकर जय जय शंकर

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