“Start praying silently within yourself to a God of your choice”


Of the many occasions I had visited this great Mahan, I used to stand in awe by the side and watch for a few hours many mortals come and go. On one occasion, He noticed me standing in a corner and wondering why I am just standing allowing all others to come and go, He asked His sincere devotee, Balu mama:

“Why is he standing there? Does he want anything? Ask him.”

Balu mama came and asked me,

“Periyavaa wants to know is there anything you want. Why are you just looking at Him and not coming to have the Prasadams?”

I told Balu mama (most of the time tears of joy used to roll down my eyes), “Every time I come here I have witnessed a rare incident between Periyavaa and His staunchest devotee. So today also I am just waiting in the side lines for one.”

Periyavaa overheard this and He said smilingly, “Let him wait for a few more minutes and one such incident is about to happen!”

Many men and women passed by.

Sooner a lady, Saroja, came to see Periyavaa.

She hesitated a bit to go near Him.

Periyavaa asked Balu mama to ask her ‘what she wants’.

She replied to Balu Mama :”I am coming here for the first time. I have heard from my neighbours in Hyderabad talking so much about this Mahan. So I came to have His darshan”

Periyavaa smiled and asked her,

“There is something more than the Darshan you are trying to seek from me!”

She started weeping like a small child. She must be around 55 Yrs Old!

“Yes Swamiji. I am really unable to bear the agony.”

“You must be a Dwaithin..”Swamiji said, meaning she is an Iyengar lady.

She was startled to know that: “Yes Swamiji..Indeed Yes.”and her weeping power overtook her much more to the dismay of all around!

Swamiji asked her:”What is that which is worrying you inside?”

She started narrating in-between her weeps:

“I have been sincerely following one Saint for more than 25 yrs now. I never found anything wrong with him and I have gone to Sanmarga only through this Guru. But of late I have found my Guru is not a real Guru. He has some behavioural problems and I stopped going to him altogether. But I am unable to stand this happening as I trusted this Guru so much and suddenly I find a vacuum in my life, in my spiritual life. That’s why when my friends recommended me I came all the way to have Darshan from you and be a devotee of you for ever in my life!”

Periyava started smiling..

“So you think by just switching over to another Guru like me your problems get solved?”

“That is what I feel”

Periyavaa said:”You are wrong.Krishna says “Yathatho kapikauntheya, Purushasya Vipas chithaha…”

The moment you are born as a human, you are bound to make mistakes. There is no escape for anyone in this world. Just because you switch over to another Guru like me, what is the surety that I am more purer? The very thought itself is wrong, as every human being has his own limitations.

No doubt I can understand your agony. What you should do is to start praying silently within yourself to a God of your choice.Try to get that inner “Anandha” instead of searching for another Guru who according to Krishna “May be much worse than the one you have experienced.”

There was spellbound silence everywhere…

I went to get His Blessings.

He said smilingly, “For you I will ever be the Guru, Don’t worry.”

Silence was broken with laughter everywhere…

I came out wiping my tears of joy…


Source: periva.org

Thanks a ton to Shri Mahesh T Ramadass for posting this gem in Facebook.

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  1. when in doubt keep the faith…

  2. In Deivatin Kural Mahaperiva has dealt with this subject of the mistake of shiting to another Guru when you find some deficiency in your chosen Guru. If only the seeker yearns for a Guru , one most accomplished Guru will automatically come to him-no need to search for a Guru.


  4. Mr mahesh I request you to publish the photos with names in one blog of all those ANUKKATHONDARGAL. Like Balu mama(now swami gal)

    Panambatu kannann mama ,etc so that We can identify them in all related photos

  5. Maha Periyavaa ThiruvadigaLee CharaNam!

  6. This and most earlier postings made me wiping my tears of joy. Thanks you very much.

  7. like suresh i was lookikng for this post yesterday. He is always there with me but it is greater aanandam to see such posts in this site even at my age(there may be people older than me also!!!) but i am wondering how thoughts go alike!!!!HH Bless us. N.ramaswami

  8. mam yekha saranam viraja jeya jeya sankara hara hara sankara

  9. Yes..thats what He told me
    “I will always be your Guru..Don’t worry”..
    Even while writing this NOW I have tears in my eyes!

  10. perivaaaaa…. i am unable to control my tears………….i want to have the same blessings periva….
    thanks mr, krishna , i am copying yours text
    புழுவாய் பிறக்கினும் புண்ணியா உன்னடி என் மனத்தே
    வழுவாதிருக்க வரம் தரல் வேண்டும்….. not only me ….. every one should be blessed.
    mahaperiva paadame gathi….

  11. What a Blessing, even while reading we are moved to tears to hear the Apara karunai and Anughragam of Sri Sri Mahaperiyava saying ““For you I will ever be the Guru, Don’t worry.” The Gentleman who experienced would have felt endless bliss on this Assurance from the Greatest Sage,

    புழுவாய் பிறக்கினும் புண்ணியா உன்னடி என் மனத்தே
    வழுவாதிருக்க வரம் தரல் வேண்டும்

  12. Thanks a ton Shri Rajah Iyer for this priceless contribution.

  13. For all of who is following this “Sage of Kanchi” block – He IS.WILL ALWAYS BE OUR GURU AND ALWAYS BLESS US (otherwise we would be here) — GURU CHANDRASEKARA BHAGAVAN PADHAM SARANAM SARANAM – To day morning I was looking for His post, bit disappointed — Now I had a chance to think HIM — cherish His blessings and Dharshan

  14. With all Credit to this great Mahan ,I worship every second of mylife,this episode looks like the one I have written some years back,if someone can explore..Afterall people shd know more& more about this Nadamadum Deivam!

  15. Very very touching incident.

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