Experience with Sri Sivan sar – Smt Kanthi

Smt Kanthi mami(aged 73) is one of the fortunate few to meet and interact with Sri Sivan sir(the poorvashrama brother of Mahaperiyava). She recalls some of the rare incidents. At the end of the interview there is a small & rare video footage of Sri Sivan sir himself.


  • வெங்காய சாம்பார்
  • ‘எனக்கு இதுவே ஜாஸ்தி’
  • ‘அடுத்த ஜென்மம் வேண்டாம்’
  • Sri Sivan sar’s diaries –  ‘ஏணிப்படிகளில் மாந்தர்கள்’



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  1. Have shared my experiences with Sri Shivan Sar, a great mystic saint of our times. You can find the link to the pdf file after Sri Shivan Sar photo in the bottom of this page http://valmikiramayanam.in/?page_id=2

  2. simply outstanding presenting footage of sri Sivan Sir. Eagerly looking for the release of his writings jaya jaya sankara hara hara sankara

  3. sir himself is the perfect example for the definition of a thuravi which he has given in his magnam opus ypm

    • Dear mahesh, although u have set guidlines for commenting not about other gurus, I especially after seeing the footage of sri shivan sir, cannot stop comparing about him and these days modern gurus. That child-like innocence in shivan sir’s gestures, that simplicity, though being in the pinnacle of the evolution simply moves me to tears.

  4. By Sir saying that he consumes vengaya sambar we cannot surmise that we have the green to do so, too. He being a jnani does not have preferences and saw no difference between onion and pumpkin. If we have that same vivekam in us to have no preferences or the jihva chapalyam, then we may too consume. But not until then…

  5. “Vengaya Sambar ” – SAR indirectly advising us that we must also raise level of our spiritual understanding to treat nothing is ‘special’
    and all are ‘equal’.
    SAR – my little understanding says ” it is a ‘TAMIL SAR’ and not an english SIR.

  6. It is available from Narmadha padhipakam(044 24343793 / 24336313).

  7. Where can we get “Yeni Padigalil Maanthargal” book? Dost it available in online stores?

  8. the video sound is not good but its ok if we have patience. i am happy to see this on sivan sir. we have great experience with sivan sir while he was at t.nagar till the end. sivan sir used to be fond of bajji and i know someone used to bring in the evenings though he did not eat the full. he gave us a copy of the book aenipadigalil maandargal. of course this book was taken away by one mrs. ramanan while going to us and i was happy they enjoyed reading that difficult book!!!!this is another kind of experience with sivan sir. i actually thought that he is another sanyasin worth worshipping and it was great to hear later from my daughter in law radha that sivan sir was the poorvasrama brother of mahaperiava. i was so far knowing only about that another great scholar who was always reciting the entire ramayana in kannada though he could not see this world. how fortunate we are to have had such great men in our lives. thanks mahesh etc. team for making us live again. god bless you all. n.ramaswami

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  10. Terriffic handwriting [diary] – as if it is printed using a machine. Started reading “yeni padigalil maanthargal” last month and finished it last week. Wealth of information. Each and every person who can read tamil should read this book. In my opinion, we can understand the full meaning only if we read it [atleast] 10 times!!! Btw, in the video i saw a devotee doing “abivadhiye” to HH Siva Sir. As far as i know “abivadhiye” should not be done in front of Mahans. “Abivadhiye” is nothing but an introduction of self in sanskrit [simply put], Mahaans do not require our introduction. They know who we are.

    • Shastras say Abhivadhanam should not be done for Sanyasins, Vipretaras, womenfolk, people asleep, sick, leaving the home, or when in a group. It is perfectly fine to perform abhivadhanam otherwise. In fact, the rule clearly states it should not be performed to people that are incapable of blessing. When a person performs abhivadanam, the receiver reciprocate with a prathabhivadanam stating “ayushman bhava Soumya” or “Keertiman Bhava Soumya” or “Jaya Vijayee Bhava Soumya”… Soumya here doesn’t indicate the name of the person performing abhivadanam, but means “worshipper” “blessed one” “gentleman”…

    • Dear subramaniam, H.H sri sivan sir, did not receieve formal sannyasa deeksha from anyone. He was like ramana maharshi or sheshadri swamigal. So technically there is nothing wrong in doing abhivaadaye to srisivan sir as he is not a sannyasi but an ativarnaashrami

  11. Really blessed to watch the Divine Sage Sri Sri Sivan Sir’s Anugraha to Smt Kanthi mami. Many thanks to Sri Mahesh, Sri Sivaraman, Sri Karthikeyan for sharing these gems with us. In the Sri Sri Sivan footage the sloka rendering is mellifluous and divinely.

    Acharyaya Sankaracharyaya
    Santume Janma Janmani
    Sastram Saarira Mimamsa
    Devastu Parameshvara
    Santume Janma Janmani


  12. Any special reason why the word “Sir” is spelt as “Sar” ? For a student of English Literature, wrong spellings leaves a very jarring note on the eyes, something akin to a nail scratching a tin can on the ears! [By writing this comment I do not mean to be discourteous or disrespectful to anybody. If I appear to be so, my profound apologies for the same]. Just out of pure curiosity I would like to know as to why Sir is Sar ?

    • It is just a way of addressing, affectionate, loving, devotional…

      There was a person who was once chanting out “Gohinda, Gohinda” and Mahaperiyava happened to note this and asked if he intended “Govinda, Govinda” and was replied to in the affirmative. Then when a devotee ventured to correct the pronunciation person, Mahaperiyava advised let him chant as he was doing since if corrected then the man’s attention would divert towards the pronunciation and bhavam would be lost. It is just like the classic “mara prabhu” vs. “amara Prabhu” incident concerning Poonthanam, Bhattadri and Guruvayurappan.

  13. karthik –

    I was hoping to carve out a separate video of Sri Sivan Sar – not part of a devotee experience video. I believe that there are some more footage of Him. Can you please talk to Shivaraman?

    Also on Sar’s diary, as we did for HH Mettur’s content, we should digitize it soon.

  14. i dont get ur site though getiing mails from u on mozolla – and g.chrome for the past 4 days – complaints not effective – checked my system – i get in IE – any suggestion to rectify this – ragupathy

  15. Is the video footage taken when Sir was at Padma Subramaniam’s residence.

  16. yes. sir. i too request you to make available the contents. hope Mahaa Periyava will definitely bless us. Hara Hara Sankana Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  17. thank you, didnt know anything about Sri Sivan Sir before. This effort is very noble and outstanding!

  18. Very much blessed to see this interview of Smt. Kanthi Maami! With childlike simplicity and wonder, she is narrating her experiences with Sri. Sivan Sir! I have not seen Sri. Sivan Sir in life, but thanks to Sri. Sivaraman and Sri. Karthikeyan one could see His video blessing us all and His Handwriting! Smt. Kanthi is generous in giving the present of Sivan Sir’s Diary given by Himself as a present to her back to the archives. Learnt about Sivan Sir’s “ENippadigaLil MaantharkaL” Greatly thrilled to note that more writings of Sivan Sir may be available to us in future, if He so wills! Much blessed to have Dharshan of Maha Periyava and His Purvashrama Brother Sri. Sivan Sir! Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  19. Very interesting to know about HH Sivan Sir . I request Mr. Sivaraman to present the priceless contents of the diaries little by little to all of us .As we all know for sure that that will be a heavy subject to people like us who are mostly engaged in the material world.
    Thank you.
    Meena Balan

  20. Video started to play .Thanks a lot for Sri Shivaraman and team for bringing great bhakthas experiences for people like me to enjoy. Let God help you in your efforts.

  21. Yes we cant view the video kindly rectify the same, Pl note there is one old gentleman Sri.Venkataraman @ saidapet worked in TT Pharma Pallavaram who knows Mahaperriayava & Sri Sivan sir. this person is from a village called Rettani near Tindivanam. I will collect some details fm him about the early life of Mahaperriyava & Sri Sivan sir . After some time Mahaperriyava instructed him to build the pillyar temple @ Rettanai but Mr.Venkataraman is very old to do this I feel I should take him in my car to Rettani and see what we can do & how I can get help of like minded people. Iwill inform all. RG Pammal 9445684215

  22. There seems to be some trouble in the playing of this intersting video. Kindly rectify from 1.52 min not playing.

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