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Balu mama who lived and traveled with Mahaperiyava extensively, has shared the wealth of his experiences. He has taken sanyasam few days back and now known as “Shri Swaminathendra saraswathi swamigal” . Here comes the first episode of his experience with Mahaperiyava.


  • Mahaperiyava’s compassion and love for animals
  • ஒரு மணி ஜபம்

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  1. Could any one post the address of Balamama . I am planning a visit to Tamil Nadu

  2. Om Avyaja Karunamurthaye namaha – one of the namavalis for Periyava! How fitting!

    All these incidents remind me of several incidents from Baghawan Ramana Maharishi’s life. Mahans do not find any difference between living beings – that is why they are called “Pasupathi”.

    I took a picture Sri Balu mama before his sanyasa – on Mahaperiyava’s aradhana day. I will post that soon.

  3. Lovely it was. Shankara.

  4. Eagerly waiting for part two interview of Balumama.Kindly give address of Balumama to have his darshan and direct meeting of him to hear about mahaperiva. Pl mail us even if there is any contact number.

    • Balu mama should be available in kanchi mutt now as he geneally remains there and you have darshan of balu mama as also darshan of pudu periava at this appropriate time. it would be good you would be blessed. n.ramaswami

  5. It is very pleasing to hear the experience of Sri Balu mama (Poorvasrama name) in his voice with Maha Periyava. It is definitey by Periyava’s grace that Balu mama has been renamed as “Sri Swaminatendra Saraswathy Swamigal”. Our namaskarams to Him.

  6. I suggest Sivaraman must interview Arusuvai Natarajan too..people wd shed tears when they come to know’here was a man who goes with his wife to have his Last Darshan of Mahaperiyava before committing suicide,due to utter poverty’..Rest is History..Pls dont miss this Miracle as Arusuvai wd narrate it wit emotion!

  7. Long awaited interview from Balu Mama! He has given us maximum Maha Periyava Experiences apart from Late. Sri. Ra. Ganapati. Total transparent sincerity and his great service to Maha Periyava shows through very clearly! This episode contains incidences about Praani Mithra Maha Periyavaa! Heard from some devotees that he has recently taken Sanyasam! Learnt His Sanyasa Dikshaa Name only through our blog. Very fitting that He has been given the Poorvaasrama Name of Maha Periyavaa Himself. Will do Namaskaarams to this great person at the Math soon! Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  8. Narration by Sri Balu Mama, is quite interesting. Sri Maha Periyaval’s affection towards the animals is incomparable. Sri Periyaval’s verdict that a Horse is the best dependable and sincere animal than a Dog is marvellous. It shows he has great indepth knowledge about all the animals. An excellent interview. Waiting for the remaining part of the interview. Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  9. Reminds me of the last verse in the 5th Chapter of Sreemad Bhagavath Geetha = Bhokthaaram yajna thapasaam, sarva loka maheswaram,
    suhrudam sarva bhoothaanaam, jnaathvaa maam santhimrichathi = peryiva was god personified.

  10. Sri Balu Mama, i have seen him always wtih periayava, in many photos, i used to thing how this person always with periayava, he is like a shadow following periayava, how great he was devoted to periyava. It is very pleasing and touching to see balu mama interview. It is too short, but hope part 2 will be much more detailed

    Kindly give the addresss of balu mama, wants to have his darshan and do namaskaram.

    Ramesh P E

  11. Mahaperiyava is Parameswara Himself..He must have been talking to Cobras/Elephants/horses/dogs.Balu mama’s narration of Cobra/dog episodes are scintilating.All Mahaperiyava’s Leelaigal!

  12. Shri Swaminathendra Saraswathi Swamigal, alias Balu Mama is an uncompromisable devotee of
    Maha Periyava and he has created a stamping mark of his own. It is all because of Maha Periyava’s
    Blessings to him. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

  13. balumama is a great devotee and no words to explain. he was also very bold with periava and straightforward. of all the suthuvattarams of periava he was one very humane unlike others who thought they were near to periava and others were thucham. balumama (no as a sanyasi he will do great and his experiences are great. he was really hopping between his job in esi and periava and once when i asked him why go for job, stand before someone for leave etc. he said who stands for leave i just throw a letter and come away whenever i want and periava feels me. Bhuvvakku enna panrathu. vayithu pizhaipu enru onnu irukke!!this is what he said. a great person. we have been calling him. we hope we will be blessed somethimes. n.ramaswami

  14. Waiting for this since long… what a wonderful personality…

    Apparently, Photo Kannan has also obtained Sannyasam

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