Bay Area California — 45th Jayanthi of Bala Periyava

Bala Periva2






Saturday  – March 9, 2013
5:30  – 7:30 pm


Residence of Anand Gurumurthy Family

1550 Banbury Dr,
San Ramon, CA 94582
Home Phone Number: 408-733 3155

Guru Vandanam, Sri Maha Ganapathi Pooja,
Sri Paduka Pooja, Ashtotrams

Mangala Arti & Prasad Distribution

Please bring Fruits, Flowers, and Prasadam for the Jayanthi program.

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  1. I live in Cupertino. Can I participate in the San Ramon puja events?

  2. Please let me know I can participate with my family (2adults, 2 kids)

  3. As per mutt website it is the 45th jayanthi pf HH Bala Periyava. Please verify and change the title of this post if required. Otherwise notify mutt website.

  4. March 8 2013 is 45 th jayanti of bala Periyava

  5. march 8 2013 is the 46th Jayanti (birth day) of bala periyaval

  6. Let us pray for Chandramouleeswarar and Ambal to continue to shower the blessings.

    Balasubramanian NR

  7. Sri Bala Periyava was anointed by the greatest and most compassionate Sage of our times and so it would not be a surprise for the posterity to realise the great potential and good many ideas of Sri Bala Periyava. His mind works sharply and He is able to get the best out of each person. He is ever keen to sustain, propagate and strengthen the Mutt and Sanathana Dharma similar to His Guru and Parama Guru .
    It is a stimulating experience to witness the Pooja, performed by Sri Bala Periyava.
    Any one who can closely follow His interaction with devotees/even passers by to the Mutt would realize His earnestness, general curiosity, benign temperament and the positive vibration. He is quick to relate the persons visiting the Mutt to the place and their relations/acquaintances, thereby making the visitors feel elated to treasure such memories.
    He is quietly pushing great ideas into action and I am sure that after 40 years, His biography would also be a source of inspiration.
    On this occasion of 45th Jayanthi, our hearty and sincere pranams and prayers to Him and the grace of Lord Chandramouleeswara and Ambal may continue to shower blessings for ever.

  8. Please note this would the 45th Jayanthi of Pujyasri Bala Periyava.

  9. Great picture showing Bala Periyava praying to Paramatman looking at Temple Gopuram! My prayers along with all devotees on March 9th 2013, on the occasion of Bala PeriyavaL Jayanthi! May Dharma flourish! May Jagadgurus Bless us all! Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  10. WE are immensily happy to know / Our heartfull thanks

  11. Mr.Mahesh
    every day we are waiting and we are happy to see your post to day.

  12. Mr.Mahesh / Mr.Suresh

    You have published 3 fotos of Maha Periyavaa at the top of the home page. Can u post photos of His 2 Shisyas at the 2 ends [say Periyava at the right side and Bala Periyava at the left]. Just a suggestion…

    Regards, Subbu

  13. Jaya Jaya Sankara. Me too, had the same feelings. Getting almost daily, some Experience of Maha Periava with some of His devotees
    is an Great Inspiration and adding our faith plus Bhakthi. I felt like missing something in the last week. If we could have some more postings
    will be very much appreciated. We are miles away from our land. But, sure enough, these messages, serve the purpose. Mahesh and his
    team involved in this noble work is also remembered every time, by us. Auckland Devotee.

  14. Dear Shri Raman, Mahesh is too caught up in his business trips and myself the same at office on weekdays. Thanks so much for your concern! :)))

  15. Dear Mahesh / suresh, Why for the last 5 days there is no posts? regards Raman

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