“When you two converse will it be in Tamil or English?”

A family went to have the darshan of HH. Along with them, they took one of their family friends who lived in the USA for some decades. The friend did not have any great faith in our religion, system and especially the monks wearing the saffron; he went along with him with utterly non-interested to meet Him. He was under the impression that HH was a fundamentalist, an uneducated monk. This NRI had no great respect at all for Him. Not only that, he uttered such inauspicious things about Him, ‘what does He know? Does He know English?’.

There was a big throng of devotees at the Mutt and the family was standing in a decent distance from Him. As usual, HH saw this family with His graceful eyes,  and called all of them near to Him.

They all went near Him, the friend too.

After all the usual courteous enquires towards the family, the Master looked at the NRI friend and asked about his details, including his name, whereabouts, his predecessors, where he is working etc etc.

Then He asked, ‘you are born in India, and you know Tamil; your wife was also born in India and should know the mother tongue. When you two converse will it be in Tamil or English?’

The friend replied ‘We never use Tamil at home, we use only English. The same goes for the kids also.’

Then HH asked, ‘before speaking, you may have to think and conceive the sentence. Is the thought process in Tamil or English?’

The friend replied, ‘That too in English only’.

Some minutes later, an old lady came to HH’s darshan.

HH looked at the NRI person and said, ‘This old lady is now very poor, but once upon a time she was very rich. But even after she lost all the materialistic wealth her devotion towards the Mutt, Acharya and me has never changed even a bit. Could you please tell me what is the English word which will describe this unflinching devotion, which can’t be changed by external situations? I would like to know.’

The man was flummoxed. He thought and thought for a while but did not know that word.

HH told him, ‘please take your time and let me know’.

Even after some time, he couldn’t  come up with the required word.

Then HH said, ‘Can I suggest one word? Could you please confirm whether the same can convey this meaning? EQUIPOISED’.

The man was spellbound and fell on HH’s lotus feet for pardon.

HH is SARVAGNAN, He knows everything and He is everything.

Courtesy : Sri Ganesa Sarma’s discourse, heard and typed lovingly by Shri Karthi Nagaratnam who had posted it in Sage of Kanchi group in Facebook. Thanks a ton Karthi. :)))

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  1. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara
    Sri Chandrasekhara GurubyoNamaha( Sringeri and Kanchi)

    All Mahans will have same approach towards devotees. I took this information from Sringeri swamigal book.
    In Raghuvamsa Kalidasa expresses:
    A good person, though Unfriendly,was acceptable to him( King Dilipa) just as medicine (thought distasteful) is to the sick:and even a friend, if wicked,was to be discarded,like a finger bitten by a cobra.

    Sri Abinava vidya Teertha swamigal expressed his guru Sri. Chandrasekhara Bharathy swamigal said to him.- “we should be like this” and Sri Abinava Vidya Teertha swamigal expressed about his Guru “He ( sri Chandrasekhara Bharathy Maha Swamigal) never kept in mind any wrong done to HIM( Sri Chandrasekhara Bharathy Swamigal) by others. He said to Me(“Krutasya pratikarthavyam: One should retaliate)- we should not entertain such a notion at all. That is those of a Rajasic nature. we are Sanyasin-s. He would immediately forgive any offender and bless him too.

    The reason I mentioned above sringeri,there is no difference between Sringeri H.H Paramacharyal of Chandrasekhara Bharathy and our Kanchi Maha swamigal.

    when we read both books we dont feel any difference between the great mahans.

    Book Name: Yoga , Enlightenment and Perfection by Sri H.H Abinva Vidya Teerta Mahaswamigal

    Quote of the day: 1)If we offer food to GOD and eat that is PRASADAM else only SADAM.
    2) Just as a lamp lighted from another does not differ from latter.
    Maha Periyaval and Sri Pudu Periyaval and Bala Periyaval
    Maha swamigal of Sringeri and Sri Abaniva vidya Teertah swamigal and Sri Bharathy Teertha swamigal of present

    My Sastanga Namaskarams to Divine feet of Kanchi and Sringer periyaval.

    9:55 pm AEST

  2. I would request Panchanathan Suresh to check up this incident up, possibly with Sri Ganesh Sharma, since I have read another version in a book on experiences with Mahaswamy, wherein the context was entirely different. It was about the wife of late Sri Venkataramani, the writer, who took Paul Brunton to Mahaperiyava. He had passed away, his son was mentally ill and was a long time resident patient at Kilpauk Medical Hospital. The lady had no other relatives and had tons of misfortunes with no one else to even share her miseries with. If I remember right, it was to a group of persons, most probably English professors, to whom Mahaswamy pointed out the lady and made this comment (and not to an irreverent NRI).

  3. Dear all DIVINE lovers/followers.I came to hear some people making false statements against our REVERED GURUS.The present ordeals
    being faced by our GURU will vanish in thin air by the GRACE OF GOD.These trials are to strengthen their stance,not to weak.We have heard about
    such ordeals faced by spiritual souls and GOD coming to their rescue.This is also a similar case.OM NAMA PARVATHY PATHAYE HARA HARA HARA

  4. All languages are equal before Periyava. Nothing is Class one and the other one is class two. purpose of the language is to exchange views and understand one another.Understanding more languages is a befefit for the person concerned..Ahambhavam will never come to our help,it will push us into a pit of ignorance only..Humble and simple is the only way to understand more and more things in the world. Periya is the Avatharam of Vak Devi Sarasvathi. If you Pray to him for knowledge,he will bless you to attain it,if you need Material benefit,work and pray you will be blessed with.If you want Valour,Pray to him Chanting Devi Mahath myam,you will be blessed with valour. You will get what you ask,if you are sincere. Hara Hara Sankara , Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  5. This is a great eye opener for everyone who thinks speaking in English and making more money than their predecessors means they know everything. Mahaperiyava is not only fluent in English he is the master in every subject in this universe. In this blog itself there are numerous articles, videos and quotes where Mahaperiyava guided Scientist, Mathematicians, Musicians and many well learned scholars.

    Personally I am extremely fortunate to come across this blog and I read each and every article and share the same with my wife and son.

  6. ‘Apaara KaruNaa Sindhum’ is the character of Maha Periyava. Little doubt that those who came to scoff went away humbled ans as much better human beings!

  7. We should understand from this incident our knowledge is very very limited, The Tamil Great Grand Mother Said to the World very long back”Kattrathu Kai Man Alavu, Kallathathu Ulagalavu” This is MahaPeriyava. “Pride Goes Before a Fall.” any one who stand before him to know more things will be benefitted,because Periyava is a Kalpa Tharu.. Hara Hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  8. Dear all DIVINE LOVERS/FOLLOWERS,PRANAMS TO GODS/GODSENDS. It is not wise for one to test the superority of DIVINE.DIVINE is the
    sole owner of the universe with their creations and how come people think that what they know?.They know the past,present and future of beings,
    all languages etc. Don’t ever distrust,doubt DIVINE. GOD BLESSES NOBLE SOULS


  9. jaya jaya sankara hara hara sankara

  10. i recollect something similar here.The first person to learn architecture abroad from india was a man..Forgot his name..He was summoned to make an elevation at agni theertham in rameswaram so that it is visible to all.That man being proud and undermining that job felt its not for his caliber,even a simple mason or architect would do it.Though he wasskeptical about al teh facts he heard bout HH once he was summoned as soon as the work was complete.HH asked him whether he was familiar with units of measurement.He nodded and HH started showing him signs like mozham ,jaan-distance between thumb and little finger stretched.Then HH stopped at distance between thumb and index finger.That man was flummoxed.After two minutes HH asked him is there any measurement in architecture like this??He did not have conviction to tel yes o no..After a few minutes breaking the quiteness HH smilingly replied “It is called coopay isnt it??”.That man stil was skeptical.He took leave ran to his hotel room and checked his encyclopedia to sit amazed at the knowledge of HH

  11. I am told that there are umpteen instances that can be cited in the above context. In fact, I came across
    similar instance in a book which I went through sometime back, wherein the devotee was put to silence
    in front of Maha Periyava.without any answer whatsoever.

    Balasubramanian NR

  12. Simillar incident happened , which I had read in Bharnitharan’s anbe arule where in once His Holiness visited an air craft and an overenthusiatic scienties was explaining with words which were no where near the meaning. But it was His Holiness told about the area between the air space above around sky is startosphere Also a family from Italy came and He asked them whether they are hailing from a particular province and they wondered how this Great man able to tell and He Himself told that the hair and latin with french ascent is from the particular povince only. Every body was wondered about the astounding knowledge of the Divine Holiness. There are innumerous instances that can be quoted. Periyava is Periyava we are all to small



  13. Mahaperiava thiruvadi saranam. periavalukku theriyathathu intha ulagil ethuvum illai.periavalukku theriyatha ethuvum asayathu, aadathu.


  15. Very similar to this, I dont remember if I heard or read somewhere……it seems a very erudite person, very proficient in english, with the same skepticism about HH’s knowledge was discussing some features in the Ramayana, questioning Dasaratha’s decision to send him to forest etc etc…..He was using a mix of english and Tamil, and said something to the effect that Rama alone, being the first son was to be crowned king and Dasaratha was incorrect or something to this effect. HH, then asked him if there was one word to express the right of the first born in English and this gentleman was lost for quite some time……and after a few minutes HH asked…..Do you think the word Primogeniture is appropriate?

    The visitor had no choice, but just fall and surrender……and that was the first time I learnt this new word as well…..in a way HH taught me this word.

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