‎”…Or whether Kamakshi was there to have a darshan of the Acharya!”


I have a personal experience of seeing the Kanchi Mahaswamigal (1894-1994) in around 1989. I was visiting the Kanchi Mutt for a darshan of the three Acharyas. It was an evening (around 7PM) when the Kamakshi deity of Kanchipuram was having the ten-day annual festival and that was the day of the “Kudirai-vAhanaM” (i.e., the deity would be taken in a procession seated on the palanquin riding a horse). And it appears before the deity is taken round the town for the procession, they had the habit of bringing the palanquin to the gate of the Kanchi Mutt so that the Mahaswamigal could have a darshan of the deity.

And thus the procession appears at the gate of the Mutt. I was totally unaware of the day’s routine. I was just mingling and conversing with a few persons inside the Mutt hoping to be able to see the Mahaswamigal in due course. But suddenly I heard a bustle of movement; everybody was rushing to the gate. And then I knew something was happening there and I also moved with the crowd. Lo and behold! The sight that I saw there was scintillating. The Mahaswamigal had problems of vision those days. Maybe he could see very little. So he was there standing at the gate almost very near the palanquin of the divine deity. Heavy Searchlights were being focussed on the deity for the Acharya to see Her clearly.

Of course She had been decorated to the fullest, what with gold and diamond and pearl and ruby. And what an abundance of flowers of all colours on Her. The Acharya was standing on the ground
with his hands cuffing over his eyes for him to see clearly. Maybe on one side the lights were blinding his
eyes. He was straining hard to have a vision of what was standing befoire him. He was moving his head this side and that side to optimise his vision. Everyone was silent .

It was difficult to decide, for us spectators, whether the Acharya was there to have darshan of Kamakshi or whether Kamakshi was there to have a darshan of the Acharya! This serene silence and the drama of the Mahaswamigal slapping his cheeks in token of having darsan of the Goddess continued for probably full four or five minutes or so.

And at last he turned to walk inside the mutt and the disciples led him on. I came back to earth realizing just then that I had been witnessing all along a divinely scene which I can never forget!

Mark Ye, all devotees!. What great necessity was there for this jIvan-mukta to have a darshan of the deity with such great difficulty ? And what did he achieve? But that is the characteristic of a jIvan-mukta!

PraNAms to all the jIvan-muktas of the world.


Beautifully narrated by Prof V Krishnamurthy; source is kanchiforum.org

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  1. Dear friend!

    I’ve had a crazy day yesterday and I wanted to share some the story of it with you, you can find it here

    Cheers, mkmanavalan

  2. Dear friend!

    I’ve had a crazy day yesterday and I wanted to share some the story of it with you, you can find it here

    Cheers, mkmanavalan

  3. Really Mahesh sir, u are really very luckyperson. I love ur interviews a lot.The way u converse with Mahaperiva devotees are wonderful.I want to know the number of Mr.S Jayaraman Burmah-Shell employee. My father was also an ex employee of Burmah-Shell.But he is no more now. His name is Margabandhu.Mr. Jayaraman said in his experience once i had been to kancheepuram with my Burmah-Shell friends. Just i want to know my father is the one among the group.I want to ask him. Pl can u help me.

  4. R.Venkateswaran rightly said,it is the intention of the swamigal to make every one there to have the Dharshan of both Swamigal and Jagath Janani Kamakshi in a single stroke.This is His mercy for the devotees. Hara Hara Sankara,Jaya Jay Sankara,Jaya Jaya Ho Jaya Kamakshi Sankara.

  5. May be Maha Periyava was standing there to have the Darshan of Goddess Kamakshi,
    whereas Goddess Kamakshi has given Dharshan to the Acharya, which is the fact. This
    could be understood from the silence and also on noticing the Maha Periyava patting
    on his cheeks immediately after getting the Darsan of the Goddess. Goddess Kamakshi
    resided in HIM. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

    Balasubramanian NR

  6. In the 7th Chapter of Sreemad Bhagavath Geetha titled JNAANA VIJNAANA YOGA there is a verse which reads = bahoonaam janmanaamanthe
    jnaanavaan maam prapadyathe/ vaasudeva: sarvamithi sa mahaathmaa sudurllabha:/ { verse 19 } What it says is = at the end of innumerable births, the man of realisation takes refuge in me, knowing that all this is Vasudeava. Such a Saint is exceedingly rare. What an apt description for our Periyavaa. It is as if Lord Krishna had forseen our periyava’s avathara.

  7. anantharaman viswanathan,adambakkam
    As professor told there is no necessity for Maha swamy to have darshan infact himself is the Goddess Kamatchi. He showed the world to have
    faith on supreme power to reform their minds to reach the life goal.

  8. Prof. V. Krishnamurthy, is the same great man who served in BITS, Pilani, I think. His blog will be very informative. He is blessed to have this divine scene and we all are fortunate to share his experience. The photograph of Maha Periyava doing Pooja is also extremely divinely. Truly blessed we are, thanks to the efforts of Prof. V.Krishnamurthy, Panchanathan Suresh and Mahesh. Thanks a lot. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara! Kamakshi and Maha Periyava are One and the Same!

  9. what you and i achieved by this darshan is great and therefore the question is not what he achieved. i think i was there in the crowd too!!!!!!n.ramaswami

  10. Really Prof. Krishnamurthy is a blessed soul to have the darshan of Sri Maha Periyaval and the deity kamakshi Devi. Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  11. aneha kodi namaskarams .. vazhikaiyil ovvoruvarum thereindhu kolla vendiya vishayam ennavendraal .. naam evvalavu osathiyaana idathil irundhallum unmayaana aathmaarthamaana kadavul bhakti irukkavendum .. idharkku bhagavath swaroopamaana mahaperiyavaley oru eduthukaattu ..

  12. I do not know Mahesh — Your few drop of tears everyday — No wonder every devotee like so much — you are one of those “Blessed” Soul — sometime I even feel jealous — Good on you.

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