Interactions of Shri Arun Sundaram with Mahaswamigal

Met with Shri Arun Sundaram and Smt Malathi at their residence in Cupertino, California. Arun is the son of Shri ‘Cooper’ Sundaram Mama whose family was incredibly blessed by Him during His 11 month stay at Satara in the early 1980s. His parents’ interactions with Him have been posted here several months back.

 The highlights of the present interview are:
— how Swamigal could foresee that Defence was not the career path for Arun
— Swamigal’s prowess at sign language
— Abhivathaye incident
— how Malathi was blessed by Him for writing Sri Ramajayam
— Malathi recalls how she was stunned by Jayendra Saraswati Swamigal’s awareness of what was in her mind
— Their wonderful devoted children who pray to Them daily and now sing Thotakashtakam for us!
Please show this to your children also for they will be inspired by Shivani’s Thotakashtakam and also Arun’s encouraging words from the Heart will motivate all of us how to pray to Him one on one with Love and Devotion. Unconditional Faith is what is keeping the Arun family in His shade.P.S. — This is first time I am interviewing someone. I have to say that Shri Shivaraman’s lovely interviews have inspired me to attempt it myself. Please do not hesitate and  feel absolutely free to give your feedback on this work and I will strive to learn and improve. Conicidentally, this happens to be my Pongal Release! :)))I place this humble work at His Lotus feet.


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  1. The interview was good but the interviewer was constantly talking and interrupting the conversation . I can understand the enthusiasm of the interviewer but kindly give space to the other person to talk fully without interrupting in between frequently .I very much appreciate the efforts taken to post the interviews of close devotees of Paramacharya and if the interruptions can be avoided it will be a lot more better .All the best in ur efforts .

  2. Panchanathan Suresh Sir,
    Any idea if I could have the email address for Shri Arun. It would be lovely to tell him in person, what an amazing video this was and how blessed he is.
    Incidentally I saw this on the auspices of Pongal 2015, a year after you posted this. Another coincidence. 🙂
    Thankyou for the video.
    Sujata Kothari

  3. Dear Sri Suresh – one request if you don’t mind. While interviewing please if you can reduce your portions of speaking or prompting I think it would be better. But still good interview. Thanks for doing this. Like someone else also noted earlier unconditional faith is what is needed for the next generation kids.

  4. I see that this has taken place in Cupertino. I wanted to know if there was any gathering or meeting of Mahaperiyava devotees in bay Area. An opportunity to absorb more of a Mahaan that ever walked this earth.

      • Dear all, this has reference to the enquiry by Priya on 24th Jan. I know that Bay Area Devotees of Kanchi Mutt meet frequently . These meetings are organised by Sri.V.lakshminarayanan. Recently on 12th Jan, mahaperiavaa’s 19th Aradhana function was held with the help of Chinmaya Mission sandeepany san Jose. . S.RamamoorthyIyer. patron Adambakkam sankara matam Chennai-88.

  5. Great service Sri suresh I was privileged to share my experience by way of an article in June 2011 .every day I am eagerly waiting for a new experience or video you are truly blessed by Maha periyaval pl continue and also organize a forum for youngsters in US to learn slokas,rudram ,chamakam,chanting gayathri etc specially for our Tamil boys and girls in the Software field employed in US.girls can sing Tirupavvai and Thiruvembavai and Thirupugaz. .The rich tradition of ours should be preserved ,let Maha peryaval take care of all of us.yeomen service .

    To day only your blog is the most visited one by many devotees of Kanchi math.

    • Thanks so much for your kind words Shri Karthikeyan and very glad that you enjoyed it. Mahesh is the brainchild of this blog! :)))

  6. Dear all…well. I am a member this group, from November 2012 onwards.. I should say this Blog is most enjoyable thanks a lot to Chi.P. Suresh for the initiative taken.. Chi.JagadesanIyer’s comments”Maha periaval of Kanchi and maha periaval of Sringeri are not different” really touches my heart and echo the sentiments of numerous devotees and need to be enshrined in golden letters. let us strive to follow the path shown by them and continuously seek their blessings.S.RamamoorthyIyer. Patron Adambakkam sankara matam Chennai.88.

  7. sri Sri sri Chandrasekhara Gurubyo Namaha ( Sringeri and Kanchi)

    Dear Sri.Subramanian Sir,

    Sastanga Namaskarams. Thanks for your message on 17th Jan2013. The saint of Sringeri I read that book already and I presented to Cardiologist in Apollo hospital in Hyderabad. when I went to Sringeri I searched for that book not available. Maha Periyaval of kanchi and Maha Periyaval of sringeri both are not different. One Parabrahman in two places and the divine play was performed by Divine mother. No Saint revealed the secrets how they established in Brhman. I could found the truth after reading Sri. Sri. Sri. Abinava Vidya Teertha Swamigal book. The blog followers should not misunderstood it is not a just book.

    The one beauty was the person who interviewed is “Sri Umesh( author of the book)” is Maha sannidanam takes him in the Nirvikalpa Samadhi along with him. There is pragmatic approach what he experienced the same shown to Sri Umesh also. Therefore no impression to make it is a purely book with his experiences.

    Incident one:
    Ex: Chapter : Exposure to Kundalini Yoga and Page no: 85 Sri maha sannnidanam holds hand of Sri Umesh and calls Ambal to show for him.

    In Ajna chakra what Sri Umesh( author of the book) saw the same was cross verified by Maha Sannidanam. This took less than 5 minutes. They emerge out from silence.Both they saw “Abya Mudra,varada Mudra,a book , skull ,a damaru and Rudraksha rosary:

    Incident two:
    chapter: Ascent of Kunalini and Descent of Nectar( pno 139) shows how water oozed our from his head.

    incident three: chapter: Intense Reflection and Focus on Brahman Pno 165

    “Here Achryal( Maha sannidanam) instructed me, let us both enter savikalpa samadhi”. Sri Umesh experiences same what Acharyal experienced.
    After reading all books took me @ 46 years now. The reason I present here, no one should not take my age to understand the Acharyas and they should attain in young age about great seers who is descending to this earth.

    In IT,if anyone learns one Language properly he can understand many with little effort. Even In vedanta says if we understand one Truth about Creation of Jagath and pancha boothas we can easily understand what is Brhaman capability. Similarly , if we understand one Sankaracharya of any peeta and rest we can map to all in same bliss in establishment of Brahman. No duality occurs for us. we all live in Advaita.

    Chandrasekhar Pahimam, Chandrasekhara Rakshamam,

    Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara.

    Jagadesan Iyyer
    10:53 AM AEST

  8. Hi suresh the interview video for some reason says no longer available. The second video of discourse is playing well


  9. Dear Chi.Panchanathan Suresh, well…Your” Pongal release” is superb. during the interview you were able to obtain valuable data for the benefit of the listeners from Sri. Arun Sundaram. thanks a lot. Incidentally are you stationed in Cupertino?. I was there recently with my son’s family in the North point complex. you are doing a great service. My request. Kindly refer to my earlier comment dated 15th Jan, wherein I mentioned about the Mylapore meet. Is it possible to make further studies about the comments made by the speaker(I think it is Sri. Balakrishnasasatrigal) about Mahaperiavaa and H.H.Abhinavavidhyatheertha Mahaswamigal?. I consider that further intensive study on the subject will bring very inspiring information for the devotees. S.RamamoorthyIyer. patron Adambakkam sankara Matam. chennai.88.

  10. many thanks Suresh Sir, nice interview. it was like talking to our own family members. very interesting how Mrs. Malathy’s questions were answered. 🙂

  11. Is the interviewer is Shri.P Suresh?
    Nice to hear for 1 Hr. We are blessed.

  12. Sri chandrasekhara Gurubyo Namaha( Kanchi and Sringeri)

    I am thankful to Sri .S . Ramamoorthy Sir. Aneka Sastanga Namaskaram.I wrote my comments also mention about Antenna in Brain asked by Maha Periyaval with Dr. Ramamoorthy( Guru of Sri Dr.Kalyana Raman sir).The answer i got from Sri Sri. Abinava vidya Teertha Swamigal only. I already mentioned the topic and page number.
    I present here the reason is devotees should not have any difference of feelings to Acharyas. Only the humbleness only gives spiritual growth.
    Your continuous thought with them sathsangam( living and those who departed souls). Even one person reads and apply thought towards to understanding the great seers our life has attained goal.
    Sri Abinava Vidya Teertha Maha swamigal came to Peetam ( May 22,1931) at the age of 8 years old.

    — Lord Shiva appeared and taught complete yoga for Maha Sannidanam on 05-12-1935( 12 years old)– Thurs day
    —Nirguna Dhyanam started on 06-12-1935 — Friday
    — Attainment of Savikalpa Samadhi on Brahman- 07-12-1935( Saturday)– 12 years old
    — Attainment of Nirvikalpa samadhi on 10-12-1935 Tuesday–12 years old
    — final realisation and establishment in Brahman 12 12 1935( Thurs day) –12 years old

    One of the interesting incident is Sri Abinava Vidya Teertha Maha swamigal when he could not emerge from Nirvikalpa Samadhi one day.

    Sri Chadrasekha Barathy swamigal ( His parama guru) said , last night ,however Lord made it clear to Me( Sri chandrasekhara Bharathy swamigal) your ( Sri Abinava Vidya Teertha Maha swamigal) samadhi had become so intense that you would not emerge from it on your own.Unless aroused from Samadhi,you would remain in it till Physical death.–(pna 198-199). Do not leave Me( sri chandrasekhara Bharathy swamigal) by entering irreversible Samdhi and discarding your human form( sri Abinava) There is so much to be done by You ( Sri Abinava) for Me( Sri chandrasekhar Bharthy swamigal) for others and for the Math.
    can you imagine what is the love towards his disciple of Sri Chandrasekhara Bharathy Swamigal towards Sri Abinava Vidya Teertha swamigal.
    we lived in such era where great Mahans lived and when you read only all this truth can understand and we develop unshakable faith towards our bhakthy and reverence to these peetas.

    If anyone interested please read the following books.

    Sri Chandrasekhara Bharathy swamigal : 1)Dialogues with the Guru
    2) The call of the Jagath Guru
    3) Sparks from a Divine Anvil

    Sri Abinava Vidya Teertha Maha swamigal
    1) Exalting elucidations
    2) Yoga ,Enlightenment and Perfection

    In youtube :(A Rare Discourse by Sri Sri Abhinava Vidyatirtha Mahaswamigal: Bhakthi Nammai Punitha makkam)

    If you are interested to listen Bhasya paatam( vedanta thru holy voice of Sri Sri Bharathy Swamigal of Present dont miss)

    url: there are 15 series of talks ,please dont miss)

    1) Eligibility for the study of Vedanta.2) Six qualities of an aspirant of Vedanta.3)The qualities of a Shishya (Disciple).4)Vedanta 4/15: Attitude of a Sincere Seeker 5) The essence of Advaita and understanding Creation. etc
    I downloaded both in to my ipad and iphone and while going office and travelling in trams I listen to this.

    above books helped me to consolidate my meditation and i could understand the Six chakras and nadis in the body how they emerge in different colors.

    with humble regards to Maha periyaval of both peetas.

    jaya sankara Hara hara sankara

    jagadesan iyer
    11:04 pm AEST

  13. “vaadyaar” daan karmaanushthaanam pannanumo?

    • Dear Jagadesan sir,

      Thanks for your nice information on Acharyals of Sringeri. You could add one more great work on Sri Sri Chandrashekara Bharathi Mahaswamigal which is the Book ‘Saint of Sringeri’. An extraordinary book on the Mahaswamigal written by Sri Jnananda Bharthi Swamigal (Poorvashrama Shri Krishnaswami Iyer of Tirunelveli). This book was indeed referred by our Mahaperiyaval to Shri. Ra. Ganaptahy Sir, who after reading it become a great devotee of Sri Sri Chandrashekara Bharathi Mahaswamigal. Many of our blog readers may have known this information. But I just wanted to share it for readers who may not know this.

  14. Thanks a ton Suresh for the nice interview. you have scored century in the debu.

    • Your words are like கற்கண்டு for me Lalitha.

      • Dear chi.Suresh, well…This is in regard to the motivational message of Sri. JegadeesanIyer.I am right now having pages 144 and 145 of the book by mahaswamigal befrore me. IN this connection I am also reminded of the meeting held in Mylapore to pay respects to H.H.Sri. Abhinava Vidyatheertha Mahaswamigal(immediately after his Mahasamadhi) presided over by C.Subrahmaniam (former Tamil nadu and Central minister). In that meeting one of the speakers spoke very highly of Mahawamigal’s attainments in Yogasastra and once Kanchi Mahaperiavaa told him that he( Mahaperiavaa) was thinking about the posibilities of deputing Sri Jayendraswamigal to Sringeri mahaswamigal for taking lessons from him.This incident shows the greatness of both the Mahaswamigals. S.Ramamoorthy Iyer. patron Adambakkam sankara matam

  15. If one has an unconditional faith in Thotakashtakam and chant daily, one certainly will be
    blessed and this is an example. Thank you Mr Suresh for posting this very valuable information
    on the occasion of Pongal and we are very much delighted.

    Balasubramanian NR

  16. Very nice! Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara

  17. In this interview he mentioned there is a rain when periyaval kept dandam while performing kumbavishekham. when some auspicious or when paramatman comes down to earth this phenomenon occurs. if anyone wanted to know I would like to mention here. His Holiness Jagathguru sri. Abinava vidya Teertha Maha sannidanam( Swmigal of sringeri) ‘s book Title: YOGA , ENLIGHTENMENT and PERFECTION.
    Chapter name: “From Divine forms to the Formless Realiaty” Pno :145.
    What is the occasion: ( when Lord Shiva appeared )
    Acharyal( Sri Abniva ): Tears of Joy flowed from My Eyes and My hais stood on end. The Lord’s lips moved and I heard HIS very sweet voice .His words were:
    “( O, Child, from tomorrow, fix your mind on the formless, Supreme Reality here. You will soon become established in the Brahman).
    The Siva blessed Me( Sri Abivana vidya Teertha Maha swamigal) by placing His Hand on MY head. Having done so, HE disappeared.
    No sooner had HE vanished than there was a drizzle.The sky was very clear when I sat for meditation. Even when the sun set, clouds were not apparent.The sun having been quite visible when it rained there, to Me it appeared that the Lord was blessing ME with a light bath in the Ganga.
    This type of rain comes in the presence of SUN is called GangaSnam and one should not miss. Immediately have bath on that .

    In 1975 , when Achrayl was taking walk in the fields of Narasimhavana, it started to drizzle. Achryal broke into a smile has been said that getting wet in rain that falls when the sun can be seen is like bathing in the holy Ganga.

    All Mahans will experience direct contact with Lord but their Gurus play a vital role in showing the path to them.

    when they are in small age when they come to peetam , divine mother herself reveals all invoking kundalini and they get Nava SIddis( Ahima, mahima, garima, eswitha,vashistwa,prakamya, ichan siddis ettc) but they never perform until there is universal benefit.

    For example Lord Shiva himself appeared taught yoga to Sri Abinava Vidya Teertha Maha swamigal att the age of 10 by 15 he got all powers.
    If you read any one of the book you can easily map and understand how other saints might have got the Brhaman experience.

    Maha periyaval shown way to Sri Jayendra Periyaval to Vijeyndra Periyaval.( they already in absolute bliss).
    Maha sannidanam( Sri Chandrasekhara Bharathi swmigal) way to Sri Abinava Vidya Teertha Swamigal to present Sri Bharthy swamigal.

    Please read many good books about this peetas and elevate your self.

    Maha Periyaval said to Paul Brunton: “Be humble and then you shall find what you seek.”

    Maha Periyaval Satyam,
    Maha Periyaval Satyam,
    Maha Periyaval Satyam,

    Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara

    -Respect your parents and take care them.
    -Perform nitya Anustanam without fail.
    -Live in Simple life and do Bikshavandanam to Seers.
    -Dont miss this life what God Ordained to live and elevate your self .

    wih humble regards to my Achryas.
    Jagadesan iyer
    Oracle Corp Melbourne
    7:36 AM AEST

    • Dear Shri Jagadesan, glad that you enjoyed this interview. The extensive notes from His Holiness Jagathguru Shri Abhinava Vidya Teertha Maha Sannidanam’s book on what constitutes a Ganga Snanam is amazing. Again, thanks a ton for the words of appreciation! Shankara.

    • Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara, It was so heartwarming to read the 4 tenets you mention about how to lead an ideal life. I will always bear in mind and follow. Pongal Nalvaizthakal ungalakum. (2015).

  18. Thondar seer paruvaar adi potri.

  19. Very nice. I have experienced myself so many occasions just the guru bhakti and submission to HIM without any question, has given me such wonderful life. Initially it was belief….later developed in to such great faith that nothing worries. I know HE is there to carry me when I am in trouble to even float. Guru Bhakti is something which one has to experience. It doesn’t happen naturally to the current generation. Because of the english education and in the garb of being logical, we are only asking questions and we expect quick fix magics to happen. Total surrender means we are not there. Only HE is there. Then there is nothing. Poornamatha…poornamitham poornath.

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