Experience with Mahaperiyava – Shri Ramanathan chettiar

Shri Ramanathan chettiar(78 years) is a staunch devotee of Mahaperiyava.  He used to travel to Kanchipuram on every thursday to have the darshan of Mahaperiyava and soon started to visit mutt everyday.

In this interview he recalls the details of first ‘Anusham’ celebration by Pradosham mama along with several of his personal experiences.

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  1. I had no chance to meet Maha Periyaval nor had opportunity to hear abt him much. Whatever I have known is from i that 10 minute peeches by Swaminathan on zee tamil channel every morning at 6.30. I feel unlucky not to hav chance to meet this truly great Saint. Have missed him. Now have his picture and pray before him. I wish to do sashtanga namaskaram at his feet bcos he was a true saint unlike present lot roaming in cars n planes. I seek his blessings. I wonder whether we wil hav another such a truly great saint. Namaskaram to periaval.

  2. To watch these videos and listen to great devotees is pure Bliss..no words to thank the devotees to have shared their experiences and people who have taken efforts to take and upload these videos.I have great love for Great Saints of India and have a face book page called GREAT SAINTS OF INDIA.
    Kindly check the following link:

  3. Because of the immense blessings from Mahaperiyava myself also is also in the Ganga Pravakam of Mahaperiyava. If I am blessed with Shri Sivan Sir Picture for my Pooja room I will be !!!!! m.gurunathan

  4. Even i am interested in seeing MrRamanathan Chettiar. Pl let us know address and contact number. Avar dan ivar enna periva solla vandhel.

  5. I would like to post my divine experience with MAHA PERIYAVAR. How to should I proceed?

  6. Sarveshwara. I was not myself when I watched this interview. Shri Karthikeyan, can I please have Shri Chettiar’s phone contact details? Thanks so much.

    • Periava is Karunasamudram .Sri chettiar is blessed to have a holy dip in that karunaikkadal.In purva janma he must have been a nayanmar.
      periava is everything for us .Pl let us know his address . We are extremely thankfull to the devotees who make it possible for us to watch such interviews.mayI have their names Pl

    • Sent the contact number to your email. Thanks

  7. As we are all aware “Periyava ” is Avatara Purushar of ” Adi Sankara “, my little brain says the blessed Shri. Ramanathan Chettiar may be one of the then followers of ” Adi Sankara “. in his ‘ poorva janmam’.
    Jaya Jaya Sankara ! Hara Hara Sankara !

  8. Antha Brahmananai varachollu?Mahaperiyava is God ..He knows His True Devotee..Ramanathan Chettiar&his wife,children,are privileged souls.

  9. Aarunnai pol aadharippavar Arumukatharase?

  10. Ooooo. I forgot to mention one thing. Twice I closed this link as I do not have the patience to go through lengthy interviews, as I am more of a reader than a watcher. But both the times it kept coming back, almost insisting I must watch it! That way, I consider myself too Blessed to a little extent! Thank you Sri Mahaaperiyavaa, ennoda continued existence after 2009 — it is your pichchai!

  11. Does anyone need anyother proof that Mahaperyava is Parameswaran Himself? Avarthan Ivar!

  12. “AVARTAAN IVAR”-aana Sri Chettiar avargalukku Srirangam Umameshwara Swaminathan Sarma aneka Namaskaram. Aahaa! What a Blessed Couple!

  13. ramanathan chettiar is a nice and pleasant person very humble and i know he visits regularly periava. in fact it was at ll pm that he was with periava in hydrabad once!!!!!n.ramaswami

  14. I was in tears throughout the interview… Still I am curious to know AVAR DHAN IVAR? I sincerely pray PERIVA that HE should come in dream of Mr & Mrs Chettiar and reveal the meaning this quote…

  15. avar than ivar –voice of divine –rama rama rama

  16. if I can get the address of SRI RAMANATHAN CHETTIAR KINDLY POST ME AS I AM INTERSTED TO MEET HIM. He is such a great devotee of SRI SRI MAHA PERIYAVAL.

    • Contact information has been mailed to you. Thanks

      • Many thanks for posting such a great interview. My namaskarams to all those who are involved in this. Pls let us know sri chettiar’s contact details. Very keen to meet him and offer my namaskarams to such holy couple

  17. Extremely divine experiences by this Blessed Couple! Our Namaskarams to these divinely blessed persons! On this auspicious Pongal Day, may our Maha Periyava bless us all! He is Sivasvaroopam Himself! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

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