Experience with Mahaperiyava – Shri Jayaraman

Shri Jayaraman(aged 83 years) has interacted with Mahaperiyava closely from as early as 1940s. He is also one of the very few fortunate souls among us today who has met Ramana Maharshi.


  • T.S.Balakrishna Sastrigal incident
  • Mosque and mutt. Can they coexist? – Mahaperiyava’s view
  • மடி சமையல்
  • “மாங்காடு  to காஞ்சி புரம்” குகை
  • அஸ்வமேத யாகம்

(Note: Kindly use an earphone while watching the video, if the audio clarity is not good )

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  1. Sir I met you today with my wife and got blessings on my wedding silver jubilee Anniversary.. Though I am at Adayar for more than 18 years I have not met you.. I got an opportunity today to meet you and got your blessings ..Mahaperiyava made it ..

    As You said I have seen your blog and the blissful experiences of you with Mahaperiyava.. Mahaperiyava Saranam..

    Radhe Krishna!!


    • Will you or Karthikeyan provide me the e mail or ph. no. of C.V.JAYARAMAN who worked in Burmah-Shell along with me pl’s Of course C.V.J is no more I think; so pl. give me his son’s address/ph. no. e mail id whichever is available pl.

  2. Dear Chi.Karthikeyan, well… thanks a lot for the brilliant work done by you. very interesting episodes as narrated by sri. Jayaraman Mama. Regarding Puducode Sri. Ramakrishnan’s ( Managing Director of Vadhyar Boats) meeting with Mahaperiavaa I have to add my comments..Sri. Ramakrishnan was a very pious and intense devotee of Mahaperiavaa. He was totally involved in activities for promoting vedic studies and in sustaining vaideega way of life.He constituted a committee with Dr. B.Ramamoorthy(famous nuero surgeon)as chairman for working out action plans. I attended a few meetings of this commtitee. This happened about three decades ago. I only wish that we need persons like sri. Ramakrishnan to carry forward the path as shown by Mahaperiavaa. S.RamamoorthyIyer. Patron Adambakkam Sankara matam. Chennai.88.

  3. Sir,
    Kowtha lalitha Manohar ( Swarajya press at Padamanabha Nagar near Skandagiri temple Hyderabad) staunch devotee of Maha periyaval and he speaks fluently Tamil. He gave interview in ‘Nadiche Devudu” book on Paramacharyal by Sri Neelam Raju Venkata Seshaih. if anyone could publish his interview would be highly appreciable.

    In the same place, Sankara Narayanan( retd Divsion engineer in Railways) and he is Srividya upsanar and Maha periyaval blessed him lot. he is also staying near skandagiri Temple and he is one of authentic person on Sri Vidya upsana.

    only a request from my end.

    Jaya jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara.

    Jagadesan iyyer

  4. A humble request. Please switch off the fan while making these videos . As many said, we could not get proper audio due to those sounds. Please consider. hara hara sankara jaya jaya sankara.

  5. My name is Rajagopal Subramanian and I worked in Burmah-Shell from 1st Oct. 1952 till 31st Dec. 1990.
    If this person Jayaraman is C.V.Jayaraman who worked in the Credit Dept. of B-S and one R. Narayanaswamy was his head clerk – no more – and his Credit Mgr. was one Mr. R. Srinivasan from Ramanathapuram dt. and he was residing in Appa Kannu Mudali St., Royapettah. He has also referred to MLJ PRESS headed by Narayaswamy and his son Ramarathinam. I worked as a proof reader in MLJ Press before joining B-S for one year in 1948/49 and I know this Narayanaswamy Iyer and his son Ramarathinam very well. In fact K.V. Jagannathan, KE VA JA T. Janakiraman, and many others were running the monthly magazines like Kalaimagal, Manjari and one chilren’s magazine. My DOB 0.12.1932 AND I am now 80+ living in the evening of my life with my wife, children and grand children in the land of prosperity i.e. USA – one son in Arizona and the other in California and my wife and self are green card holders. I know this C.V.Jayaraman very well. If some one can give me his ph. no. land line or cell or his e mail id or his postal address, I would love to conact him and talk to him. They all know me as Dt. Sales Representative and worked in the same Cr. dept. for one year and they all call me RS DSR MADRAS DIVISION. Asirwathams to youngters and namaskarams to elders.

  6. Sri.Sri Sri Chandrasekhara gurubyonamaha( Kanchi and Sringeri)

    Excellent interview from Sri Jayaraman mama. Very blessed soul.Every interview with Maha Periyaval is not comparable and very unique. Those who are following they easily understand all interviews are not same and has very uniqueness. The questions are all most same but the content is totally different for each individual.As per Bhagavath Gita,

    catur-vidha bhajante mam
    janah sukritino ‘rjuna
    arto jijnasur artharthi
    jnani ca bharatarsabha

    The ārta : A person of vital-emotional and affective nature who seeks refuge from the sorrow and suffering experienced in the world.(“God, please save me from my troubles.”)
    The arthārthī : A person of practical and dynamic nature who approaches the Divine as the giver of good in the world, who sees God as a means to fulfill his/her worldly ambitions. Politicians, businessmen, military personnel fall into this category.
    The jijñāsu : A person of intellectual nature who comes to the Divine with the desire for knowledge. This category includes the philosophers who seek to understand the phenomenal world.
    The jñānī : The man of wisdom who combines Bhakti (devotion) and Jnana (knowledge) in order to attain complete unity with the Divine.

    we can see all those interviews in this web site. we all know kuchela story went to Sri Krishna to seek money ( Sri Krishna is very rich and staying in Dwaraka) but our Paramacharya ( living in poor and in Kanchi) helped to his friend who came to see him.

    In Lalitha Sasranama says: Divine mother is Karuna, Daya etc ( Avyjya Karuna moorhty… Ajnantha deepika,Mahaneeya daya moorthy maha samrjy shalini..) Peiryaval is ambal ( karuna and daya as attributes) and we all pray sincerely and do our nitya karmas without fail and we take care and respect our parents.
    this is holy web site and all Hindhus we follow our dhrama where ever we are. All brahmin those who come to this site and listen to interviews , please perform nitya anustanam and bring universal benefit.

    Brhama Satyam, Jagth Mitya Jeevo brahma na paraha
    Maha periryaval satyam, Maha Periyaval satyam, Maha Periyaval Satyam.


    Sir, I have a small req: Mettur Sasrtigal taught vedas to Sri mettur swamigal and also Sri Jayendra Periyaval. when we can expect this interview of sri. Mettur Sastrigal. Appreciated your reply in this.

    with humble regards,
    Jagadesan iyyer
    10:58 am AEST

  7. Like Mr. Karthikeyan mentioned, people who find it difficult to hear the interview without much noise, can use headphones.

  8. It was an excellent interview by Mr. Jayaraman about his experience with Sri Mahaperiyaval. Though a little bit audio noise was there, it was quite an interesting one to hear in full. His joke that Sri Mahaperiyaval knows everything, but still question about the veracity of the incidents made be to smile about Sri Periyaval’s nature. Awaiting more videos from different people about their interactions with Periyaval. Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  9. its a pity that such valuable accounts of devotee experiences with mahaperiyava are often marred by extremely noisy audios. This particular talk by Shri Jayaraman iteself is audible enough, but the excessive background noises make for an extremely unpleasant and painful hearing. Can’t these tapings be done in a more quieter surroundings, or is there absolutely no choice in this matter? Pity!

  10. mahaperiyava thiruvadi saranam. periyava oru peria theerkatharisi

  11. HayamEva samarchithA!

  12. even when an advertisement intrudes cancel that advt. and continue the video you will find wonderful audio. n.ramaswami

  13. no proper audio

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