Experience with Mahaperiyava – Thamarapakkam shri Thiagarajan

Thamarapakkam Shri Thiagarajan was one of the fortunate few like Balu mama, Brahmasri Vedapuri mama, Srikantan mama, Kannan mama, Samaveda Chandramouli mama and Shri Kumaresan. He has lived and travelled with Mahaperiyava extensively. We too are extremely fortunate to hear from him about Mahaperiyava.

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  1. Sri Sri Sri Mahaperiyaval of Kanchi and Sringeri Gurubyo Namaha

    This interview is very highlight and with a single word he said Maha Periyaval Brahman( Living in Absolute Bliss). we can not identify these great saints unless we are in such path of Atma Vichara (searching for the Truth or Atma Gyna). There is a saying :

    Like the foot prints of birds in the sky and of fishes in the water , the course of the knowers of the TRUTH can not be discerned,Our Maha Periyaval was the foremost of such knowers of Truth. Having embraced to Sanyasa at a young age like Bhagavathpada, He was a Stranger to passion, what He has conversant with was Moksha( liberation).

    In Bruhadarynaka Upanishad says, one should not think of many words, for that is particularly fatiguing to the organ of speech. Maha periyaval lived in such Kaasta Mounam also.
    So , it is better remain silent than to waste time in idle speech. By keeping silent, we would at least not be taxing the organ of speech.
    Advaita has to be in the experience. The Bhagavathpada says in Satasloki,
    ” when we get up from a seated position and going somewhere’, In the big ocean- The Atman- a wave has risen. That wave is moving forward. This is the supposition. There is no difference between the wave and ocean, Yet, because one walks ( thus moves forward like a wave), one should think one self as the wave.
    even you talk to someone- repeat this in the mind.

    do not just asleep, when lying down, contemplate “I am now immersed in an ocean of bliss” and with this feeling , begin to sleep. It is very good.Who ever wants can test the difference between simply lying down and going to sleep and sleeping after voluntarily eradicating all thoughts from the mind while lying down, generating feeling of bliss and retaining it for some minutes til sleep overtakes one.The great joy that this approach to sleep yields becomes apparent once it is experienced for a few days.

    Let us pray we all get the grace of those virtues.

    I have to go for my evening anustana,


    with humble Namaskarams,

    Jagadesan iyer
    7:53 AEST

  2. periava saranam

  3. sambho mahadeva. periava has conducted so many marriages!!!!! Indu (Induvasan) now at manimantapam would give wonderful incidents including the one when pudu periava came from Hubli to Dharwad and went straight to Periava for sashtanga namaskaram since he is the one who was with periava for long along with Sethuraman etc. n.ramaswami

  4. I am much much blessed to hear this video on SRI SRI SRI MAHAPERIYAVL.

  5. Sri Thamaraippaakkam Thiyagarajan is a Blessed Soul. His exposition of Brahmam and Maha Periyava being one and the same is so simple and profound at the same time! It is great that such close attendants feature in this series of videos Highly authentic. Sri. Sivaraman deserves all appreciation for his efforts. I think Sri. Balu has written many accounts about Maha Periyava. Could his interview appear here?

  6. The audio quality is to be improved much for the future editions at least. Thiyagaraja is a blessed person.

  7. Very touching Boat Miracle..

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