Experience with Mahaperiyava – Dr Kalyanaraman

Dr.Kalyanaraman was the first person in India to do Ph.D on Neuro surgery. He shares some of the rarest moments of his life with Mahaperiyava.


  • Adi Acharya’s ivory paadhukai
  • Mahaperiyava’s concern for common man
  • Who should do prayaschitham
  • Grahana Snaanam

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  1. Darshan of Adi Acharyal’s Divya Paduka which finds mention in the above interview can be had here – http://www.kamakoti.org/kamakoti/news/Vyaspuja/data/images/img_0869.jpg

  2. I could still remember His Poojas and the Archana for Lord Chandra mouleeswara ( every Bilva dala was vividly selected with utmost care and devotion by the devtees with Chant of Rudra Trisati for the evening Pooja by the scholars.The submission of Daily Accounts in the Evening before the Guru Paduka/ The Bringi natana Lord shiva tandava played on mukhaveena (an old small instrument like Nadaswara acccompanied with Conch, Damaru are all still moving like a virtual picture before me when ever I recollect of Mahaswami. I am not closely associated with Mutt , as an Adorer Of Mahaswami I use to visit when ever His thought comes before my mind. I can quote a few memorable incidents.Do I need permission to share my experiences?


  3. Great deed indeed we are fortunate enough to share, read, digest and experience and further go deeper into every thought that has been expressed by Mahaperiyava’s Devotees.

  4. In continuation to the above the Ratna giri sadas right url http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dnlu7qZdTZ8.


  5. Sri Sri Sri. Chandrasekhara (Kanchi and Sringeri) gurubyonamaha

    Ananthakoti Namaskarams to devotees of Mahaperiyaval.

    Great fortune to listen sri. KalyanaRaman interview on Mahaperiyaval. I already experienced his interview on Ratnagiri Sadas place.(Sri Rathnagiriswarar Temple Sadas – Dr. S Kalyanaraman
    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2372490251419372731&hl=en#docid=1663573590076308621).Dr.Sir, bhakthi and his reverence such a high qualified person( humble and down to earth) immeasurable. He constantly shedding his tears when he delivers each word on Maha Periyaval. I have not seen Maha periyaval but I live literally with HH. This interviews of each devotee expressION, is the real breath for us. we heard Bhakthy in nine forms but I am seeing Maha Periyaval devotees such as Dr. Kalynarama mama and Dr. Badrinath how Bhagawan made them such lofty bhakthy and very fortune to see and touch H.H. This web site interviews are my day to day oxygen(biksha) for my life.I get so many questions and those questions are answered by Maha periyaval in the interviews which are published here.
    Sir, I have a question. In the same series of interviews one of the interview by sri Venkatraman’s experience( CV Raman) (October 18, 2012 by Karthikeyan ). Sri VenkataRaman mentions that Dr. Ramamurthy( guru of Dr.KalyanaRaman in the Neuro) when he met Maha Periyaval and H.H asked a question to Dr. Ramamurthy, there is antenna type in the brain ,you people found anything , Dr. Ramamurthy says , Still is in research phase going on that Antenna ( screen). This question was in my mind and I thought what would be the mapping ( physcial antenna) in the divine sense.when I am going through the books of Sri Sri Sri. Abinava Vidya Teertha swamigal of Maha Sannidanam of Sringeri(Yoga and Enlightenment and perfection) Pno 137( Ascent of the kundalini and Descent of Nectar). Maha Sannidanam says “The Mother is meditated upon the six cakras-Muladhara, Svadhistana,manipura,anahata,visudda ,Ajna and Sahasrara. The sahasrara is the top most of the these centers with in that lotus of head, mother you seated there with both your hands pouring nectar). That lotus is nothing but the Antenna. I dont know how much I am confident but after reading this books and many I came to concusion what Maha periyaval asked Dr. Ramamurthy.Our Bhakthy towards to Maha periyaval and associating sathsangam of periyaval devotees without seeing any discrepancies within Gurus all can achieve anything in the divine plane.

    Sir, I would like to request here, not a command from my end those who are doing sincerely this interviews.

    1) Please attach the micro mike to devotees near to their shirt collar, some times this is missing( Dr.Kalyanaraman second part is missing and Dr.Badrinath interview also not there. Really i want to listen his words but unfortunately nothing i could hear)

    2) The interviewing person sound is high compare to interviewed person( we are very keen to listen each word about Maha periryaval)

    3) kindly link with previous interviews or go through any inter link between them ( this clarifies if one person dont have answer for that maha periyaval would have told some other place)

    4) please publish Satanoor krishnamoorthy pic( In Ramadurai interview)

    when Maha periyaval was camping at Karveti nagar in AP, my mother send Nel Pori through my periyamma. Periyaval gave to my periyamma, the chandra meru bimbam to her.we got after 20 years in our house. How maha periyaval blesses, the person who send Nel pori, she got finally after 20 years back.
    when my mother was child( 1930’s) maha periyaval perrformed at Cellur (my father from Kuthanoor and my mother from Cellur near kumbakonam) chandra mouliswara puja in my mother house in Karthika masam. my mother still remembers. now my father is close to 90 and my mother is 80.My mother looks like Amabal and even she does every month anusham . My mother ‘s life was extended by Maha periyaval(Kamakshi) when she had cerivical cancer and heart blocks. All the grace of HH.

    My profound namaskarams to Maha periyaval devotees who are living his name as breath in every day.

    Jagadesan iyer
    Melbourne( 11:15 am AEST)
    Oracle Corp.

  6. I need a help. I understand Tamil to most extent. But I would be greatful to anyone who can transcribe the series of ‘EXPERIENCES WITH PERIAVA’ videos. Thank you.

  7. This is one of the most outstanding interviews on the Nadamadum Deivam. The fact that a learned and accomplished neuro- surgeon should vouch for the fact that Periyavaa was indeed God and narrates specific examples to illustrate that, reinforces the beliefs of millions of ordinary bakthas.

  8. It is a great moment to listen about his experience with Maha Periyava.
    Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

    Balasubramanian NR

  9. Pl forward all new posts on Sri Mahaperiyava

    Manakkal Narayanan Balasubramaniam
    Son of Sri Manakkal Narayana Sastrigal
    Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam Mudradhikari

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