Experience with Mahaperiyava – Dr Ravichandran

Dr Ravichandran is a relative of pollachi Jaya paati. He recalls the incredible recovery of  his only daughter from ‘cavernous hemangioma’ . His family accepted all their hardships as ‘Law of Karma’ and surrendered to Mahaperiyava completely. Their devotion and attitude towards life will be an eye opener for most of us.

முப்பதுஞ்சென் றால்விடியும் முப்பதுசென் றாலிருளும் அப்படியே ஏதும் அறிநெஞ்சே – எப்பொழுதும் ஆங்காலம் எவ்வினையும் ஆகும் அதுதொலைந்து போங்காலம் எவ்வினையும் போம். -சிவபோக சாரம்

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  1. DR.Ravi we must see vedio KNR SANTHA KOWSALYA

  2. Not sure why the audio of this is not available. Can someone please help! I would like to listen to the experience.

  3. I recall an incident in 1975.When I was working with Mr.N.Mahalingam,there was a brilliant Engineer Ramkumar who erected the entire Sakthi Sugars and other Engg., units.He had a daughter who was never growing for her age.Worried,he consulted several Doctors and they diagnosed a hole in her heart.They also told him the only place where the operation can be done is in Vellore.
    He was not a firm believer of anyone ,leave alone,Mahaperiyava,at that time.
    He went to Vellore with his daughter and the Doctors ,after examination told him
    “It is a difficult operation..Chances of survival are remote.We can take chances if you sign all necessary documents incase of our failure.”
    He didnt take any decision but being a worried man,discussed this with me when I was in Chennai.
    I told him to go to Kalavai where Mahaperiyava is staying and seek His blessings and take a bold step..Nothing will happen to her.
    Ramkumar went for the first time in his life to Mahapeiyavaa..He being God incornate was so sympathetic &enquired about everything,the doctors who will do the operation and age of the girl and blessed the girl with Kumkum” from His own Hands and told Ramkumar
    “you seem to be a Karma yogi..You know nothing but work work Nothing but work.For you Kamakshi Kadaksham
    will be always there.Dont worry.Leave everything to Her..Go with Full Faith since you have not
    done anything wrong to anyone even in your dreams.”
    Ramkumar was visibly moved for the first time in his life and went st to Vellore and signed all the papers.
    The operation was a great success and after she recoverd he took her again to Mahaperiyavaa who again blessed her.
    She is living happily thereafter and Ramkumar used to narrate this to eveyone who is near and far..
    Nadamadum Deivam!

  4. Dear all, Thank you very much for your great comments. We just wanted to share our little experience with Maha Periyava. Each and everything happening in our life is by Him. He has given me more than what I deserve (yogyathai) and we are in complete surrender for that. He gives us message through each interview. Let us all dedicate our lives to Him. Dr. Ravi

  5. A similar medical miracle was also experienced by one of our family friends where their daughterinlaw had conceived in abdomen instead of womb nearly 35 years before.Doctors ruled that either the child or only the mother could be saved.The family being very ardent devotees of Mahaperiyava rushed to seek his blessings who just dismissed them that everything would be alright.Till this date the boy and his mother are alive

  6. Very near to our town (Perumbavoor-Kerala-683542-Our Nearest railway station is Alwaye) there is a village by name Thottuva, A famous Danvanthari temple is there ,the blessings of the Bhagavan is experienced by every one who visit the temple.Now i saw the power of Thotuva Dhanvanthari through our Maha SWamigal of Kanchi Kama KOti peetam.My very humble request to Sri Dr Ravi Chandran,and all members of his family once visit this temple and experience the blessings in person.By the side of this temple,there is a Vaikal with plenty of water flowing throgh out the year.-This is a tributary of River Periyar(Poorna) flowing on the banks of Adi Sankaras Birth place Kalady .Kalady is also hardly 6 or 7 kilometers from this place Thottuva. I am ready to do every possible help from my side to Dr.Ravichandran and family. My name is T.S.MuraliKrishnan,7/612,Sri Rama Jayam,Mill Road,(Very Near to Sri Rama Bhajana Madam )..perumbavoor-683542. Phone 0484-2593797,Cell-09847690189.

    • Dear Mr.Muralikrishnan, thanks for your message and offer to visit your place. We are in Malaysia now. Sure we would like to visit your place some time. Will contact you soon. Thanks once again. May God bless you and your family. Each interview gives some message to every one. May MahaPeriyava’s Blessings be on every one of us. Dr.Ravi

  7. Periva innikum sookshma roopama iruka.. complete surrender is the only thing we can do. Perivaa is god . To have seen him , been with him or even to have heard about him is a blessing,. Madhu akka is one of the living examples of perivAaal’s blessings. Really great

  8. Incredible devotion and incredible karunyam. According to me, among the recorded miracles of mahaperiyavaa, this certainly is the best.

  9. Thaiyir Sirandha Dhayavana Thathuvane

  10. This is one of the greatest Miracles of Mahaperiyava,as He has cured the incurable,that too a daughter of a Dr,who knows the difficulty of the cure.I am sure oneday Haravard wd take this as a case study too.May Him bless everyone of us.I dont have words to describe that Picture on the wall done by Mrs.Ravi using cross stitch,which is so real.

  11. I live in Thane, Maharashtra. I would like to know the other devotees of Maha Periyavaa in and around Thane so that I can start attending Anusham Poojas.

  12. The bhakti of all the family members is unbelievable…

  13. very moving and unbelievable. hats off to the whole family for their patience and bhakthi. HARA HARA SHANKARA JAYA JAYA SHANKARA

  14. What a blessed family. Madhu, by the way, is my good friend and she is a devotee in Sage of Kanchi group in Facebook.


  1. Must-see video…..Dr Ravichandran « Sage of Kanchi

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