“Did Rasu Vadhyar perform the morning sandhi ?”

I would also like to share a similar experience when i went to see Mahaperiyava when he was in Gulbarga. I had gone with my chittappa and chitti and chittapa;s son who was 6 years. My grand father and his brother were vadhyars and belonged to Ramanathapuram Palghat and were known as Subramania and Rasu Vadhyar and both of them had been conferred the title of Dharmagya . They were quite close to Mahaperiava.

Mahaperiava was in Chathurmasyam and was housed in a hut and he was maintaining silence and not talking to anyone. My uncle and his son started reciting the favourite stanzas of Chamakam and within 3 or 4 minutes he opened the door and was listening to this. He asked his assistant to find out the particulars of this person chanting to which my uncle replied that we were from Palaghat and son of Subramania Vadhyar of Ramanathapuram. Immediately he signalled my uncle to come closer

And then asked him how Subramania and Rasu Vadhyar were to which my uncle replied Rasu Vadhyar passed away a few months back and Subramania Vadhyar was keeping fine. The next Question which Mahaperiava asked , stunned me ” Did Rasu Vadhyar perform the morning sandhi ?” My uncle said he performed the morning sandhi but by the time madhyanikam came he met his end. Then i realised how important was Sandhyavandanam in our lifes . Since that day I have been doing it regularly.


Importance of ‘Trikala’ Sandhya Vandanam — narrated by Shri Venkatasubramanian Lakshmanan in Varagur Venkateshwara Perumal group in Facebook. Let us try to follow His teachings. Even if we are unable to do the Trikala Sandhyas in the respective time frames, let us do all the three anyway at the times convenient for us, as reciting all the mantras are very important.  By doing Praatha at 5.30 am, Madhyanikam at say 8 am and Saayam after we return home from office.  Let us not worry about the doshams that may be incurred by doing them at inappropriate times, the punyams of reciting the mantras will far outweigh the doshams, if  at all there is a dosham. Blind faith in His words is what is required.

Important: Let us not, please, discuss anything negatively here at all; let us show it in action and  start doing the Trikala Sandhyas with 100% sincerity, love and bhakti. This is what is needed. Sarveshwara.

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  1. nice swami

  2. Dear Mahesh,

    Some time back I remember you conducted a simple survey on how many of us do Sandhyavandhanam with the help of your friend. On that particular day, I felt extremely guilty and bad about me for not performing it regularly. From the time of my Upanayanam I was doing Sandhi for about 15 long years consistently. Due to habitual late coming from office in the late evening due on official pressure, I slowly started finding excuses for not performing thrikaala sandhi. Then it became one time a day (Pratha Sandhya) sympathesing myself on my inability. The announcement on your survey was like hitting a nail on my forehead. Suddenly there was an awakening and realisation that I have so much departed from my nithya karmaanushtaanams as a Brahmin.

    Thank you so much for being instrumental in enlightening me at the right time.

    Am back on my track from the temporary derailment. Otherwise not able to imagine, how big a sinner I would have been; my mind is so much peaceful nowadays.

  3. Dear all, kindly refer to my comments of 12 Nov. I also agree with Sri.J Subramanian’s view. In this connection, I also invite reference to the deliberations held during the Vaideega dharma conference under the presidentship of SRI SRI Krishnapremi Swamigal in the year 2003 in Mylapore.The concluding session of the meeting was also attended by Bala Periava of Kanchi matam. It will be helpful if we are able to get a copy of the proceedings of this conference.Regarding Vaidyanadhadeekshiteeyam, I understand that new publication of the old manuscript has been done by Kanchi matam recently. Thanks.S.RamamoorthyIyer, Patron, Adambakkam Sankara matam

  4. Dear Sirs,

    I read with interest the information shared by many of our friends in this blog. I firmly believe that with regard to performance of Anushtanams including Sandyavandanam, our guide shall be Deivathin Kural. As all of us know that in this our Mahaperiyaval deals extensively with all Anushtanams. With specific regard to Sandhyavandanam, though our Mahaperiyaval was of the view that it should be done as stipulated in Sastras, since most of us in the present generation have become very ‘loukikam’, HE advised us to do Pratha Sandhya and Sayam as stipulated in Sastras. For Madhyanikam HE advised that it can be done at Sankava Kalam (8.24 am to 10.48 am) and even Brahma Yagnam which is one of the Panch Maha Yagnam and very essential part of our Anushtnams can be peformed at this time as per our Mahaperival’s directions. These are given in Volume II of Deivathin Kural and since this is the Voice of God, we shall take this as final.

    Though it is practically difficult to adhere strictly to the timings specified in the Sastras, I am of the view that we need to strive to do the Anushtanams without fail. In this context it is pertinent to note that Mahaswamigal of Sringeri Sri Chandrasekhara Bharathi has told that performance of Sandhyavandam with sincerity and faith is capable of leading us to Brahmaloka as the Mantrams in our Sandhyavandanams are nothing but a gist of Vedha Mantrams. Both Acharyas were of the view that atleast 10 Gayatris should be recited at the least in all this Nithya Karmas.

    It is said in Sastra that Pithru karyams/karmas need to performed in Aparhana Kalam after Madhyanikam. But in today’s world we are not able to follow it strictly as even Vaidhikas may have difficulty in this. But we are not ignoring the Pithru karyams on account of the timings and are doing it in Pratha Kalam/Madhyanikam. I request readers who perform Ammavasya Tharpanams not to do it before sunrise as it need to be done only after sunrise.

    Hence we the devotees of Mahaperiyaval shall all strive to do our Anushtanams with sincerity and faith which will lead to Siddha Suddhi and also for the welfare of the society as a whole.

    J. Subramanian

  5. Respects to all,

    Sri. Lakshmanan, thank you for your post. I have started doing 108/32/64 from today. Perhaps ‘I’ can do it was more prominent in my thoughts so ‘I’ started doing 108 three times a day. Also, Sri Venkatarama Siddhar in his Agasthiya Vijayam (agasthiar.org) a treasure trove, has mentioned 32/64 /108 are all for kids and one should do at least 1008/10008 a day. I admit, I can’t do it so I was doing 108 on my own. I completely agree we need to follow the path our elders and Sri Maha Periyava has shown us. Thank you again.

    Vish Iyer

  6. During our balya avastha and yowan (school and college days)we perform it as trikaal .When we go for service,time decides our performance.Returning from office at 8.30.p.m. in Mumbai .I never performed Sayam Sandhyavandanam.Why to carry the paapam?Better not to do tahn doing it wrongly.We do Avni avittam,especially the Kamokarsheeth Japam /gayathri japam for this purpose only.Let us do the purification process at least once in a year.I have heard my father telling that Morning it is performed before Sun Rises and evening before Sunset.So naturally after sunrise Maadhyanhikam comes in .Also ,it has been taught to me that 108/32/64 is the number of recital of Gayathri in trikaal

  7. Respects to all,

    Several years ago I obtained a book from Kanchi Sankara Matam and that book analyzes the practice of Sandhyavandanam in great detail. Essentially what Sri Anna of Ramakrishna Matam has mentioned in his booklet on Sandhyavandanam is correct as per the Sankara Matam book by various authors and I follow the instructions on which direction to face when, as is given by Sri Anna. Also, I do 108 Gayatri three times a day. How long more does it take. I feel all of us can come up with 15 extra minutes in a day 🙂

    Vish Iyer MS FRCS

  8. My dear all, I am very happy to read the comments and intense interest shown in the subject. I agree that argyam is to be given either facing east or north. We should also remember the movements of Sun in the north/south or south/north directions. Let us all do sandya vandanam regularly because without performing sandya, other rituals do not bring any results. I also think that 100% shraddha is more important than numbers. whenever we find adequate time we can do japam for 108 or 32 or 64 times. S.RamamoorthyIyer. Patron, Adambakkam sankara matam

  9. Shri Rajah Iyer, thanks a ton for all the important tips. In my Ramakrishna Mission’s Sandhya Vandanam book and also in other documents found online (especially the one by Shri PR Ramachander) it is mentioned to give Argyam facing West in the evenings.And this is how I have been doing all these years. Is this wrong? Want to correct myself, that’s why I am asking this. Thanks again Sir! ( Please note that I am doing Aachamaneeyam correctly facing the North in the evening Sandhya.) Have posted this again at the bottom so that no one will miss reading it.

    • The instructions for Sama Vedins are : Achamanam to be done facing the east for all 3 Sandhis (never facing the west). Arghyam facing east for Pratha Sandhi and Madhyannikam. Arghyam facing west for Sayam Sandhi.

      Perhaps some one can confirm if they are the same for other Vedins (since the mantras for Sandhi clearly are different for the 3 Vedins though with large overlaps)

  10. i am sorry i have forgotten to mention. My uncle is from Trikkur and was close to periava. when he was in sickbed and could not even get up he asked my father to put water in his mouth for achamanam,water in his hand for argyam and recite the mantras in his ear!!!!this was when he was a nonagenarian!!!!!!!! n ranaswanu

  11. i see all the arguments. doing sandhya vandanam is very important. For the time adjustment, there is one extra argyam called kaalatheetha prayaschitrarkam…….I think that should do because when i was working (of course even now) i do sandhya vandanam and japam from 6 to 8 and immediately maadhyanikam also by giving that argyam. In any case i have heard a lecture, i dont know when and where, and there he has stated that sandhyavandanam is for everyone(irrespective of caste and gender). for ladies it is ordinary prayer in the morning and evening (saying om namasivaya, or om namonarayana or ram ram even)for brahmins it is the argyapradanam and gayatri and for all other castes reciting of bhagawan nama. therefore there need be no argument about time etc. it is the question of bhava and bhakti and it is for every caste and every gender. periava has himself said that there is exception to everything these days and it is only that we follow our culture somehow that is very important.

  12. Thanks for sharing such important things about Sandhyavandanam. It is better to follow what Sri Mahaperiyava has told about the timings. There should be no discussions or arguments about this, as what he has told should be final.

  13. Respected Mahaperiyava devotees,
    Adiyen is a humble Sri Vaishnava, but hold dear to Maha Periyava’s divine nectar in his ‘Deivathin Kural’ outpourings. Adiyen had been performed Upanayanam at 12 and had been since reciting Gayatri twice daily. There was a three year break in which Adiyen performed Manasika Gayatri at UK since the sunrise and sunsets at irregular intervals there. Again when I visited back, had the opportunity to view the Sandhyavandhanam related details in this site, http://www.mahaperiyavaa.wordpress.com and http://www.thapas.wordpress.com. Adiyen has again started with renewed vigor to do Sandhya vandhanam. Even though adiyen doesn’t know the true meaning of the mantra ( though given proper initiation by my father in vedic way), even though I don’t know the correct pronounciation of the vedic meters for the mantras after upasthanam, Adiyen just prays to Perumal, Acharyan and Maha Periyava to bless adiyen with what ever adiyen is fit for to some day, have the mantras learnt properly through my Acharyan and get mantra siddhi. Gayatri Japam is the single most beautiful thing that had ever happened to my life, thanks to Maha Periyava’s divine guidance. I pray my salutation to Maha Periyava before starting the Japam just after ‘Shuklam Bharadharam’ in ‘Guru Bramha, Guru Vishnu, Gurudevo Maheshwara’ verses and pray to him sincerely to help everyone in this world. As Maha Periyava instructed, adiyen also shares the ‘phala’ or fruit of the Gayatri upasana to my mother and ladies or anyone sick in the house and pray for loka shemam. This has given enormous change in my mind and calmed me down. It now feels to me like I had been rushing like 1000 miles and suddenly Gayatri has showed the true spirit of world and slowed me to enjoy every moment in my breath. Thanks to Maha Periyava and Thanks to a video by Sri Ananta Rama Dheekshitar swami which I saw in youtube, which gives greatness of Gayatri japam and Sandhya Vandhanam. As per Maha Periyava’s order, adiyen had visited Rameshwaram and had the Sethu dharshanam and took my parents and helped them in doing Pitru tharpanam for my grand parents right at the spot of Ramar Sethu where the 2 seas meet. Its a wonderful experience not to be missed. If Maha Periyava and Perumal wishes, adiyen has the prayasa of taking parents to another trip to Gaya and Kashi too. Lets see what Periyava and Perumal hold in adiyen’s fortune. In loukigam, adiyen is a working professional at an IT firm and being an IT guy, adiyen wants to re-iterate that spending 15-20 minutes a day will go a long way and bring lots of commitment, happiness, self respect and discipline to anyone’s life. Surely Maha Periyava would help if one does a sankalpam and prays to Maha Periyava. It will be a healthy supplement or alternative to the hectic life that we live and also guide us in aligning to our gurus from authentic lineage like Sri Maha Periyava. Praying Guru and God to bless us all. All praises to Veda Mata Gayatri. Adiyen – Vijayaraghavan.

  14. Respects to all,

    I thank all the knowledgeable people who have contributed in this forum. And thanks for clarifying the doubts. My sincere wish is to see all (yes, ALL the Hindus) Hindus wear Poonal and perform Sandhyavandanam three times a day !

    Om Shivaaya Namah

    Vish Iyer MS FRCS

    • Namskarams
      Is your name Vishwanathan or Vishnu??? Because Vish means Poison in Sanskrit. Why cant you use your full and correct name bestowed by your parents

  15. Wonderful discussions. Thanks for all the information provided here. I feel it is beneficial to time the performance of Sandhi at Sunrise, noon and Sunset. If one is not able to stick to the time, it is always better to perform at other time and seek praschitta, as indicated above.

  16. such programmes are needed for the present.

  17. very illustrative,educative and willing yo learn more eagerly.

  18. It is quite interesting to see the information furnished by Mr Murthy of Mayuram now Mayiladuthurai.
    It is better to do it three times a day to the extent adjusting the timings as being explained here. But everyone
    should understand the significance and importance of Sandhyavandanam by our community people, irrespective
    of their nature of job.

    Balasubramanian NR

  19. when we do argyam 3 times in morning and evening , we add one more argayam and say ” kaalaa dheetha prayachittani argya pradhanam karishye” to compensate for timings, so no need to bother much about right timings,( But of course if you could meet right timngs nothing like that)
    point is instead of not doing sandhi for the “timing” issue, better to use the clause ” kaalaa dheetha prayachittani argya pradhanam karishye”

  20. Sri Sridhar,

    Thank you for reinforcing the need to perform Tri Kala Sandhyavandhanam. I have been doing so for sometime now. I have a doubt though. I live in the US and when I face East, the Sun is not straight ahead of me but to one side. Same situation in am, noon and pm. Therefore when I do Argyam, I am performing it in a direction that is correct per scriptures but ‘incorrect’ in a practical way. Any thoughts.

    Also sun sets at 3.30 pm in winter and rises at 4 am in summer. 🙂 Can’t do anything about it !

    Vish Iyer

    • Sri Vish Iyer,

      The questions you ask are above my pay grade 🙂 I am just a parrot who collects information from our Acharyas utterances to pass them. Perhaps more qualified members can give their views to your questions?

      You might find this book very useful: The Great Hindu Tradition, An Insight into Vedic Principles, Sastras and Heritage – Sri Sarma Sastrigal – Rs. 200.

      Authored by S. Swaminatha Sarma, who has dedicated himself to the dissemination of knowledge regarding Dharma Sastra and scriptures, this hard-bound volume is a reference book to which a Hindu could turn for matters, from the mundane to the sublime. Sarmaji answers questions about various aspects of daily life and explains the significance of rituals. A chapter on Gaya Sraaddha and excerpts from the discourses of Sri Dayananda Saraswati have been added to the third edition of this book, which benefits from neat translation by V.S. Kumar. For copies contact Sarmaji at 9444380973 or email to sarmasasthrigal@gmail.com.
      Here is what Mahaperiyava says about the Arghya:

      Arghya must be offered before sunrise at noon and at sunset. Once there was a man called Idaikattu Siddha who grazed cattle. He said: “Kanamar konamar kandu kodu adugan pohutu par. ” “Kanamal/r” means before you see the sun rise and “konamal/r” means when the sun is overhead and “kandu” is when you see the sun before sunset. These are the three times when you ought to offer arghya. “adu” means “niradu”, bathe in the Ganga. “kan” here means “visit Setu” or have ” have darsana of Setu”. “Pohutu par”- by bathing in the Ganga and by visiting Setu your sins will be washed away. Here is mentioned the custom of going to Kasi, collecting Ganga water there and going to (Setu) Ramesvaram to perform the abhiseka of Ramanathasvamin there.

    • Dear Sri Vishwanatha Iyer: Namaskaram. The position of Sun is immaterial. What is important is the direction of East (Praata Sandhyavandanam), North or East (Maadhyaanikam), and North (for giving arghyam) and West for performing Japam in respect of Saayam Sandhyavandanam. Please remember you are not supposed to perform aachamanam facing West direction as also for giving argyam.

      • Shri Rajah Iyer, thanks a ton for all the important tips. In my Ramakrishna Mission’s Sandhya Vandanam book and also in other documents found online (especially the one by Shri PR Ramachander) it is mentioned to give Argyam facing West in the evenings. And this is how I have been doing all these years. Is this wrong? Want to correct myself, that’s why I am asking this. Thanks again Sir!

      • Wanted to add that I do ‘Aachamaneeyam’ facing North in the evenings, so that is not an issue. Just wanted to know for sure about Argyam in the evening Sandhya vandanam. Thanks.

  21. yes we should perform sandhyas regularly

    • I believe Periyava has said sometime that you can do Madhyanikam after 8:22 am (not 8 am) as a dispensation to office going people, which is permitted by the Shastras (need to find the appropriate cite for this) . Please don’t make up your own rules (even if your intentions are noble) as they are likely to lead people astray. Here are the rules:

      The time:

      What is the apt time for doing Sandhya Vandanam ? The name suggests Sandhya , the meeting time of Day with night, which is just before and during sunrise and sunset.

      Ajyotisho darsanat sandhi, jyotisho bhanutare

      The above statement of the shastra means

      Sandhi is the time when the sun and the stars are together visible. The practical thing therefore will be to start
      In the morning before sunrise, give Arghyam during sunrise and finish just after sunrise.
      In the evening, begin before sunset, give Arghyam during sunset and finish later.

      For those who always are inconsistent with their timings, Shastra says

      For prAtha: (morning) Sandhyavandhan

      Uttama tarakopeta madhyama lupta taraka
      Adhama urya sahita prata: sandhya tridha mana

      To do PrAtha: ( morning) sandhyA vandanam when the stars are visible is Uttama (first grade.); Maddhyama (middle grade) when doing without the stars; and Adhama ( least grade when Sun is visible)


      Uttama suryasahita maddhyama anudita taraka
      Adhma tarakopeta sayam sandhya tridha mata

      To do Sayam( evening) Sandhya Vandanam , It is Uttama doing while the sun is still shining; Maddhyama when doing before stars are visible; Adhama after the stars are fuly visible. Sri Abhinava Vidya Theertha swamigal says whatever be the grade, it is always best to do it regularly. Otherwise, he warns, one’s Brahmanathva itself is wasted.

      • Here is the citation for the time as per Maha periyava: http://www.kamakoti.org/hindudharma/part17/chap12.htm

        Form that article:

        Even in these days it is not difficult to perform sandhyavandana both at dawn and dusk. Office goers and other workers may not be at home during midday. They may perform the madhyahnika (the midday vandana) 2 hours 24 minutes after sunrise that is called “sangava kala”.

        That said, I understand the intention of the poster: As in Bhagavad Gita, it is better to ones Nithya karma even with mistakes.

      • Dear Sri Sridhar: Namaskaram. Sri Mahaperiyavaa has said that up to 8.20 am it is morning. From 8.20 to 10.20 it is sangramana kaalam (the time in between morning and afternoon). The time from 10.20 am to 2.20 pm is time for Maadhyaanikam. (However, office goers can perform their Maadhyaanikam immediately after their Praatha Sandhyavandanam). The time from 2.20 pm is sangramana kaalam (the time in between afternoon and evening). The time from 4.20 pm upto 8.20 pm is evening. Ideally the arghyam for the three sandhyas should be given (1) Before sunrise, (2) Before sun tilts towards the West (around 12 Noon approx.) and (3) Before sunset. But completing it is not time bound because for someone who is intent upon performing sahasra Gayatri japam (it takes on an average about 15 to 18 minutes to complete one maalaa of 108 Gayatri) his Japam has to go well beyond the prescribed time. For e.g. I start my sahasra Gayatri japam at 6 am, I cannot complete it before it is 8.45 or 9 am. For such exceptional Upasakas, they are not bound by such time limits (for completing their japam).

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