Transformed by ‘Deivathin Kural’ – Mr.Sreedhar

How many of us read and try to practice things mentioned in ‘Deivathin Kural’ ? . Here is a living example(Mr.Sreedhar) who took one good upadesam from Deivathin kural and made it his life’s mission.  Social service done with humility leads to ‘சித்த சுத்தி’ and it shows on the face of Mr.Sreedhar.

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  1. What a noble heart that MR.Sridhar have. He is a true follower of PARAMACHARYA. I am realy mooved on the news myhumble pranams to MR.SRIDHAR. S.Santhana krishnan.

  2. Simply unable to comment. This is overwhelming. In this MahaLaya Paksham time, great interview on Anadha Predha Samskara. Maha Periyava lives through Mr. Sridhar. Simply divine! May God bless Sri. Sridhar, his family and friends with all happiness! May such great deeds continue for ever! Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  3. Dear Sridhar congrats. TWo saints have enlightened you, Suddhananda NAd Kanchi Mahaperiyava. You are a blessed soul

  4. Absolutely amazing and wonderful!!!!! Yeoman service performed by Mr. Sreedhar is commendable. May Mahaperiyavaa shower His blessings on Mr. Sreedhar and his wonderful family.

  5. SImply stunned. Sarveshwara.

  6. Thanks Mahesh-ji and friends for posting these wonderful experiences of devotees. Ungal thondu vaazhga valarga !

    Also many thanks to Shri Shreedar-ji and friends for their seva. May Bhagavaan shower his blessings and guide them always !

  7. enna solvadhu endru theriyavillai. en kaNgaLil perugum kaNNeerE umadhu aRpudha sEvaikku en samarppaNam. MahaaperiyavaaLin vaakkukku iththanai asura sakthiyaa? neengaL mattumallaamal ungaL kudumba moththamum ichchEvaiyil eedu pattiruppadhu mahaaperiyavaaLin
    paripooraNa aruLindri vERu ondrum illai. sandhEgamE illai, poorva jenma puNNiyamE Mahaaperiyavaa aruLaaga ungaLai vazhi nadaththugiRadhu.iniyum nadaththum. jaya jaya sankara hara hara sankara. Mahaperiyavaa charaNam.

  8. Mr Sreedharji, The excellent service what you have been rendering is not only God’s grace but also
    because of the blessings of Maha Periyaval. Pray let God bless you and your family members all the
    best in the life.

    Balasubramanian NR

    • Arputhamaana anbu aasigal … irupinnum oru pizhai thirutham solla virumbikeren … ‘MahaaperiyavaaLin vaakkukku iththanai asura sakthiyaa? ‘ endra vaakkil ‘asura sakthiyaa?’ enbathaivida ‘deiveega sakthiyaa?’ porundhum enben.

  9. Mr.Sreedhar,
    Your service cannot be matched.By Mahaperiyava’s grace,you and your family shall enjoy only bliss and happiness for the jenmams to come..

  10. What a great social service performed by Mr. Sreedhar and his friends. Undoubtedly he is blessed by Maha Periyava.

  11. By the grace of Maha Periava, I would like to be of some assistance to Shri. Sreedhar. I have retired from service. My contact no. is 98408 23365, residing in Sastri Nagar, Chennai 600 041.

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