Shri Swaminatha Athreya’s experience

Shri Swaminatha Athreya(aged 93), a sanskrit scholar and author of several books shares his experience with Mahaperiyava. This is one of the rarest videos where we get a chance to know more about Esaiyanur Paati and her ‘புத்ர வாத்சல்யம்’ towards Mahaperiyava. While narrating about Esaiyanur Paati’s devotion, mama got so overwhelmed and couldn’t speak further. We are all extremely blessed by Mahaperiyava to see and hear about such blessed souls.


  • ‘Ghantaa mani’ blessed by பிள்ளையார்
  • Mahaperiyava’s admiration for Monier-Williams sanskrit dictionary
  • ‘காவி வேஷ்டியா? சுவரா?’ Mahaperiyava’s sense of humour
  • Esaiyanur Paati incidents

The book on Sri Samartha Ramadas compiled by Swaminatha Athreya can be downloaded at

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  1. What Love and Bhakti Shri Swaminatha Athreya Mama had. Priceless.

  2. This is a Mahan who has served Maha Periyava with great devotion and is a repository of information and experiences! The narrative about Esayanur Paatti brings tears to his eyes. In spite of his old age of 93 years and physical disability, Sri Swaminatha Athreya Maaama has spoken for nealy 30 minutes for our sake. We all pray for his good health! Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  3. A remarkable interview. Wonderful. Touching.

  4. Sivaraman Sir,

    You are doing a phenomenal job sir. You have provided a great opportunity to millions of people across globe to know about ‘Maha periyava’. What a noble service sir.

    About me: My name is Venkatesan and I am from Perambur/Chennai. I am an ardent devotee of Bhaghawan Sathya Sai baba. I was also part of “Pidiarisi thiddam” during my college days. I also happened to see your video on your talk about ‘Pidiarisi thiddam in Sankar nethraleya. I admired every word you uttered in that speech. Initially I was reluctant going to everyone’s house asking for rice. The person who involved me that time said, “If you do this service you will be very prosperous in your life” now I realized that is 100% true statement. I am in software field working for a MNC. I have also lived in US for more than 6 years.

    I had ‘Maha periyava’ dharshan only once and that time he blessed me with a ‘rudrakshram’.
    By watching your video’s I am slowly changing myself step by step. 3 years back I have collected money from my friends and give dhoti/blanket for students studying ‘Veda’ but this time I was able to do on my own. I have not yet reached the stage of reading ‘Deivathin kural’ and change completely.

    Once again sir you are really great!!!

  5. If any one has to get a bit of understanding of Shri Athreyan Periyaval’s scholorliness, they should read “Sri Samartha Ramadasa Charitham” authored by him.
    The speciality is that, this book was authored in 2008(at the age of 89 years). When we read the introductory note of Shri Athreyan Periyaval about the sources for the book, his efforts in getting them and presenting the way that would have satisfied MahaPeriayaval(Yes, though this was written in 2008, the seed for this was sown by Maha Periyaval and it was his wish that such a book should be written on Samarta Ramadasa swami), Simply that seems to be an impossible task in his age.
    In 2007, when myself and my wife met with a tragedy, We had his wise counsel(which I remember to this day- Shri Athreyan Periayaval was at Govindapuram that time) by the grace of few good souls who took us to him.(Ofcourse, it was the grace of Bodhendra Swamigal) His stay at Govindapuram gave me the fortune of knowing his daily routine which puts to shame a person like me(then 39yrs old).

    Once again, my Pranams to everyone who is involved in bringing out the experience of these great souls.

  6. Sir, You are doing a tremendous job , no doubt about it. I have been watching your interviews since long. One small suggestion, some times when you ask question to clarify something, it stops the flow of interviewee. In this video itself, you asked the elderly gentleman about the year, he replied 1942 or something; again a confirmation question, before independence?

  7. Esaianur Patti might have done lot of punyams in the earlier generation, that is why, she
    had great moments with Maha Periyaval. In fact, we are blessed to hear from the Centenarian
    about it, is something great. Pranams to Shri Swaminatha Mama along with my family members.

    Balasubramanian NR

  8. Amazing narrative by a 93 year old Scholar!

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