Smt Shantha mami recalls her experience

Smt Shantha mami affectionately called as ‘Ashtapathi’ by Mahaperiyava, recalls her unforgettable moments. Mami was not even able to talk on the day when this video was taken. But when Shivaraman sir asked if she can speak about Mahaperiyava , Mami not only spoke but also sang in spite of her difficulties and old age. Such is her devotion for Mahaperiyava.


  • ‘காஷ்ட மௌன’ தரிசனம்
  • ‘தசாவதார காட்சி’

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  1. Just awesome. Shankara.

  2. She is famous for Ashtapathi singing.

    Balasubramanian NR

  3. i think my wife also learnt ashtapathi from this mami.n ramaswami

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