Shri Ganesa Sarma’s Talk on Mahaperiyava

A short discourse by Shri Ganesa Sarma on Mahaperiyava.


  • “Naadha ThanumAnisham” krithi – explanation by Mahaperiyava
  • ‘ வருவாய் அருள்வாய் குஹனே! ” – கந்தர் அநுபூதி விளக்கம்

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  1. whether these lectures on Deivathin kuran has been recorded? can i expect it in your blog soon? tons of thanks in advance.

  2. Every month second saturday/sunday.

  3. All those residing in Chennai, please do not miss Deivathin kural by Sri Ganesa Sharma @ kamakoti hall, Sri Krishna Gana Sabha in T. Nagar.

  4. How lucidly Shri Ganesa Sharma speaks. Beautiful.

  5. i have heard him. do you know mahesh, he sometimes quotes from your clips and we shed tears whenever we hear him. n.ramaswami

  6. Mahaperiava thiruvadigal saranam!

    No other words come to my mind.

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