“Manthri Ratnam” A.R.SESHIAH SASTRY family’s experience

Shri Seshiah Sastry has served Kanchi mutt for three decades. We have got the fortune of listening to his family members’ experience with Mahaperiyava.

Smt & Sri Gopalaswamy is our family-friend for the past 30+ years. Both of them know me from my childhood. I also know Shri Y.H. Dalmiaji. I am so glad to see and post his interview sharing some amazing experiences with Mahaperiyava. Until I saw this video, I did not know that mami’s family’s connection with mutt and Periyava. Next time, I will probably visit them to know more! Thanks Ravi for the interview….


  • YH Dalmia’s question and Mahaperiyava’s answer (this will be an answer for most of us)
  • History and speciality of Poongodi ‘Baveshwarar’ temple
  • Periyava as Sarpam
  • The humorous incident narrated by Smt Seshiah Sastry

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  1. we are extremely grateful to listen to the experiences of blessed devotees
    May Sri Maha Periava’s blesssings be available to all
    hara hara sankara jaya jaya sanakara
    sk ramanathan

  2. We are thankful to have an opportunity to listen to unforgettable events and amazing
    information about Mahaperiyava

    • Maheshji, Thanks for having an opportunity to know about Sri Dalmiyaji’s bhakthi. At the same time, i am bit disappointed with interview given by daughter of seshaiah. I am unable to digest that MAHAPERIYAVA Chasing the guy Raju and beating with THANDAM and all. i feel it is bit exaggeration. Kindly in future please edit and upload the video. Thanks.

  3. sound quality is poor kindly check and re upload please

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