‘The Hindu’ cartoonist Shri Keshav’s paintings of Him

Celebrated cartoonist Shri Keshav Venkataraghavan of ‘The Hindu’ in his own words posted in Sage of Kanchi in Facebook.


This work was blessed by Periyava. An electrifying experience. This is the culmination of various darshans in the past. 1989, to be precise. When i began my career. He spoke humorously and taught me about the politics, and stunned me with questions which i did not even think of. A time when you crumble to dust before his presence.He blessed me with a mattai thengai, which i preserve to this date. This painting was shown to him in 1993, immediately after it was completed. There was a huge crowd. Thought it was impossible to get his darshan. I had this work with me which was quite big. One of his disciples saw this and took it inside. It was inside with Periyava for more than an hour when we stood in the queue outside. When it was our turn, The disciple showed it to Him. They put a garland around it, and was returned to me.


His comments for the above drawing — ” yes,Sir. It was my sketch for Charukesi’s story for the Friday page. It was indeed a blessed occasion. I was searching for Periyava’s pictures. Thought it would be really difficult to find a picture of Periyava appreciating music with the thaalam. But when you have his blessings, it happens. I had to search nowhere. The first picture in google search had this picture of Periyava. 🙂 ”

Another of His painting which was blessed by Him:

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  1. Thank you so much for your kind words.
    There is a mention of Shri T Prakash of IDBI Guwahati here by Shri Venkateshwaran. May i mention here that it was Prakash (who is my colleage when i was in IDBI) and I who went for the darshan of Mahaperiyava with this painting. He is such a dedicated person whose bhakti can be infectious. Periyava creates a network which is a separate world by itself. This Periyava picture is at my residence at 142, Greenways road, Chennai 28, (opp Ann Inst of Managemt)

  2. When you wrote about a ‘mattai thengai’ blessed by Pujya Mahperiyava, i remembered an incident. In our Guwahati city about some 25 years back a handful number of Tamilians bought a land for Shri Ganesh temple. Initially the Panchaloka vigraha naming “Shri Kankshitarha Ganapathy” was getting worshipped . There after the ‘Silavigraham kumbhabhishekam’ took place and Mahaperiyava blessed for Shri Kamakshi Panchayatan temple there . He gave a “mattai thengai” to Karmashree Shri T Prakash who was then working with IDBI, Guwahati.

    When the construction works were going on, Shri Krishnamurthy Ghanapatigal who was teaching us the holy Vedas suggested to bury the blessed coconut under the foundation of Shri Kamakshi vigraha which was done accordingly.

    The other two Periyavas have also visited this temple and once Shri Chandramouleeshwara puja also took place here.

  3. It is really Amazing and Grand.

  4. wonderful. i must congratulate keshav. the first one on top is the actual face etc. of periava as i have always captured him in my mind. you can compare this with other paintings and you will find it. superb keshav, it is actually only HH blessings. where is the original and how can it be shown to HH Mettur who will just love. n.ramaswami

  5. beautiful painting. thathroopama irukku.
    we are all blessed to have access to this wonderful painting of Mahaperiava

  6. I had the good fortune of meeting Mr.Keshav in his home and showing him my first paintings ( about three or four) of Mahaperiava . It was so nice of him to spend quite some time on those paintings and point out a lot of scope for improvement . He also gave me a lot of tips. Besides, he also showed me his painting of Sri Rama Pattabhishekam and explained to me in detail how he did that job. It was so instructive and useful to me. I understood layer by layer painting technique from that.
    This meeting also came about from the blessings of Mahaperiava. I had taken my first paintings of Mahaperiava to shri. Bharaneetharan . After spending more than an hour and a half with him, I took leave of him. He ,then told me to show these to Mr.Keshav , gave me the address and not only that, he called him over the phone then and there and informed him that one Narayanan is coming to meet him and show some paintings. Mr.Keshav , without any hesitation, asked me to come over immediately..
    It was a wonderful and very useful meeting that encouraged me to continue my work. Thinking about it now, I have no doubt whatsoever that all this was pre-arranged by the Prathyaksha Dheivam to point out to me a good purpose and way to spend my life after retirement.

  7. Blessed by Maha Periyaval through inspiration which reveals his True Bakthi.

  8. Shri Keshav adds these comments for the first painting.

    “Those days were tough. I had no canvas at hand. Buying and stretching one were tough propositions. But I had to paint this. I took a canvas which was already painted and began with the Periyava work, with his face. There was no sketch either. It grew. Slowly the painting took shape. Once Periyava was seated there, I worked on the background. With real thennan Keethu for reference and also real fruits. Believe me the whole month of May 1993 was spent only on this and it was completed in one month. Can’t imagine of doing it now. Just inspired work.”

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