Experience with Mahaperiyava – Shri Ramadurai Iyer

Shri Ramadurai and Smt Ramadurai are blessed devotees and they have many miraculous experiences with Mahaperiyava. They were closely associated with Pradosham mama too.


  • Saathur Krishnamurthi Mirasudhar’s bakthi for Mahaperiyava
  • Mahaperiyava’s pavala vizha by Pradosham mama
  • Shri TMP Mahadevan’s bhakthi and his last days

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  1. bhaktal charitirathileye neraiye ketkum bodhu periyaval madiri avatharathai pattri ketkavum vendumo….sila samayam en manadu ninaika thondrugiradu…avatharam varum bodhu avaloda sila perai kootindu varuva pola..appo dhane sila leelai, sila anugraham .. idhu ketkum podu/parkkum podu en pondra jeevangalukum bhakti, sradhadai, faith ellam varum…narayana narayana….

  2. To say frankly, I don’t know what to think? I can only say on this “Anusham natchatiram “day Periyval has blessed me to go through this video message. I am grateful to Shri. Mahesh & the team of devotees who have participated in this yagnam.

  3. Is it possible for one devotee to be blessed So Much! What Divinity. It was incredible.

  4. Maha Periyava Parabrahmam! Implicit surrender to Guru and God who are one and the same, is beautifully narrated by Sri. Ramadurai. How many great souls he has introduced to us in this video. Sivan Sir also comes in to bless us us!Thanks a lot to Sri. Sivaraman.Namaskaarams to Ramadurai Maama. He has purified us all. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara! Maha PeriyavaL ThiruvadiGaLee SaraNam!

  5. He is a true devotee totally obeying Mahaperiyava.
    Mami is a true soul mate.
    With God’s grace it is possible to live like this also.
    Thank you very much for posting these interviews.
    Jaya Jaya Shankara, kamakshi Shankara

  6. It was a totally mixed feelings, mostly tears only and sometimes haasyam and mei silirpu all the time.
    Thanks a ton. Please continue this Yoeman service for little atmas like us………

  7. Gifted to have darshan & audience with MahaPeriyaal .
    Hara Hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  8. It is all tears, tears in my eyes. Mahesh to you Shivaraman Mama and Gamesha SSharma Mama, koti koti namaskaram. You have truly brought SAMTOSHAM NERER TO ME. I have no inhibitions in admiting that when i am writing this i am weeping like a child. Can u give the contact no of RAMADURAI MAMA? Please, Please,Please!!!

  9. There are very deep rooted messages in each of these videos.Mahaa Periavaa being sarva vyaapi,beyond time,is revealing himself through the words of these parama bhaktas.Beyond the miracles that we see & hear about,there are several subtle yet powerful messages that are being communicated by Mahaa Periavaa through this website and medium.
    Mahaa Periavaa mentions in this video that it is not possible to comprehend him in totality,yet we can connect when we sincerely think ,seek and singlemindedly meditate on Mahaa Periavaa.It is a powerful message for us through the great Bhakta Shri Ramadurai.
    Great work from the team managing this site.My Best Wishes and Prayers for their well being and joy

  10. as usual wonderful one.

  11. This is an outstanding video of a baktha who is truly blessed. I wonder what punya Shri Ramadurai must have accumulated to have this level of divine experience with the God himself. Thank you for bringing this interview. Hara Hara Sankara. Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  12. Thanks for this posting. Divine.

  13. Very few fortunate devotees(like Pradosham mama) had a deeper understanding about Mahaperiyava. Shri Ramadurai is one among very very few to whom Mahaperiyava revealed his real self on a number of occasions. He has Pradosham mama’s anugraham and Mahaperiyava’s anugraham. What more one can ask for


  1. If you haven’t seen it yet – please do it soon. | Sage of Kanchi

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