Sathanur Brahmasri Krishnamurthy Ganapatigal

Shri Krishnamurthi Ganapatigal recalls his experience with Mahaperiyava.


‘கல் வைத்த வாரம் ‘ conducted by Mahaperiyava

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  1. Very Sorry to know that Sathanur Brahmasri Krishnamurthy Ganapatigal attained Siva Loka Prarpthi this morning at his residence in Thiruvanaikkoil, Trichy.

  2. anantharaman viswanathan,adambakkam.
    when I was small boy I wanted to get silver dollar from Sree Maha Periyava by submitting note book full of Sriramajayam written.In 1964 when he paid a visit to our place-Srirangam I submitted the note book and got a silver coin from him.Though I did not know the Periyava mahimai at that age and have the desire to get coin only-the eye sight of that
    Mahan on me on that day moulded me now .

  3. Sri Mahaperiyava is a rare,once in a lifetime , Mahaan with divine power that can mesmerise everyone.That His Holiness has lived during our life time is by itself a matter of fortune and punya to us all. Jaya Jaya Sankara ,Hara Hara Sankara.

  4. If today we have many Ganapadigals and Vedic scholars of reupute all over the world it is purely because of Mahaperiyavaas anugrahammCan any one imagine gifting an young boy like this Ganapadigal as early as in 1944 with a Diamond Ring just for Reciting Vedas!Thats pure Avatara of Parameswara Himself..Nothing else!

  5. People like me would not have had an opportunity to have of such information
    just like having a glimpse in the mirror in our life time, rather it is a boon to us. My Pranams
    to the Ganapadigal for rendering a very very highly valuable input to kindle our intellect.

    Balasubramanian NR

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