Twin Books by Sri Ra. Ganapati in 1996

On this Auspicious Krishna Paksha Dwadasi I want to share the photos of the Twin Books written by Anna Sri Ra. Ganapati and also the photo taken at the time of getting Blessings from H.H. Sri Perivaa in March 1996. Also posted is the letter written by Anna Sri Ra. Ganapati in 2000 after he finished and released Deivathin Kural 7th and final volume. If Anna wishes and Maha Perivaa permits, probably I would be sharing some of his letters. I have been into this site recently and I am not sure whether any of our members have already posted some of the very interesting letters sent by Anna Ra. Ganapati to many of his admirers. Enjoy the photos and letter!

It ia all Maha Perivaa’s Blessings. As I mentioned, if HE permits and Anna Sri Ra. Ganapati wishes, I would like to share our experiences with Sri Anna and Sri Maha Perivaa. Let’s see what THEY have in store for us on this! Thanks for your comments and if you have not read those TWIN books, please read them. Anna wanted to release Maitreem Bhajata first but Sri Maha Perivaa made sure that the other one to come first, as it details about HIS GURUS! Anna has shared that in both the prefaces of the Twin Books, very interesting to read from his own words!


Shri Krishnamurthy Guruvayurappan had posted this and the rare photos of Shri Ra Ganapathi in Sage of Kanchi group in facebook. Thanks a ton Sir.

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  1. I would like to learn a little bit more about Shri R Ganapathi, the one who compiled Mahaperiyava’s discourse under the title Devithan Kural. I have bought all the volumes of the english translations of these discourses from Giri trading store in chennai. But for this Mahaan Shri Ganapathi, much of Mahaperiyava’s discourses would have been lost to the world and to posterity. We are indeed indebted to Shri R Ganapathi. Can someone please give an biographical life sketch of this Mahaan, so that this information too will be safeguarded for future?

  2. It is really great that devotees like Sri Guruvayoorappan abd Sri Parthasarathy Rajagopal had so much interaction with Sri. Ra. Ganapati. I am very happy and proud to have Sri. Ganapati with HH Sri Periyava.Great Dharshan. Once I with two good friends went to T. Nagar to Sri Ra. Ganapati’s flat and did Namaskaaram to him. There was not much talk as he was unwell and we felt great to have had his Dharshan.I request the devotees to please share their experiences and memories and I hope Sri. Mahesh will be offering space in this great blog as well.Thanks.

  3. sri mahesh,

    I tried to listen to upanyasam of MAHA PERIYAVA.

    When I clicked play,it says file not found.

    Can u pl look into this?

    I am however listening few in sankara TV.



  4. Dear Mahesh and others,

    Above 2 albums are great gift to mankind. Words are not enough to express our thanks for sharing the amazing collection.


  5. Dear Mahesh

    Please see if you have this info.

    Subject: Kanchi Periva Forum – A very special gift for you!
    we would like to dedicate a very special gift to you all – what more can be a treasure than this? Yes, we are presenting two carefully compiled albums of photos of Sri Maha Periva – all in all, 2000 photos – you can be sure that quite a lot of them would be unseen until now, and arguably there is no other single place on the web where you can get to see such a big collection of Periva photos.

    Album 1 -

    Album 2 -

  6. Could you kindly arrange to get me the book titled Kanchi Munivar Ninaivu Kadambam by Ra. Ganapathi please M.A.Mallikarjunan


  7. Mahesh: How to join Sage of Kanchi group on face book? Please help. Partha

  8. Guruvayurappan : Thanks for posting anna Ganapthi photos and news about his books. Anna one day told me and a dear friend Mohan that we should end the birth/death cycle along with him. Mohan and I are here today. Anna is now with parabrahamam. Few days before his departure from here he told me he is experiencing the athvaithic stage(oneness with God). Will that happen to us? I miss him every moment I am living. Guru please write your experience and both anna and periyava gave such experiences to share with all. Please do so.

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