Experience with Mahaperiyava – Nagarkovil Krishnan

Sri Krishnan knows and he is known to Mettur Swamigal since his poorvashrama days. He has spent nearly 8 months in Mahaperiyava’s kaingaryam during Periyava’s famous yatra in 1982.
Mahaperiyava’s Gulbarga visit
Kalgi temple incident
Haldiyal shivalingam incident
NT Ramarao incident
Hanuman chalisa & Hanuman temple incident

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  1. BEautiful again, That Sarveshwaran is.

  2. Nagerkovil Sri Krishnan speaks with extreme enthusiasm and recounts valuable experiences with Maha PeriyavaL. Are there copies available of the book he has written and shown in the video. What is his contact address and telephone number?

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