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  1. hari om,
    A very detailed narration about the mahimai of nama japa.Yes i agree that Eswaran is so simple and so easily grants the boon to his bakthas kalmisham illada onru.As his dress code is beautifully explained by paramacharya he is so pleased by the offering of drona and uinmatha pushapm which has no price and vishnu is adoned with kaustubam and malas and all jewels for which we can pay no price. In these days of matereial world we can easily follow the vakyam of maha periava and do the nama japa when there is no work to be done and in between work in the intervals so the bakthi will lead us to maoksha. Maha periavaludaya por padamgalukku en namaaskaram may he ever be with me and guide me .

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