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This page is just to make it easier for readers to see all video interviews in one page. I ideally want to create a page as it appears in the following link so that it is easier to pick and choose interviews to listen. For some reason, wordpress doesn’t let me do this. I am still exploring a way to do this….Until then, please either use this link or the embedded player below to choose and listen.

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  1. Namaskaram to Mr. Magesh and Team.

    I remember the Word “Avanarulale Avan thaz Vananki”

    You Peoples are Blessed by Paramacharya.

    Maha Periyava Saranam

  2. sri periyava charanam
    Can u pls upload the dates of Anusham for the year2013

  3. Sri.Jagadesan has not mentioned the name of the Upanyasakar at AP who was honoured by HH as `pravachana chakravarthy’. kindly mention the same.

  4. Please upload more & more video interviews on MAHAPERIYAVA.I am a house wife. Whenever i get time i’m watching this.This is very intresting & want to listen more videos .
    Lakshmi narendran.

  5. Sri Chandrasekhara of kanchi and sri Chandrasekhara Bharathy swaminaha Sringeri Gurubyo Namaha:

    How can i download the interviews to show my old parents when I visit india.
    I am very much impressed about NV Mama who sung the song initially which makes me to shed tears on Sankara and also Ramadurai Iyer’s one excellent interview.
    In all the interviews i found , maha periyaval giving through from devotees all answers what I was having doubts on spiritual practices even we are very far to that land.Now I understood in Ramadurai’s interview ( The station master who takes soil of devotees who comes for visit HH Mahaperiyavavl).I want to tell one intersting here. In AP there is great person at present he gives discourses on Bhagavatham and Ramayanam etc. He has lots of mass following and in every discourse he tells about Maha periyaval and he never saw him also. He was recently awarded by Present HH as “Pravachana Chakravarthy” and he dont take single paise for his discourses. Even Abdul Kalam sent a message for him.( SRICHAGANTI.NETT).
    One more intersting I observed in AP there was a person called Chandolu sastry( Sri Tadepally RaghavaNaraya Sastry) he was great scholar and he is used to do Bala upasana and he is ardent devotee of Maha periyaval. He requested maha periyaval when he is visiting to his house in pallaquin( Pallak) by lifting by four vedic chanting people. when he died from his body Bala amabal left before the fire occupied his hole body.

    This has come in Telugu news paper and Chandolu Sastry has born for some divine purpose. He is used to worship Bala and he lived in poorest conditions but Maha periyaval and he used contact thorough yoga.I am giving the links where you can see him and the news paper captured the small bala ambal leving from his body before fire was kept on his body.
    who met maha periyaval there are 95% people for monitory benefits( such as house, promotions, train catching, daughters marriage, etc) but very few asked him for Gyanam in this one rare person is Sri,Chandolu sastry garu.
    In Telugu great devotees are there ( they are Stauch devotees like Neelam Raju venkata seshaia who wrote about Gandhis meeting, Sri Chavali subramanya sastry). Please can you also publish those great people interviews.

    finally I would like add here without having mutts concern can we have Sri Chandrasekhara swamigal picalso along with Maha periyaval so we would be respecting in the same sites two periyavals. Divine mother played big role getting these two peopl in this world.

    with humble pranams to great devotees.
    Jagadesan iyyer

  6. The service you are doing is commendable. These videos are a great boon to the devotees of maha periayavaa

  7. sabaash. excellent service! Mahaperiyavaa is 100% there with you, Mr.Mahesh and your team to make it happen.
    Mahaperiyavaa saranam.

  8. how to download as a audio file.

  9. Another very excellent work. 63 gems to hear and download!! Best wishes and continue your excellent work to make many souls happy!!

  10. Sastanga Namaskaram to all the devotees of Maha Periyava who have done this service.

  11. mahesh and others have a lot of blessings from HH. may this service continue. n.ramaswami(hubli ramaswami)

  12. உங்களுடைய நல்ல நற்பணி தொடரட்டும். வனக்கம்
    த ச சுப்பிரமனணியன்

  13. mettur ganesan is a great devotee and a very blessed soul. he is still doing serivice to mettur swamigal (poorvasrama rajagopal)at govindapuram.

  14. Dear sir
    Thanks for your wonderful service.
    Every Hindu should see this site and know about our guru and god.
    Thanks once again
    Ram ram
    Seetharaman M

  15. The Holy work you are doing is very much salutable. இந்த திருப்பணி தொடர்ந்து நடைபெற மஹா பெரியவாளை வணங்கி வேண்டிக்கொள்கிறேன். I have downloaded these videos & shown to my Parents & they are deeply moved as they are staunch devotees of Paramaacharya.

  16. very thanks for uploading.

    i couldn’t see Shri Periyava, but now daily got Periyava Dharshan with Periyava parama karunai.
    please upload full video interviews of Shri Bharani Mani mama & Adayapalayam Dheekshithar.

    anega namaskaram.

  17. Video interview with gopala Ganapadigal sound very less kindly check and reload it. thanks for your great service.

  18. mr chandramouli auditor is tooo coool . may be is typed matter can be put instead of his video

  19. sri parasuramachar as a grahastha doesnt go for biksha.only his students go.if u rumove from ur preface before his name ,then it is ok.Ramanan skv

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