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  1. Who else other than periyava(Sri rudra) can do this?

  2. Treasure! Please permit me to download this.

  3. Wonderful ! Very useful!
    I may be permitted to download the Speeches of Periavaa for circulation
    (V.Ramamoorthy Ex. Commissioner HRCE Pondicherry. Cell 9443309858)

  4. This is AN INVALUABLE TREASURE collection of MAHAPERIAVAA SPEECHES . This has to be heard now & then & so something has to be done , to make this available to those aspire for same, for which act you will be remembered thanked for ever.

  5. Periavaa anugraham Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

  6. Permit the devotees to download the audios of Periavaa!
    This is the Bhagavat Gita really!


  8. I don’t have any other words than THANKS. We are lucky that we are able to listen to Paramacharya. Once again thanks

  9. Words of gratitude are insufficient to express the feeling of gratefulness for enabling listening to Mahaperiyava possible.
    Koti pranams

  10. Our Sri. Mahaperiyava is the repository of all sastras.After examing them in depth andbreadth, he gives us the essense in simple language, so that even a child can understand them well.I worship His lotus feet with a verse:
    Shruti smiruti etihasa Purana dharma swarupam|
    Namami shrimath Chandrasekarendram advaitadeepam ||

  11. I tried listening to maha periva’s audio on Shivishm-vasihnava. But it is only for 7 minutes. Where can I find the entire audio recording? It is presented only for 7 mnts…

  12. I am unable to download the Periava speeches on the referred sites. Pl do provide the active sites..

  13. I am unable to relocate the video where periaval cured dr ravichandran daughter , who had some lumps all over her head .
    Now she is happily married with a kid .

  14. hi mahesh,
    it is not possible to download please do the needful
    sunder iyer – muscat.

  15. Hi! Iam unable to down load as the files are not found. Will you please provide me some clue how to listen Mahaaswamigal

  16. Is there any place where we can listen to these audio again ??? It will be a great help. Namaskarams.

  17. I am 61 years old and even though my (late) parents and we sons are all ardent devotees of Maha Periaval, it was destined that I was made to aware of this site only yesterday and I thanked Perival anugraham for this. Because it is better late than never. Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara!

  18. Jagadesan sir,

    Can you provide more information about the meeting between Mahaperiyava and Sri Chandrashekhara Bharathi Mahaswamigal. I have read Ra Ganapathi’s article in Kamakoti.org, drawing parallels between both the Saints, but there was no mention of a meeting between them. The blessings the Divine showered through Their forms cannot be described by any number of words. Your inputs on this would really be appreciated.

  19. Listening to MahaPeriyaval speech is the greatest boon even those who have not seen him H.H. But few are missing files in the above.

    There is no down loading this into an Iphone to listen all the time.

    No words to express about H.H in the form of Eswara. The two great saints of that era 1) Sri. H.H. Mahasaninndanam of Sringer Sri Chandrasekhara Bharathi swamigal 2) H.H Sri. Mahaperiyaval.

    Few people only know they met each other and some of them saw together ( Not in dreams) real time. Those experiences are not captured any where in the any Maha periyaval sites. Ra Ganapthi wrote about that incident but limited.

    • Sri Jagadesan Iyer, I am greatly surprised to know that Both Mahaans physically met. Where and when they met? What did Anna Sri. Ra. Ganapati write about that? Please elaborate. It will be a great Blessing to read that. Hara Hara shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  20. Hello Sir,

    I am not able to download the audio files from the pod cats link .
    Can you please give any alternate site to doenload this.

    Thanks a lot

    • I am having technical challenges in finding a place that would allow downloads. However, all these files are available in several other sites for download. Please do a google search.

      • Anna – If you could send me the links for download I will upload to my account at mediafire and send you the links so that all those who seek could be benefited… Pls advise…

  21. Respected Sir, Namaskarams. I am unable to hear the NATURE & ISHWARA VAIBHAVAM…. Reqeusting you to Kindly re-load the same.

  22. Done a great effort. Thank You so much Mr.Mahesh. Kindly make as possible to download the files as the existing page is blocked. Please help.

  23. Excellent one. very rare and rarest speech of his holiness forever. Tho who have prarabtha Karma punyam can view hear and read this. I humbly bow down those have just seen this blog- The Great souls.

    Thanks for having come across this site dear punyavaans

    M.S.Ramesh Salem ( rameshrash2006@rediffmail.com)

  24. I am blessed to find this site. Many Thanks.

  25. Mahesh, Sincere thanks for sharing this invaluable audio recordings of maha periyava… Absolutely wonderful.

  26. Hari om,
    I want to download the upanyasam of maha periaval please help me in downloading withoiut giving my pass word and id anywhere to avoid junk mails and spams vijyalskhmi

  27. dear sir
    no word to express my thanks to you all for this best efforts. namakkave thbhas pannina namadhu maha periavalin paadham paniom arul peruvom..
    rajagopala sarma

  28. Can these links be downloaded for us to listen offline? Thanks.

  29. i read Theivathin Kural, Now i heard Thevathin Kural!!!!!!
    Thank U very much.

  30. I had an audio file of Shri Mahaperiyavaa’s speech at Sanskrit College along with Shri Rajaji. It was a great speech – Shri Rajaji was very candid on why we need more of Periyava’s anugraham in the world full of adharmas…… I somehow misplaced that file and still searching for it…It seems that Shri Periyavaa had not given His consent and that is why I am still unable to find it….Once I find it, I will post that too….

  31. fantastic. keep updating and whenever you get collection of oeriyava speech kindly upload . great service to humanity. thanks

  32. Excellent job

  33. It is a service to all righteous and God loving persons.

  34. Thanks a lot for the wonderful effort.

  35. i am sending the script of the song craeted by mahaperiyava for MS to sing at a world confrence.hope this would be useful for the viewers.

    what a VISION so many years back!!!

    unbiased,True Global ,total caring for the entire universe and the welfare of the human being as well the mother earth.

    Great effort in UNITY in Diversity.


    Maithreem Bhajatha Akila Hrith Jeththreem – Serve with Friendship and Humility, which will conquer the Hearts of Everyone.
    Atmavat Eva Paraan api pashyata – Look upon others similar to yourself.
    Yuddham Tyajata – Renounce War
    Spardhaam Tyajata – Renounce unnecessary Competition for Power
    Tyajata Pareshwa akrama aakramanam – Give up Aggression on others’ properties which is wrong
    Jananee Prthivee Kaamadughaastey – Mother Earth is wide enough and ready to give us all we desire like a Kaamadenu
    JanakO Deva: Sakala Dayaalu: – God, Our Father, is very Compassionate to All
    Daamyata – So, Restrain yourself
    Datta – So, Donate your wealth to others
    Dayathvam – So, Be Kind to others
    Janathaa: – Oh People of the World
    Sreyo Bhooyaath Sakala Janaanaam – May All People of this World be Happy and Prosperous.
    Sreyo Bhooyaath Sakala Janaanaam – May All People of this World be Happy and Prosperous.
    Sreyo Bhooyaath Sakala Janaanaam – May All People of this World be Happy and Prosperous.

    When this song was rendered at UNO, all the delegates from the World Nations were given the translation of this song. The rendering of this song by MS and the meaning was so melting that most of the delegates were very moved and some of them started weeping at the profundity of this song and the voice.


  36. This is an wonderful effort,where the generation of my age ( 47 years) and the younger generations would not have a chance to hear such a long Upanyasam’s in any media.

    We are blessed indeed to listen thru your site !!!

    Keep feeding great things like this to the society.

    Hare Hare sankara ; jaya jaya sankara

  37. it is very much for tortunate to hear the recorded voice of Mahaswamy,whose advices r very valuable to lead a brahminical life.

  38. Excellent job. Both the young and old devotees will derive great knowledge and wisdom by listening to the Divine voice of Mahaperiaval . Pranams

  39. Pl send me updates and oblige

  40. Blessed I am to know abt this site .
    with pranams to Sri Maha Periyaval

  41. Thanks a lot. Its an excellent facility / opportunity to listen the living god.

  42. useful one

  43. It is an excellent work & very useful for the future generation

  44. An excellent service!

  45. உங்கள் சேவைக்கு மிகுந்த நன்றி

  46. Excellent and fine work.

    I heartfelt thanks to all who took trouble in converting and downloading.

  47. you can see mahaperiavas speech

  48. Hi, this is an excellent effort. Thank you very much.

  49. Moderator Could you please permit to download this or any link where we can download this

    • I had these audio files in tapes and finally converted them to digital and posted them in (http://periyavaaspeaks.mypodcast.com/) – please go there and download all the files…..

      • This site is closed permanently. Can you please make some alternate arrangements please? That will be a greta seva!!!

      • When I click the audio link, it says File not found. Could you please help on how to listen to the speech of Maha Periyava.

      • Ram Ram Ram all. Just now had the bhagyam to listen to maha swamigal. There are many websites now which allow to download from mixcloud (Google Mixcloud downloader and you can look into the options). Copyright to be taken care of pls.

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