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  1. this is not just like a story. i am not fully well versed in english. and i also do not know how to type tamil letters in this blog. Simply i say “after reading this story naan aludu vidden.”

  2. Dear Mahesh,

    Just after sending a request to you, by Periava’s karnai the remaining matter opened automatically.

    thanks and regards


  3. Dear Mahesh,

    My best wishes and obeissance to you for this blog. I am regular to this site and not a day I spent in recent days without reading something from this site. Whenever I am stressed out I read something from this about Periava Karunai and I feel very relieved. Thanks for all the great things. I need a favour from you. This particular article (Dheerka Dharisanam) I could not see a major portion of it. I am interested to read it full. Can you please help?

    with many warm regards


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